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How the advancement of chipsets will optimize the 5G network

Qualcomm, the US-based chip manufacturing firm, has announced that they will introduce a chipset to enable the launch of beginner 5G smartphones, which will be available at the sub-$99 level at the end of this year. Qualcomm officials said the...

How to Spot Work-From-Home Scams

Chandigarh Police has claimed that at least 181 people from the city were duped by more than Rs 3.97 crore (3, 97, 34,533) in the work-from-home job scam in the last seven months.

How Apple Dethroned Samsung as the World's Largest Smartphone Seller

The tech giant Apple, renowned for leading smartphone earnings, now tops the global smartphone sales chart, outperforming Samsung.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the digital financial ecosystem

Cryptocurrency exchanges are digital platforms where individuals and institutions can buy, sell, and trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies. These exchanges play a pivotal role in the world of digital assets.

5 Ways Teletherapy is Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment

Mental health has become a paramount concern in today's fast-paced world. The good news is that technological advancements are expanding access to mental health services and revolutionizing the way we approach treatment. One significant developmen...

Best MBBS College in Kyrgyzstan For Indian Students - LNMC Bishkek

For Indian students with aspirations of becoming skilled medical professionals, LN Medical College in Kyrgyzstan presents an enticing opportunity.

The Impact of ONDC: Breaking Barriers in the Tech Industry

From a very long time, the tech sector has been distinguished by innovation, disruption, and rapid expansion. Despite its vigor, it has encountered a few challenges, such as market monopolies, restricted access to data, and barriers to entry....

Developing a Language Model-Based Chatbot from Scratch

Chatbots have been normalized in communications on many product/service-oriented websites. It was previously capable of interacting with the website visitor with scripted questions accompanied by pre-programmed...

Understanding the Concept of Lower Circuit in Stock Trading

There is no doubt that it is an excellent way to gain exposure to a variety of companies while remaining safe. You can profit by selling your shares at a higher price than you paid for them. People today invest in the stock market for a variety...

How Affordable Chipsets are Disrupting the Mobile Phone Industry

The cutting-edge functions and functionalities in cell-phones are not reserved for premium fashions. The speedy development of semiconductor generation, blended with multiplied opposition amongst chip manufacturers, has resulted in the development...

Key Benefits of Subscription-Based Business Models for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be if you can make one thing and profit off of it for the rest of your life? ...

How Hackers Leverage WebAPKs for Malicious Activities

Today, thanks to innovation as new technologies are emerging, and with it so does the methods used by cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to users' devices and data....

Why is 3D rendering Different from video games to Movies?

Have you ever wondered playing a video game and finding out why the CGI trailers are much better looking than the actual game play?& have you ever wondered why the movies CGI, VFX looks a lot better than the AAA titles we play today....

Impact of Digital Minimalism: Embracing a Balanced Relationship with Technology

In today's hyper-connected world, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. From smart phones to social media platforms, we rely on digital devices and services for communication, entertainment, and information....

Visual Effects Vs CGI: Know the Difference

VFX and CGI are two terms that are often used interchangeably in the entertainment industry, but they are not the same thing. Understanding the difference between VFX and CGI can be important to understanding how movies and TV shows are made....

What is ChaosGPT and how does it Work?

ChaosGPT is a recently developed language model that is based on the popular GPT-3 architecture. It is considered to be one of the most advanced AI models in the world today and is being used by various industries.

OTT Platform : Visual Media for New Generation

The acronym OTT stands for Over-the-Top. OTT streaming is paying an internet provider like Xfinity, for internet access to watch Netflix, without paying for cable TV.

Can Technology Give Myths Life ?

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Right across the globe, humans have legends of immortals, alchemy and long lifespans.

Five Emerging Mobile Operating Systems

Mobile operating systems have been a popular area of development for many companies all over the world. While Android and iOS are the two major players, there are some emerging mobile operating systems that could potentially overtake them in future.

Flying Cars: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Cars of the future in pop culture are designed as a typical car with angled wings and thrusters in the place of wheels, it is a watered down version of a spacecraft but family edition. If the idea of a flying car ever manifests, it’ll be a revolut...

Is Nuclear Fusion Energy Ready for Commercial Applications?

These recent developments have undoubtedly made significant progress, but does this indicate that fusion energy is ready for commercial applications?

Three Promising Technologies in Cancer Treatment

The potential of cutting-edge technologies in the treatment of cancer has been examined in this article.

How Smartphone Companies are Tracking Users

By monitoring the activities of the users, smartphones can build a digital profile. This can even include intimate information regarding the user’s personal lives. At times, the collected data is traded between companies and what makes this even.....

Four ways in which Twitter can change under Elon Musk

After more than six months of negotiations filled with twists and turns, it happened at last. SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have bought social media giant Twitter for USD 44 billion. After the deal was finished, Musk reportedly fired the compa.....

How 5G will impact the growth of Indian Economy

5G will enable much better speeds when compared to 4G & low latency that are crucial in an era where AI, Metaverse, IoT & other smart platforms are evolving as essentials for both individuals & enterprises.

