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How to Maximize Savings with Strategic Retirement Planning

Securing retirement comfortably includes fundamentally saving, and smart planning is a must-have for money security years later.

The Secret Behind Electoral Bonds: Unveiling the Truth

The Supreme Court recently made a statement on electoral bonds, and this would have struck your attention: "Electoral bonds fail to provide a level playing field." the respective amount is meant for legitimate purposes and not for pushing the...

Harnessing the Power of mRNA: Applications Beyond Infectious Diseases

Messenger RNA (mRNA) technology, renowned for its success in COVID-19 vaccines, offers diverse applications beyond infectious diseases. In cancer research, personalized mRNA vaccines targeting specific mutations show potential.

5 Immediate Home Remedies For Asthma Attack

There can be situations wherein Asthma can be life-threatening, and immediate medications and treatments must be taken to alleviate it. Although no permanent solution exists to cure this disease completely, effective therapies help patients...

The Future of Ethanol as a Renewable Energy Source

The world is currently behind the research for replacement for fossil fuels as it is creating several environmental impacts worldwide. A few days ago, you would have noticed in the news that Toyota has launched their first electrified flex-fuel...

Project-Based Learning in the Digital Age

"Tell me, and I'll forget. Teach me, and I'll remember. Involve me, and I will learn.”-Benjamin Franklin once said about the project-based learning concept, which means you, must get involved if you want to learn something....

The Impact of Experiential Learning in Higher Education

Experiential learning has emerged as a powerful pedagogical approach in higher education, offering students a transformative educational experience

How To Stay Relevant In a Fast-Changing Job Market Through Lifelong Learning

In this fast-paced world of employment, having fewer skills cannot serve the purpose of any organization; instead, the people should be equipped with a wide variety of skills to continue with the race. Why be upgraded over time? Back then, there...

The Socio-Economic Consequences of Article 370 on Kashmir

Article 370, which was very popular when it came into effect, didn't stay for long and has been abrogated. Currently, this topic is trending all over social media and even on the major news channels. Why this topic is still a major discussion in...

Best Investment Options for PF Amount after Retirement

Retirement is a major life event that marks the end of a long and fruitful career. You must carefully manage your finances before this transition occurs in your life, with a particular focus on your Provident Fund balance. By making informed...

Affordable and Reliable: Best Budget-Friendly Smartwatches

Staying connected and organized is critical in today's fast-paced environment. We have witnessed a revolution in wearable technology with the introduction of smartwatches.

Tips To Keep in Mind To deliver An Effective Presentation

People often say, "I have good ideas to provide, but when it comes to delivering a presentation, I'm blank." Do you ever wonder what the reason behind this is? Mostly the low confidence level and ignorance of the presentation knowledge. Even if...

What are predator drones and how can they improve border security

Predator drones are military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that are used to identify, locate, and track targets.

Why Developed Countries Are Faced with The Problem of Low Birth Rates

It is a well-known fact that a lot of countries are facing a population crisis and it is predicted that this would be the contributing factor for the fall of those economies in the near future. In Japan it is seen that the majority of their popula...

Understanding ONDC: A Revolutionary Step towards Digitizing Commerce in India

The advent of technology in today's digital era has resulted in enormous transformations in numerous areas, including business.

Exploring Cultural Diversity: Celebrating Differences & Promoting Inclusion

Cultural diversity and acceptance are more important than ever in today's interconnected and globalised world. In our increasingly diverse society, people from various backgrounds, religions, and ethnicities live, study, and work together...

Tips To Extend The Life Span Of Your Laptop

Can you imagine a moment without a laptop and something else to deal with the tasks? The answer would be no. The laptop has become part and parcel of our daily lives, and that is inevitable under any circumstances until a new device is discovered...

How AI is changing the way diseases are diagnosed

In recent years, the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of healthcare has been nothing short of transformative.

Does Water Have An Expiration Date?

Every consumable on earth has an expiration date, be it any freshly grown crop or processed food. What about water? Water has been on earth way before life. Every drop of water you see has been urinated by living beings and recycled by the earth’s...

How To Read Books Effectively And Fast

Do you want to be a consistent reader? Then you’re in the right place. Perhaps people often tried and failed to develop a reading habit. The aspiring readers would have done extremely well in the beginning but would find it hard to continue...

Ekadashi - Understand the benefits of a Cosmic Ritual

Rituals are fading from metropolitan civilization but are still kept alive among some people with traditional mindsets from rural areas. We fail to understand the relevance of certain rituals, It’s time for us to delve into their inner meanings.

A Meme is Worth A Thousand Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, is a well-known proverb. Pictures have this remarkable ability to speak a lot without even having any words. The internet is humanity’s archive of knowledge which I can attribute to the great library...

Unveiling the Role of AI in Online Scams

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we live, work, and interacts with each other. From voice assistants like Siri and Alexa to predictive algorithms in finance and healthcare.

