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7 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Children Play LEGO?

Often these days, we see children playing with Lego Accessaries. Still, the question is, how many of you have acknowledged Lego's role in the early education and development of your children?

Top 5 Home-based Business Ideas

You might imagine renting commercial real estate, traveling to an office, or managing workers when you consider owning and operating a business.

3 Months Preparation Plan for MPPSC Prelims: A Step Towards Success

preparation plan for mppsc prelims exam tips to consider in the last months of the exam which is a tight time for every aspirant.

How Can Students Invest While Pursuing their Higher Education?

Some of the major adjustments college students encounter after high school include moving away from home, finding new friends, and getting to class on time.

5 causes of hair loss in women

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Things to know before Investing in Art

People invest in a lot of things and the most common of those investments comes way of shares, real estate, precious metals and so on. Investing in arts is yet another popular investment mediums that has been growing in popularity across the world...

Best 5 Money Management Strategies in Trading

Life becomes striking and cheerful when you invest right and trade right. Money Management is to be dealt very cautiously. As it is important for survival and valuable for life and progress. Money holds unique relationship with each person

Why publish your book with Book Publisher International (BPI)?

By choosing Book Publisher International (BPI), you get a dedicated Personal Editorial Manager (PEM) for your book. You will be updated about every stage of the book creation process.

How B2B Ecommerce is Revolutionizing businesses, today

E-Commerce has revolutionized the way business is carried out not only around the world but also in India. A major part of the growth for the E-Commerce industry has been triggered by a rise in internet and smartphone penetration.

Top 3 Questions Answered about GoI's PLI Scheme

Under this scheme, companies would be rewarded for increasing their output (production) with respect to a defined base year. The PLI scheme has a simple framework -- reward for increased production.

Alert Operations Management Solution

Alert Operations Management Solution (AOMS) is a rapidly growing Information Technology Service Management (ITMS) application that provides a robust, industry-proven system to manage alert events. AOMS provides the functionality to manage all types o

Free Payment Gateway

Accept payments online, anytime, anywhere. 2Checkout.com is an online payment processing service that helps you accept credit cards, PayPal, and debit cards.

How to Manage Demat and Trading account in India

Trade online with one of the best online company at Dealmoney Securities and get enjoy our unlimited Services Trading Via Mobile, Trade on the Call, Market Research & reports with Dealmoney.

Post Covid - Employment

Jobs have become one of the biggest issues during the Covid-19 outbreak. Over 65 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits since the pandemic started. Millions more are worried about holding onto their jobs,

Why is hiring the right candidate is ideal!

You know you are heading in the right direction when a receptionist has similar goals and sometimes has more than the company's founder.

How can Clinical Trials be more efficient?

Clinical trials studies are conducted for research purpose and are performed on volunteers.

Global Scoliosis Braces Market

This is a Global Scoliosis Braces Market Report .

Learning from Inventors: Top Five inventors of modern world

It's that point of year to look to the future. The innovations of these days define the realities of tomorrow.

Push Notifications Services

Push Notification Service Providers

The Tea and Coffee Trends

Many folks cannot imagine life without coffee and why should we? With such a chic tradition of domestically fully grown coffee, India has lots of selection for the trendy coffee shopper...

10 Undeniable Reason On Why You Should Choose Talent Turbo!

One of the major benefits of using a company like TalentTurbo is that we amp up the hiring process, while still bringing the exact talent from even across the globe.

The Original Man of Steel

Right from about 1880 to his demise in 1904, Jamsetji was consumed by three great dreams for India: an iron and steel company, generating hydroelectric power, and a world-class educational institution that would tutor Indians in the sciences.

Top most in Demand Industry And Its Career Options

2020 has been a challenging year also a year of change. Hijacked by a global pandemic and exposed to major disruption, the world has experienced a lot of heartaches and even more uncertainty.

Global Digital Therapeutics Market - Industry Analysis

Global Digital Therapeutics Market was valued at USD 2833.25 Mn in 2019 and is expected to reach at USD 11,555.44 Mn by 2027 at a CAGR of 19.21% over forecast period 2020-2027.

Natural Remedies for a Good Rest

Digestion and cases of inflammation of the gastric mucosa. It is also used to relieve red eyes and as a soothing facial toner.

Sector Wise Impact From Dependence/ Inter-Linkages With China

The recent border conflict with China in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh has boosted geopolitical tightness between Indian and China. Voices in India to boycott Chinese products across segments are booming.

How Can Blogging Contribute to your Brand Building Strategy

Blogging will not only help a business to build your brand but it might also help you to create a loyal customer base for your business.

7 Ideal Reasons to go for Small Crane Hire Sydney

The following are the top reasons why you should be considering going for small crane hire Sydney to meet up the requirements for your next project..

Is Your Business Ready For a Digital Transformation?

Digital marketing is all set to be the playing field for companies of any size or sector to build unique brand awareness amongst its target audience.

Global Chipless RFID Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2026)

Global Chipless RFID Market was valued US$ XX Mn in 2018 and is expected to reach US$ XX Mn by 2026, at CAGR of XX% during forecast period

Mud partitions Vs Concrete blocks: Which is stronger?