A Novel Approach to Beginning Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful ways to make a good living online. If you want to make money working online, affiliate marketing can get you started. Don't expect affiliate marketing to make you rich overnight, but if done...

Browser Security: Key To Enhance IT Infrastructure

Browzers of today are filled with a multitude of unknown threats that can instantaneously make the users vulnerable to multiple attacks. In this article, let's look into some of the persistent security threats in the browzers.

Causal AI To Enhance Decision Making

Utilising Causal AI for enterprises is the key to a revolution in machine learning. Causality is one of the key missing ingredients that’s needed to unlock real progress in AI. This is fast becoming the consensus view, within academia and industry.

Top Five User Interface (UI) Design Tools

Keeping that aside, Sketch enables the designers to create a flexible design as it allows Boolean operations that are editable. Other than that, some of the other unique facets of Sketch are that it provides an infinite design canvas that...

Five Best Collaboration Tools for Startups

Collaborative efforts include not just the use of common methods, but also the coordination of activities and the combining of minds in order to achieve common objectives.

Five Electric Vehicle Start-ups to Look for in 2022

One of the most significant economic drivers in India is the automobile industry. A considerable number of entrepreneurs have lately joined the Indian electric vehicle marketplace

How to make your content SEO friendly

Getting traffic on the web is no easy task and for many years, experts have been finetuning the art of how to get the maximum traction on the internet by attracting more people into their website. Being SEO friendly is the primary goal for many comp.

Growth your Business Through Cloud VPS Server

If you are looking best Cloud VPS Server for your Business. VPS servers are generally created by the host in order to have multiple virtual servers that share one physical server and its resources to increase the efficiency and stability ..

How to Stand Out as a Content Creator on social media

Many might think, being a content creator is something that anyone can do easily but the fact of the matter is that there is a lot of thought and effort going behind most of the content that you see on social media. Also, being a content creator on..

How are Electric Vehicles Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry?

Electric automobiles have been around for almost a century, but they didn't gain appeal among consumers until the last decade or so. Environmentalists and persons with the financial wherewithal to acquire these automobiles are moving to electric

Four Most Effective AI Solutions for Financial Trading

It was not a long time ago when the efficiency of garnering market insights pertaining to stock trading was dependent on the level of experience, astuteness, and foresightedness of the individual.

How can spyware violate the end-users' privacy?

A powerful surveillance tool, which is licensed only to governments was leveraged to invade the mobile phones of at least 7 individuals in the country. This surveillance tool was active on some of their devices.

Is AI the Future of Content Generation?

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly a debatable one. There has been a great debate on whether artificial intelligence will evolve into a superintelligence....

How to Deal with Online Spammers

Online spamming is a serious issue right now and especially during this time when we are all active on the digital realm, we are even more exposed to online scamming and scammers. The recent data actually shows that the daily number of spam messag...


Today, with growing cybercrime, it has become imperative to ensure the data is protected at any cost for any given business. With this, Security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have become critical to

Windows 11: How is it different?

Bringing the new generation, Microsoft has announced Windows 11 on Thursday. This latest version comes six years after they had introduced Windows 10 to the world. .

Top 7 Technologies For Website Development and Traffic Generation

For a successful and profitable web solution, implementation of the latest trends in web development is needed. It is needed for increasing traffic and visitor engagement while increasing business.

How 5G is going to be a game changer?

Using its indigenously developed equipment, Jio has begun 5G trials in Mumbai. To carry out its trials in other cities, the telecom giant is said to be in talks with Nokia, Samsung and Ericsson, wherein, they have applied for 5G trials across cities.

Top 5 Must Haves for a Nature Friendly Abode

Concerns about the environment have gushed in recent years. Every individual aspires to have a fine-looking home for himself. But it can be made more beautiful and Nature Friendly Abode by following very simple methods which in turn makes our homes

How is Predictive Analytics Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare organizations are turning to predictive analytics as it helps them in solving difficult problems and discover new opportunities.

The Role Of Social Media in Business Marketing

Social media provides a platform to interact, share and watch what people prefer. Being strategic and creative makes social media marketing success and flourish online.

Future of Cryptocurrency Market in India

Cryptocurrency has been already showing potential to replace traditional fiat currencies and transform the financial services landscape despite being around for less than a decade.

3D Printing Technology an Eco-friendly Move in Construction Industry

The 3D printing tech is basically computer controlled to formulate any three-dimensional object with simple process, in which the selective material is deposited, joined or solidified, layer by layer and commanded/controlled by the computer.

How Grave is the Privacy concern in Social Media

Instant Messaging and chat apps - the most popular forms of text-based communication, have changed the way we communicate today. While millions of people around the globe send and receive messages using messaging apps.

Advantages Of Switching To Electric Vehicles

Countries all over the world are widely promoting e-mobilization. Drastic changes in climate and severe pollution has lead to the thought increasing need to reduce carbon footprints and the use of non renewable resources.

