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Herbs That Can Boost Your Immunity and Beat COVID

After the onset of pandemic, the world has understood the importance of boosting bodily immunity.

Perks and Benefits of Reading Books Over Your Physical and Mental Health

Nothing is better than a book and a mug of coffee to go along with it. Wrapped in loneliness, it is the essence of books that captivates the mind of the reader. Often referred as a reader’s treasures, books can be intoxicating as they can keep you ..

5 Health and Fitness Apps You Can Go for in 2021

Individuals' daily lives have transformed as a result of technological advancements, which have drastically altered the way people live and conduct business.

Steps To Know Before Creating a Kitchen Garden

A blooming kitchen garden is the dream of many. As a place to grow your choicest vegetables, kitchen gardens can supply the the freshest ingredients for your home-made recipes, directly from your own backyard.

Five Tips To Remain Healthy In Busy Life

In today's busy world we don't have time to care about our health. Here are some tips that helps to improve our health, by utilizing extra time without spending time from our working hours on health.

Top Indian Cuisines that are Popular across the Globe

Indian foods have wide popularity with many adherent admirers and no, they are not only from India. Coated with colorful spices and exquisite aromas, Indian dishes have promising tastes that can certainly enrich the heart of a person with content.

How can you Plan an Affordable Interior for Cafe Business?

Cafes, photos, check-ins, Social media, and interior design are all intertwined. The millennial generation understands that a good cafe experience requires a good cafe design.

Ways to Be Kind to Yourself

Mostly all among us will prosper in being kindful to others and treats them much better but fails to do the exact same with ourselves.

How to Stay Positive during Tough Times

Life itself is comprised of good and hard and getting to know this is a process of educating self. Be grateful and have reasons to be grateful by knowing that things will come and pass by in the journey will make you more focused on the positive,...

How to Redecorate your Interior on a Budget

We all have out thoughts on how our homes should look like and as a famous quote mentions,” beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. With more and more people getting into the digital verse and anything and everything in the world becoming more an.....

How to Start a Terrace Garden at Your Place

The terrace garden is an urban setting. Today, homes with compounds, lawns and yards are eradicating. In urban cities and towns, multi-store buildings are replacing such homes.

7 Ways to Spend Your Weekend in Lockdown

As the weekend approaches, you might be in the dilemma of spending your time productively or just chill for the entire two days as there is no much during these lockdowns. My advice would be to do a bit of both.

10 key factors to a better physical and mental health

An important part of life is to maintain good health both physically and mentally. There are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself mentally healthy and physically fit.

Tips to Decorate Your Apartment to give it an Elevated Look

Getting a personal apartment as soon as you move out is dream of many adults. It doesn’t matter whether you rent it or purchase it as full-time investment, having a cozy nest all to yourself is something we all have dreamt in our lives.

Use This Checklist Before Buying a Luxury Commodity

Working on your dreams to fulfill them is something that most of us indulge in and sometimes that dream of yours might be materialistic such as buying something luxurious. While most of us would like to indulge themselves in buying luxurious produ...

Top Indian Dog Breeds Suitable for Indian Climate

There are several Indian dog breeds that many of us might not be aware of, while some breeds are common and popular, they are some that are on the verge of their extinction.

Top 5 Yogic Postures to Drive Away Laziness and Strengthen Tranquility

Driven as something fundamental to life, Yoga Asanas, also called yoga poses or yoga postures in English, are something essential in life which makes life easier and flexible.

Person Perception- benefits of thinking positive

In social psychology, the term "person perception" refers to the one-of-a-kind intellectual techniques that we use from days to form impressions of different humans

Six Books Every Teen Should Read

Reading nourishes both mind and body . It improves our knowledge, language skills, vocabulary, and imagination. Reading enhances our personality. It helps us to enjoy in our own little world for sometime.

Smart ways to budget

Your spending plan is a living, developing thing and can be changed constantly if necessary

Tips For A Healthy Diet: Choose Health Along With Taste

An increasing trend of liking towards fast food and junk foods is visible in our society,but this highly fat and sodium containing foods and packed foods could steal your health away from you.Lets see some tips for a healthy diet.

Spring Outdoor Activities for Enhancing Work Productivity

now that we’ve swapped our attire, we encourage you to swap those TV, pc, and tablet screens for a few smart old-schools outdoors fun!

Top 5 Psychology Test to Discover Your Personality

We continually state that a particular person has a sensible personality or that our personality matches our work etc. but what's personality?

5 Tips to boost your Beauty Brand

India's cosmetics market to grow by 25th to $20 billion by 2025. The Indian trade is growing speedily at a rate of 13-18%, over that people or European markets.

Small steps that lead to a healthier you

Buddha said, “To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear”.

Things to be Careful About while Shopping Online!

Online shopping has become the new normal and the recent pandemic outbreak and the resulting lockdown took the demand of online shopping off the roof

Revenge Bedtime Procrastination is real and here's how to deal with it

Can you relate to this? It’s 2am on one of the weekdays, and you are – although very exhausted, still awake doing activities over the internet or just devoting some ‘me time’ on a hobby.

The Connecting Knots - Meditation for Kids

Too much noise clutters the brain. You need to cancel the noise to hear the truth. And when it is about your pay cut, the force of noise becoming much louder. With so much around to read and hear, it is important you find the tranquility. For long,

5 Most Effective Diet Plan to Slim Down

Sculpting the body down to a perfect shape is a burning desire of each one of us, after all, who wouldn’t want to look attractive and beautiful? This year the need to slim down has increased further with the unexpected lockdown, prolonged work from h

5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Attain a Healthier Lifestyle

Pertaining to healthy lifestyle, Plato, the Athenian philosopher once quoted “Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it”. On the same topic,

Herbs and Spices used in Assamese Cuisine: The Secrets for a Disease-free healthy life

Apart from the wonderful mix of cultures and gorgeous valleys, a little-known aspect of Assamese culture is its unique style of Assamese cuisine that incorporates herbs and spices found in very few places around the world.

Planning on Travelling Again? 4 Ways to Rethink your Travel Diary

Our backpacks had enough of sitting inside the cupboard. Our shoes are waiting for being dusted and worn again to get dirty. It's time we free them and our spirits too to go travel as states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa, Rajasthan...