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National Anti-Doping Bill To Bring A Wind Of Change

In India, there are multiple reasons that have given rise to the doping, and this is where the National Anti-Doping Bill, 2021 comes into play.

Five Web Series Every Law Student Should Watch

Legal studies are among the most sought-after university degrees in the world because of their reputation as a premium professional path.

Five Indians who have Won the Prestigious Oscar Award

The significance of Oscars is considered second to none.

Seven Award-Winning Short Movies to Watch for Understanding Best Cinematography

Storytelling through movies is more than just capturing the drama. It is also important to consider how the shots are acquired.Cinematography is the most demanding, thrilling, and engaging part of film-making..

Top 5 TEDx Talks to Watch for Self-Motivation

Working from home may be a minefield in terms of motivation. People all across the world are losing concentration and productivity since they don't have a workplace to go to or co-workers to converse with.

10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Nobody ever claimed starting a business would be simple. Every day, it appears like a hundred impediments hinder the process. The critics and financial difficulties might be enough to make the normal individual want to throw it all away.

Best Underrated Shows & Movies on Netflix that You Should Give a Try

feeling spoiled for choices when it comes to deciding which movie to watch tonight or which series to binge-watch next. Here's a list of a few underrated movies & hidden gems available on Netflix


Running is pretty great for our health, but one cannot deny the merits of walking as well.

Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Halloween is considered as the festival of ghosts and spirits. With a frightening environment everywhere, who wouldn’t like to sit back and enjoy a series of horror movies. Finding terrifyingly scary movies to watch for Halloween and then enjoying ..

Things to Know About Tokyo Olympics 2020

While the Olympic Games have been going on for over 100 years, they haven’t always been the same.

Mind-Bending Movies to Watch in the Weekend

While some people like to unwind by watching relaxing cooking shows, others like to watch something that will keep brain thinking about it for at least a day.

How Camera Angles can Affect a Movie?

Your visuals, text, audio, and video all need to work together like a cinematic masterpiece, complimenting one another so that your learners stay riveted to the screen.

Demon Slayer Infinity Train The Movie

If you are a die-hard fan of the series Demon Slayer, the movie Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is on another level of depicting the story with incredible artwork and some mesmerizing iconic scenes.

The Rise of Marvel E-Sports Field

If you are a gamer in India, the chances of you having awareness about eSports and gaming competitions held around the world are highly unlikely. But slowly eSports is reaching out across the world and growing exponentially.

Best Science Fiction movies to watch on Weekends

Science Fiction movies thrills us with mysteries, adventures, horror along with romance, love technology and scientific explanations. Here are some sci-fi movies to make your weekends thrilling and adventurous.

Mystery Junkies

Mystery junkies have gained massive popularity in recent years. Nowadays, more and more people are ready to spend money for a gala time therein.

Top 7 Must Watch Movies & Series in Netflix

People often love to watch and talk about movies. Cinematography, like music or hobbies, is an important part of their life. Watching a film could make your life better, break it, or have a neutral or no influence. OTT platforms, a number of the ...

4 Most played Online Games: Battle Royale

A cluster of players dropped over an island, the next task is to gather weapon, equipments from wherever they can, and keeping in mind that enemy can come out of nowhere.

What is Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Blockchain-As-A-Service Or BaaS, Is A Digital Blockchain Service That Enables Business Customers To Use Cloud-Based Services To Develop, Host, And Adopt Their Blockchain Applications, Smart Contracts, And Other Services Provided By Blockchain.

A few Essential Movies & Series to watch for all the Chess lovers out there

Chess is the oldest surviving board game in the world. Mankind has been able to play and preserve the tradition of playing Chess for well over 5500 years now.

Top 4 Big Video Streaming Services

Television was the easiest option whenever we wanted to entertain ourselves but choosing what to watch from the dozens of channels was another task.

Top 5 Online Survival Games to Ease the Leisure Time

Quite interesting and ease to play in leisure time games are usually the survival games. They have quite unique game play and have lot of interesting aspects to play; we have many games in survival mode...

Stories From the Road: Struggle of An Independent Artist

In the fullness of time, the flow of musicians who plump to work independently grows stronger. Each day they struggle to conquer a trade that tends to be tiring to conquer a trade that in many cases is tiring and becomes a game of impossible seas.

The Bellicose Australian Team

The extent to which sledging has deteriorated in the current test series in Australia is abominable. Australian team has shown almost no regard for sportsmanship and has been behaving like amateurs crying foul when losing.

5 Most Anticipated Games Lined up for 2021

According to the World Economic Forum, the global video game industry was forecasted to be worth $ 159 billion at the beginning of 2020, which was four times bigger than the box office industry and almost three times bigger than the global music industry.

How to prepare for your long cycle rides

One of the best sports to get into right now is the sport of cycling. Cycling is a fun sport and along with being fun it is healthy as well as it helps in improving your cardiovascular health, reducing stress levels and helping you in connecting wit.

Top 5 Batsmen To Watch Out In IPL 2020

Though late due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19, this year’s IPL is around the corner. For the second time in the IPL history, the tournament will be conducted outside India in UAE.

Rajnikanth's Top 5 Movies of All Time

The most popular film actor in the southern part of India, Rajinikanth has delivered some of the memorable movies in his long-running career.

Music therapy is need of the hour

We are experiencing a great extend of modification in our lifestyle at present. Due to physical distancing norms, virtual communication cropping up.

Call of Duty (CoD): Best Tricks and Tips than can help you Win

Activision released the famous game franchise named Call of Duty (CoD) for mobile devices on the 1st October 2018, and just within a week of its release across Android and iOS platform, this game crossed a million downloads across the world.

Nepotism. Is it?

Nepotism isn't a new topic. Its existence has been for centuries, but the discussion caught pace recently. Let's say, even in the world of crime. However, since the day we lost a great actor Sushant Singh Rajput, it became a burning topic of ..