Neuralink: Upcoming technological advancements

Elon Musk, the celebrity engineer, revealed in August 2020 that he has made a breakthrough in his quest to combine artificial intelligence with the human brain.

E-Learning: Learning through Digital Resources

Learning online by using electronic gadgets is called e-learning. online learning mobile applications in such as Byju's, Unacademy, Khan's academy are some of the popular e-learning applications in India.

Top 7 Android Emulators for PC's to play games

You may have seen that nowadays, people have started using the Android games and application on their PC devices. Well, this is only possible thanks to the Android emulators.

5 Essential Tips to Start a Career in Data Science

most commonly we lack in these skills, am giving you the tips to prepare yourself

Surface Studio 2 Promo Code Buy the Most Impressive Desktop on Discount

Grab Surface Studio at Just $151.67/month for 24 months with 0% APR with Surface All Access. 1-year limited hardware warranty. Save up to $300 on Surface Studio 2 Essentials Bundles with Microsoft 365 software and Microsoft Complete Protection Plan.

How to use PODCAST to benefit your digital marketing strategy

Podcast advertising allows you to get your products and services in front of niche audiences who are likely to be interested in your offerings.

The Next Revolution in the World of Space - Wooden Satellite

From stone age to space age, we humans have travelled a long way. Since we launched our first space mission in the 1950s, we have discovered several secretes of the Universe.

2020's Most Innovative Digital Technologies

Technology innovation and technology invention at this point is evolving at a much faster rate. It is considered to be the fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Biggest Scientific Breakthroughs that Happened in 2020

Every year the Scientific community amazes us with ground-breaking research and discoveries, the year 2020 was no different.

5 Free Books to Learn Statistics for Data Science

The immortal skill for data scientists, which is used every day, is statistics

How AI is Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry

Almost every one of us might be hooked to games and it has been our favorite hobby, be it a child or an adult we all at times get addicted to games whether we win or lose we get the urge to proceed to round second and so on. The gaming industry has p

5 Platforms for Kids in India to Learn Coding

The advancement and integration of technology have changed the world today. The effect can also be seen in the education realm. Earlier, children were focused just on completing their metric education followed by intermediate and higher education

A look into the lesser known creative side of AI

In recent times, AI has marked significant breakthroughs in the changing nature of creative processes as well. AI is playing a very significant role in creative activities such as Music, Architecture, Fine Arts, and Designing.

The 4 Tech Skills You Need to Stay Employable Far into the Future

It’s always a massive task, taking the first step for a job for the first time, and even more during the pandemic. This is the time we are witnessing the industry being tightest than previous scenarios, which is why leading analysts, after ...

Pharmaceutical Companies & Cyberattacks- The Worst that can Happen

A fortnight back when Dr Reddy’s data centre was attacked by hackers and it isolated all its data centre services across the world temporarily as a preventive action, all thought it was a lone attack on any Indian pharma company and will remain so.

5 Steps to Consider while Planning your Cloud Architecture

Before designing and building your cloud, the first step is to constrain & define the role of cloud computing in your organization. Producing it, operating it, and consuming it, you are going to have many groups associated with the cloud effort.

6 Mindblowing Ways AI is Defining the Future of Movie Making

Today, technologies have become the most essential entity, irrespective of industrial domain. And, one of the most anticipated and talked about technology has been the Artificial Intelligence. This technology has been surely taking the world with a s

Top 5 E-Learning Online Education Portals

According to IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation) report, India’s higher education market is at US$ 102 billion, where the online higher education market is at US$ 247 million.

HTML Tips for Beginners

HTML is not a programming language, meaning it doesn’t have the ability to create dynamic functionality. Instead, it makes it possible to organize and format documents, similarly to Microsoft Word.

5 Best Java Tools for Developers in 2020

There are many tools available for Java management. These software ease the entire process of developing, testing and deployment in Java.

Agriculture, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence And Global Warming

Farming emits more CO2 than all modes of transport combined. Technology is used to teach farmers to adopt methods that reduce CO2 emission and reward them monetarily. Daily, about trillion data points are analyzed using analytics and AI.

Step by Step Guide To Build A Social Media Strategy For Your Startup

Do you have a successful social media strategy for your startup? No? Don’t worry! You are not alone. Around 50% of businesses don’t have a social media strategy.

Is Agile Business Analyst a Myth or a Reality ?

Have you heard of an agile business analyst? Does this even make sense? Agile is to move quickly. How can a business analyst (BA) move quickly when he is loaded with the effort of understanding the scope, analyzing, collecting ..

The 7 Biggest Social Media Sites In 2020

When it comes to sharing moments of celebration, happiness, victory, or even sorrow, it all comes down to social media sites. Connecting people from all parts of the world, Social Media has been the most cherished computer-based technology.

Top 5 SEO Tips For Creating Best Content

Content marketing can take businesses places. However, content in itself is more of a science. A strategically written content can bring exceptional traffic.