The partitions or bricks are built with some type of clay or mud and water. Concrete blocks with prefabricated elements and made with fine concrete, which can be used in the construction of walls, as well as foundations.

Design and layout in plant

Plant distribution is defined as the physical arrangement of the elements that make up an industrial or service facility. This arrangement includes the spaces necessary for movements, storage.

10 Fastest Growing IT Services Companies In India | 2020

We have ranked the fastest-growing IT services companies in India based on their aggregate headcount growth along with increase in revenue over the last financial year.

5 Things you Need to Know to Save Big!

Getting the knack for saving and managing your money from an early age itself will help you to make it a habit and be an expert in it as years go by.

The Pros and Cons of Switching to Cryptocurrency in 2021

With that said, the global cryptocurrency market has been growing and the sector is set to grow at a CAGR of 6.18 percent during 2019 to 2024 to reach an estimated value of 1.40 billion US dollars

Is Plan B Pulling You Away from Success?

In a recent speech at Think Tank session with SVKM’s NMIMS students, N. R. Narayana Murthy advised students that entrepreneurs should avoid keeping a Plan B instead of giving their all to their venture

Financial Literacy in India: A Need of the Hour!

The younger you are when you learn to manage money and invest and prioritize financial planning basics, the wealthier you will be. The simple mantra to financially secure future is to ‘invest early and invest well’

Hiring from Small Towns - A Trend that is Setting the Precedence

The Taj terror attack was indeed an attack on humanity. But the incident has emerged as a big psychological case for several B-Schools. Including Harvard.

Sample Size: Does it Really Matter in a Survey?

Have you read reports or/and surveys claiming to be the most accurate one? Did you ever bother to find out the sample size of the survey?

Self-Leadership - The New Age Lesson We all need to Learn

Let’s go back to our school days and reminisce how differently we behaved in presence and absence of our teachers.

9 Startup Incubators Every Founder Should Know

Helping startup to establish themselves, incubators play a major role. By providing fastened assistance, for developing their ventures faster, incubator mentors and advisors are guiding startups prolifically.

5 Most Sought After Traits of a CEO

A CEO is a hard and dedicated worker with a strong focus on every task related to the role. Expert CEOs suggest that it is not for fickle people.

What is Your True Calling?

As a kid, we have many dreams that keep changing very frequently, sometimes within hours. From being an engineer to being a pilot when we saw a plane flying in the sky, from being a doctor to even driving a train, we had seen millions of dreams as

The Retail War Zone - Who is the Winner?

As the race for online shoppers heats up, the war among retail giants to acquire readymade market too beefs up.

7 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Below I have tried to capture the focal points of the book in 7 steps. However, you owe it to yourself to read the book.

Let's Talk about the Burnout No One Talks About

The world gradually went into work from home in phases. For most of us, initially it was all fun. Kind of a short break from the regular office, freedom to wear cozy clothes all day long, no commute, and the freedom to do household chores

Top 5 India Born Multinational Corporations

Indian multinational companies are leading the business frontier, ensuring productions are at a peak in comparison to the multinational companies of the world.

Australia: Explore your future with a new Destination

In this article, you will know about the importance of hiring an Immigration Agency for students or business VISA to Australia.

Little has Changed for Women Entrepreneurs, Especially When Raising Funds

Equality – an eight letter word – is the first step towards empowerment. But gaining equality is a war in itself.

Chartered Accountant - A degree to become a Financial Expert

If you are interested in the Accounting profession, first profession comes to mind is Chartered Account. Why? Because Chartered Accountants are India’s leading financial and business professionals, providing essential financial ...

7 Best SIPs To Invest In 2020

Systematic Investment Plans commonly known as SIP is the scheme of investment allowing a person to deposit a fixed amount in a mutual fund scheme.

M.B.A: Not the Name of the Game

Not everyone in the strategic management role has an M.B.A. There are leaders who are managing business strategically but have no M.B.A.

The 7 Most Impactful Employee Experience apps

Employee experience has proceeded employee engagement as the mainstream discussion point in HR technology

Coming off the Big Brother's Shadow. Small Cities, Big Dreams!!!

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?’ If it is the modern day mirror with the highest knowhow, it will never say the usual story but the truth! Today if you ask the mirror about the emerging startup ecosystem, it will not name

3 Reasons why Public Relations (PR) is important for your startups?

Marketing might not be at the forefront of what your business needs and you might not be considering Public Relations at all. However, if done in a right way, Public Relations can give your business the best result and only use a miniscule amount..

Why Are Cryptocurrencies So Popular? What Benefits Do They Offer?

Cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon and are turning heads all over the world. Ever since the advent of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin in the year 2009, cryptocurrencies have always managed to pop in newsheadlines and be the talk of ..

Imagine An Organization without Human Resource Professionals!

In any organization Human Resource Professionals play crucial roles. HR professionals are the backbone of a successful organization. Without HR professionals, it’s not possible for an organization to flourish.

5 Habits of Credibly Successful Sales Executives

Too many salespeople find themselves spending far too much time doing everything else but prospecting. If you don’t schedule it and hold yourself accountable, you won’t do it. Sales professionals need dedicated prospecting time.

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