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Do AI Detection Tools Work?

The advent of Chat GPT has completely redefined how AI has been defined. It has taken the digital world by storm and it simultaneously made people question the legal framework surrounding it. It has no doubt eased the work of lot of professions, f...

Pocket-Friendly and Powerful: Best Smartphones under Rs 30000

In today's fast-paced world, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. They serve as our constant companions, enabling us to stay connected, access information, capture memories, and much more.

Chat GPT - The Next Gen Digital Companion

Do you ever think about getting an answer or opinion within seconds from a computer? Yes! The technology is available in the form of Chat GPT, launched by Open AI in November 2022. The task is quite simple: get the answers, or whatever the user...

5 Best practices for efficient ERP maintenance

Everyone talks about the difficulties in various phases of implementation. But it is equally important to have a plan for ERP maintenance as well. This helps you to sustain those enhancements and benefits the business experienced.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Importance and 6 Tips To Get Started

This article will teach you what CRO is, why conversion rate optimization is important some proven tips for optimizing conversion rate.

Manufacturing Inventory - Types, Techniques & Benefits

In a manufacturing industry, the inventory refers to the finished goods, raw materials and other processes/unfinished items kept in the store. These are valuable goods that need to be handled with care for an uninterrupted production process.

Five Most Helpful Finance and Investment Apps for Beginners

The circumstances are unpredictable and the world around is rapidly changing. Even if we are all confined to our homes, the pandemic is causing chaos on the global market and ultimately, leaving investors perplexed and concerned about financial

PyTest vs Robot - Which automation testing framework to choose?

The test cases in Robot Framework are user-oriented and are not too technical. That is, it has an easy-to-use syntax for test data that allows you to automate tests using keywords.

API Testing Impact on Development Process

Instead of testing the APIs themselves, developers and testers are stuck in manual tests, where the user tests the application at UI level and waits for the entire application stack to be built before they can start testing them.

Regression Testing Approach and Tools

When it comes to a software solution, periodic updates to the functionality and features of the program are essential. When a product’s life cycle progresses, maintaining a balance between iterative testing and sprint work.

Things to consider for a Successful ERP Implementation

ERP Implementation is the process of integrating the software with various departments in an organization. But the process isn’t the same for all businesses since each one is unique in their operations.

Tips To Minimize the Cellphone Use and Check Mobile Addiction

Living in this gadget-savvy, we all are more less dependent on our smart phones.

Five Most Innovative Indian SaaS Solutions Providers Revolutionizing BFSI

BFSI has been one such industry which has seen a great deal of innovation due to the adoption of SaaS today.

Biotechnology and Quality Assurance

Technology that uses the biological system or living organisms or any part of this to create or develop different products, called Biotechnology. And testing of any biotechnology product requires expertise and a lot of experience in the same field.

Top 5 Best IDE's for development

Best tools will give the best results, it is applicable also for the software development. For those developers here is the list of IDE's which are suitable for them to use for thier best choice

Top 7 Best Cloud Services for Developers

Cloud computing best services for all and students. Here you can find the best services for the developers and for students also..

3D Architectural Walkthrough Services

Best Quality Architectural 3D Rendering Services at Lowest Price. We provide 3D Rendering Services to Architects, Builders and Real Estate Company, etc.

5 Best keys to improve your programming skills

To make ourselves a better programmer we need to improve our skills then only we can become a good programmer. To improve ourselves we need some key skills to improve. In this article we can find those skills to improve ourselves

What are the qualities of a good maid service Ottawa?

If your accommodation is large or you are very busy, it is particularly useful to hire a maid through a professional maid service in Ottawa.

10 Essential Machine Learning Algorithms Every Beginner Should Know

For machine learning fresher who are eager to understand the basic of machine learning, here is a walkthrough of the top 10 machine learning algorithms used by data scientists.

Top 7 Open Source AI Tools for Developers

Artificial Intelligence is an ever expanding bubble to a great extent. One will find its presence in natural language generation, speech recognition, virtual agents, machine learning platforms, AI-optimized hardware, deep learning platforms ...

7 Recommended Email Marketing Automation Tools to Transform Your Business

The key advantage of email marketing automation is that it lets you unlock this amazing ROI while you sleep! Once set, the email automation, works for you, automatically.

Top 5 Health Tech Startups

We are in dire need of proper healthcare facilities. COVID-19 has shown what an epidemic can come with, which we only read in books or saw in movies. Now that technology has given us new hope, Here is a list of top 5 Health Tech Startups

Tech Tools that Make Writing Research Paper Stress-Free & Inclusive

Working on a research paper is not just about writing the actual paper – it evolves in stages that need to be accomplished before you can even get to the writing process. To begin with, you need to choose a research paper topic and formulate a ...

A Front-End Developer's Guide to Responsive Web Designs

The front end of a website is the part that users interact with. Everything that you see when you’re navigating around the Internet, from fonts and colors to dropdown menus and sliders, is a combo of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript being controlled ...

10 Simple to Use Web Designing Tools Part-I

If you’re searching for efficient and DIY kind of web designing software- you’re probably feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed with all the expectations of the market and the competitive environment. Now, there is no embarrassment in that.