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How Green Collar Jobs Are Reshaping the Workforce of the Future

Hey there, future workaholics and eco-enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how you can save the planet and make some green (the non-environmental kind) while you're at it? Well, grab your organic popcorn and let's talk about the world of green coll...

Analyzing the Podcast Industry: Signs of a Bubble Burst?

There is a common mindset that the podcast is an effective way to capture the listener's attention on any specific topic and deliver to their expectations. At some point in life, you would have kept your eyes and ears close to trending ones such...

Why one of the Biggest Game Engine Dev Shot themselves in the Foot

For those unaware of the events transpiring in the gaming world, Major games we all know, such as Pokemon Go, Genshin Impact, Subanutica, and many more popular titles on Android, PC, iOS, and Consoles, were made on the Unity Engine...

Unraveling the Reasons behind the West's Struggle to Tackle Wildfires

Today massive wildfires have become the norm rather than the exception around the world under new climate regimes. New heat and drought patterns caused by the climate crisis, combined with decades of fire suppression...

The Financial Implications of GST on Online Gaming Platforms

28% taxes is an excellent idea if an organization solely desires to pay taxes, but let’s get real. No one likes to pay taxes. No one ever said “I love paying taxes”. Taxes, while they serve as the primary source of revenue for...

Pros and Cons of Implementing a Uniform Civil Code

“All are equal” is a popular statement one has heard at least once in their life. Society operates on a set of laws which vary around the globe, and the smoothness of its functions is dependent on how it is legislated and executed. But, these laws...

The Dark Side of Social Influence: Examining the Psychology of Riots

"We are the powerful people abusing our own power," Jon Ron son once said, and indeed, he was correct! Today, the most powerful tool we have is social media, which people use for business, marketing, social influence, financial influence,...

Why Film Cameras Are Making A Comeback?

Film cameras were the mainstay of any family back in the 90s and early 2000s. If you were a 90’s kid, chances are your family photos were taken on a film camera and you had to wait for days from the store to get it developed only to see...

POSH: Balancing Employee Protection and Employer Interests

Today every business strives to run smoothly and maintain a good reputation with and among its personnel. Making employees and other stakeholders aware of workplace dos and don'ts is just as important as conducting the organization's primary...

Promote to WIN & WIN to Promote!

Monday mornings are very hectic! I am sure all might agree with me about this fact. But thanks to Spotify to calm me down with the melodious on-demand playback ...

How To Improve Your Critical Thinking Ability With These Effective Steps

Nowadays, we have come across intricate situations in our personal and professional lives. With normal thinking, it is quite hard sometimes to come to a conclusion and fall into a confused state instead of taking a stand. Some questions are...

Why Reddit's Third Party Apps Are Shutting Down This Month

Reddit is a social media app which is catered to a different demographic. It has been one of the oldest social media apps even before social media was even a thing, it has a user base of 52 million users with millions of active users daily...

A Beginner's Guide to Investing: Building Wealth for the Future

Investing is a powerful tool for building wealth and securing a prosperous future. However, for beginners, the world of investing can be overwhelming and confusing. This guide aims to demystify the process and provide a solid foundation...

The Evolution of Podcasting: From Niche to Mainstream

In the digital age, podcasting has experienced a remarkable evolution, transforming from a niche medium into a mainstream phenomenon. With its roots tracing back to the early 2000s, podcasting has gained immense popularity and cultural...

Are We Living In A Matrix Simulation? Question Yourself

Do you remember the scene in The Matrix where the rebel leader Morpheus asks Neo to choose between a blue and a red pill and says, "You take the blue pill...The story ends, and thus you awaken in your bed, believing whatever you want to believe....

India's Fortune Bearers 2023

We are so curious to know "who is the richest now." It is an interesting topic to read about and makes us aware of the current business magnets. It even makes us comprehend how stable the economy is and whether there are any trending new business...

How Opulence Has Changed Over Time And How It Has Been Capitalized In Current Society

Having large sum of money is everyone’s desire who is indulged in the capitalistic society. It can be to buy whatever that gives them happiness, give their family the best, give their children the best education or just enjoy the security just by ...

Understanding the Geomagnetic Storm

Solar storms in the recent years have affected the planet Earth multiple times.

How Does Commercial Cleaning Differ from Industrial Cleaning?

Is there a difference between commercial and industrial cleaning services?

Relationship: It's Perfect, When You Know There Is Nothing Exists Like Perfect

New-borns and relationships are comparable regarding the volume of attention they require in terms of love, care, and the right guidance.

Satyayuga: The Repetition Of History

I have stumbled upon people discussing this curious topic. Is this real or unreal? I believe most of us when we were young would have kept our ears so close to our ancestors to hear the story, and they make us feel real. According to Hindu...

Beyond the Milky Way, The Outer Worlds and the Unknown

Somewhere at a random point in the universe is the milky way, there exists a small sun with eight planets orbiting it and the third planet from that small sun which is called earth, the planet from where you are reading this text from. The Milky W...

Beginner's Guide For LEGO Players!

