Top 7 Technologies For Website Development and Traffic Generation

Top 7 Technologies For Website Development and Traffic Generation

For a successful and profitable web solution, implementation of the latest trends in web development is needed. It is needed for increasing traffic and visitor engagement while increasing business. In 2021 amidst covid pandemic, websites supported businesses witnessed tremendous growth. Modern technologies are gradually developing to the latest websites every day. The recent trends show that a lot of opportunities are in websites for entrepreneurs for acquiring more traffic and staying competitive.

This article shares the latest trends in web application development in 2021 that a business person should know. 

The implementation of some of the technologies creates modern web solutions like Software as a Service application, online marketplace, or a website which can further develop in a feasible application

1. PWA Technologies

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are in the top list of trends in web developments. It acts as a website where users get almost mobile app alike experiences. PWA is a browser-independent technology and can interact with the users as a native application.

PWA is famous among the users as well as business owners because it requires minimum development and costing, launches quicker than other technologies, easy in distribution, installs in smooth manner, power and storage-saving properties and hassle -free maintenance with updating. PWA allows businesses to stay competitive and guarantees in creating of user-emphasized UX/UI design. PWA must be equivalent to native apps and should include intuitive UX and aesthetic UI design.

2. AI & Bots

AI (artificial intelligence) and bots have the ability to learn, collect data and provide solutions to challenging issues. One of the most influential technologies in the modern world, AI is shaping the web development future as community demand for AI-enabled communication is becoming more visible in 2021.

There are increased numbers in AI chatbots, Alexa, Siri or Cortana virtual assistants and voice bots in the recent time of the web industry. The technologies are allowing businesses to integrate and upgrade in properties of human interaction. Businesses involving marketplace platforms should include chatbots for enhanced customer experience in the digital medium.

AI chatbots are responsible for faster response in operations via chat in texts or voices.

3. Search in Voice

In previous days, pieces of information were gathered in text medium, however, in 2021, a huge number of netigens prefer voice over search. Because of this web businesses are including audio and speech interpretation and it is one of the most fast-growing technologies in web development.

Experts state that by next year, 55% of all households in the world will include assistants via voice.

But it is not confined only to virtual home assistants such as Google Home, Alexa, or Siri as the recent data suggest that web development technology trends emphasize in the importance of a website’s voice optimization.

The advantages of voice search optimization for both business owners and users include time saving, buying more products, and customer behavior analytics data.

While implementing voice search uses natural language having direct answers for a question, for the betterment of indexing by search engines, draw on schema markup and rich snippets, remove duplicate pages and add important information, have control in domain authority and search rankings, and implement web speech API for speech recognition.

4. Website Architecture Without Server

2020 witnessed high work-from-home because of the outbreak of covid-19. Because of this cloud Software-as-a-Solutions have gained importance and web domains which are growing fast witnessed a huge increase in the demand for serverless architecture.

According to experts 98% enterprises use at least one public or private cloud and the cloud architecture is one of the major trends of future in web development. The major advantages of serverless computing include scalability, increase in time-to-market, cost-efficient, and maintenance proxy. Web programmers also get the advantage of not considering the servers while building and running web applications.

5. Website Design

Web development includes proper design of web products as according to reports, 84% customers recognize a good website from its design. Web design includes interactive and responsive interfaces and Motion UI.

Motion UI is a Sass library for quick creation of website transitions and animations. Implementation of Motion UI boosts a page conversion rate.

Researchers suggest that it takes only 15 seconds time to grab a visitor’s attention, where Motion UI as the latest web development library helps in successfully implementing the task.

A powerful front-end library, Motion UI creates customizable animated UI elements for web programmers and it allows them to construct modular scrolling, background animations and animated charts. Most of all web visitors get entertained by the design implemented using Motion UI.

Motion UI increases web app rankings and is an important feature of modern web application development which makes a website UI process simple and fast.

6. Web Applications In A Single Page

SPA or single page applications is one of the foremost technology trends in web development which is written in JavaScript. Single Page Applications removes any separate HTML pages from a server for showing a certain page. It loads markup and data for dynamically rendering web applications in a single page.

The renowned single page applications are Gmail, Google Drive, Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, single page application technology can is supported by most devices.

Advantages include development in a simple and streamline manner, performance increase, decrease in interferences and page reloading.

7. Mobile Website

Mobile users are growing rapidly and web programmers consider mobile-first website development as the future of web development. Reports suggest that there are 5.22 billion mobile users in worldwide locations (January 2021 report) and for the same the future of web includes mobile-friendly websites for businesses to reach a wide pool of users.

Websites in a mobile which is user-friendly gains user confidence in availing products/services as the texts are readable with links and navigation are simple. Websites which are mobile-friendly rank higher in search results furthermore.

Apart from the mentioned technologies, blockchain technology which affords two-way transaction, and Internet of Things (IoT) which connects devices with internet are the major technologies for increasing website traffic.