The lego games such as LEGO batman or star wars are merely some mediocre adventurous games that ate very entertaining for small children.

Spooky Pumpkin Garden Nights: Halloween Celebration Around the World

Halloween is really fun, especially for children since it gives them reason to eat lot of candy and get toothaches in the process which is not that...

Understanding Space Colonization from a Pragmatic Point of View

From a navigation point of view, after getting into earth’s orbit, one will encounter 3000 dead satellites and the total number of space debris is closer to 500,000 all of which can make navigation that much harder. While pulling the satellites fr...

Dusk of Treta Yuga!: What Actually Happened in the Aftermath of Mahabharata

Do you recall the legendary Battle of Kurukshetra? The epic clash of power, Dharma, and honor. The battle that lasted 18 days and nights. Mahabharata, also known as the Kurukshetra War, is a Hindu epic that describes a war...

Ragnarok is Here!: See what Kratos & Atreus face as Ragnarok Looms into the Nine Realms

Sony's state of play event was en-thralling. We've already seen some major revelations in 2021, but fans were hoping for a major gameplay reveal or an update on upcoming big titles. And, without a doubt, if I'm talking about major revelations,...

4 Ways To Buy Lego LED lighting Kit Toys In Bulk

The Lego group, a personally owned corporation established in billund, Denmark produces a range of polymer building toys known as lego.

Things To Keep in Mind Before Adopting a Pet

Isn’t it true that almost everybody wants a furry companion to follow them? All of us must have dreamt of adopting a pet at least once in our lives. There is a significant difference between adopting vs buying a pet ...

Innovative Ways for Students to Earn While Studying

Since things have become expensive nowadays, students of current generation encounter more financial expenses than their previous generations.

Hobbies That Can Make You Rich

We all love some fun-time activities that not only makes us feel good but expands our expertise over a specific domain. Irrespective of the jobs we are entitled to do, we all tend to acquire some hobbies that relax our body and mind.

Easy Ways to Stay UpToDate with Current Affairs

Current Affairs are the ongoing events that are currently taking place in the political and social world. It generally highlights the situation of our nation as well as the rest of the world.

Top 5 Books by Indian Female Authors

There is a lot of undiscovered talents out there in the world when it comes to Indian authors. A woman is questioned in every element of society, and she has always proven herself to be the stronger of the two.

5 Mandatory Characteristics To Hunt For In A Self Storage Facility

A good self-storage facility helps you in keeping things securely and systematically. The foremost thing which you should look at is security. Choosing a place of storage that safeguards and secures your assets is not so tough.

True Riches are about Contentment

Although the mass media has convinced numerous folks that wealth brings joy, that is not generally the situation

Child Abuse: A bane of our Society

According to the global report India stands top of the list in child abuse cases with 11.7% followed by Pakisthan. Closure of schools had lead to an increase in the online child sexual abuse. It is high time to think about putting an end to this.

How to Deal with Covid Symptoms - DOs and DON'Ts

In the past few times, Covid completely changed us. While the climate started to mend, people were confined inside.

Necessitation Vs Passion

“Follow your passion” has become a shaping piece of career recommendation. The thought is that the key to finding an honest career is to spot your greatest interest

The Locus Rule To Stay Motivated!

The locus rule is a conception utilized by many successful individuals to assist them to stay motivated on their tasks, even when things aren't going their manner.

5 Reasons why Escape Rooms are perfect for Corporate Outings

Chrish Wilsonis a content creator at escaperoom.com. He’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader.

Animal Cruelty: A Lesson for Humanity??

Animals are human’s best friend but do you think we humans treat them the same as they do?

Top 10 Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), the most common signs and symptoms of anxiety are different in men and women for instance women will feel dizziness while on the contrary men are tend to get sweat

West Bengal Politics at the Crossroads

With its assembly elections due in 2021, politics of West Bengal has reached an inflection point where the inclination of voters towards the left and right led factions is going to be measured like never before.

The Incongruous Contours of Farmers' Protest

Staging a protest is an essential privilege enshrined in democracy and it ought to be resorted to whenever the republic wielding power becomes inconsiderate of the concerns of the public. But what if the protest is a staged act by a cabal?

Interesting Facts about India's Union Budget

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman yesterday presented Union Budget 2021 and announced several reforms and fund allocation to take the country’s economy out of slump, which is slowly but steadily moving upwards. From healthcare to infrastructure, ed

Demystifying Life

As we enter the new year, let us make an effort to understand life. Let's begin with some of the most important and basic questions and try to find their answers to have a better idea of the purpose of life

Friday Fun Activity Ideas to Beat Work From Home Blues

The pandemic has changed the way how the world used to be just a year ago. Physical workplaces are closed and maximum organizations are now operating remotely. Now, work from home is the new normal, for at least a few more months. This phase has

The Wonders that 'NO' can Do

If you find it difficult to say no to others, then Steve Jobs’ quote may inspire you. He quoted, ‘It’s only by saying ‘no’ that you can concentrate on the things that are really important’.