Visa-Free Countries For Us Visa Holders In 2023

As we all know, the United States of America is a nation that is well-developed and considered one of the leading superpowers in the world. They have a workforce that has sound knowledge in information technology, education, health, and many...

The Importance of Recycling in Solid Waste Management

Recycling is the recovery and reprocessing of waste materials into new goods. The basic stages of cycling include garbage collection, sorting, and processing or manufacturing new goods.

The Fallacy Of Meritocracy

A common quote we hear is “Work hard and you will succeed in life “or “if you fail it means you didn’t want it bad enough” or “Don’t give excuses” and many more. People blindly associate hard work as the only parameter...

Five Common Online Scams and How to Avoid Them

We all like to believe that the Internet is a safe place where you can't fall for all kinds of online scams and frauds, but it's always a good idea to take a "reality check."

Why People Prefer Overseas Universities Instead Of Indian Universities

Education these days has become more commercialized, and we need to spend a massive amount to leverage it, but do you think we can completely rely on the Indian teaching system? It’s a matter to think about. Some say "it is my dream to grasp the...

Why "follow your dreams" is bad advice

“Every dead body on Mt. Everest was once a person who followed their dreams” -A Quote on the internet...

The Hierarchy in Every Aspect Of A Human's Life

“All are equal”, “Everyone has red blood”, “All students/employees are equal” are some of the most common quotes that are thrown around arbitrarily with little to no relevance. But, lot of times this doesn’t hold true, society values...

Ram Navami: The Birth of Dharma Personified

Lord Ram's heroic stories are well known among us, and they have had an impact on our lives in both positive and negative ways. What comes to mind when we think of him? Ram defeating Ravan? King Dasharath's obedient son? Ayodhya's Great King?...

Why Pursuing a Degree in Hotel Management is a Smart Career Move

Pursuing a Hotel Management Degree could be your ticket to a successful and fulfilling career.

The Unchallenged Gifted Kid's Blight

Every class has that one kid who blows the other kids out of the water with his intellectual prowess and academic skills. These kids are the apple of the teacher’s eyes, subject of envy for the other kids. It’s common to see them breeze through th...

India's Vintage Car That Lived Up To Its Legacy

People say that the memories we cherish from the past never die & indeed vehicles play an important role in this. Every vehicle we own today/in the past holds a special place in our hearts. Today, there are many options in the four-wheeler segment...

Rangoli, Torana, Bevu Bella & New Beginnings: Ugadi

The Time has arrived; while the rest of the world celebrated on January 1st, southern India, specifically Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, celebrate on the first day of the Hindu calendar, which is the first day of Chaitra. Th...

How Reverse Urbanization is Changing the Landscape of Small Cities

By attracting new businesses and investments, expanding job opportunities, and developing new housing developments, reverse urbanization is changing the landscape of small towns.

Greek Chronicles III: The End Of The Golden Era

Previously, Prometheus’s love for man had made him cross the line and went against his king, and best friend Zeus’s order. He had taken divine fire from the forges of heaven and had gifted it to man. He thought man the remarkable things one can do...

Static Shock In Bangalore: What Is It & Why It Is happening?

Lately, you have heard about the static shock incident happened across Bengaluru on Twitter, Instagram, Face book etc. So what exactly it is? Let me present you in this way; when you touch on any metal surface, you feel a jolt of electricity...

5 Key Habits for Maintaining Strong Kidneys

As adults, we often take our kidneys for granted and overlook their importance. However, the kidneys play a crucial role in the body’s health and well-being.

Women's Day Is Not Just A Day, It's A Historic Landmark

“Women Hold up Half the Sky”, is a quote by the famous communist party chairman Mao Zedong, they are the other half of the human species, and are major nurturers of the future. Today we see women actively participating in all walks of society and....

Holi 2023: How South India Embraces the Beauty of Colors?

For all of us, the festival of colors delivers a unique and memorable experience. It could be at our sweet home or the place where we gather with our friends, the streets, or even at the work station. End of the day, the celebrations are just like...

Why Concept-based Learning is the Future of Higher Education

Concept-based learning is increasingly being adopted by educational institutions as a teaching method to ensure the comprehension of key concepts over simply memorizing information.

Greek Chronicles II: The Gift of Fire

Man was experiencing his baby steps, he was like a child marveled by everything the world had to offer, Zeus had been happy since he found renewed purpose as a god, to rule over them, Prometheus out of love for man stayed behind on Earth, teaching...

Greek Chronicles: Creation of Man

The Titanomachy had concluded, Zeus and his allies emerged victorious, Zeus, the new undisputed ruler of the heavens was feared and respected, Olympus was filled with praises for Zeus. Prometheus was one friend, possibly the only one he could be h...

A Magnificent Celestial Phenomenon That Everyone Should See

Have you come across the rare phenomenon of our solar system? The view that came into light on last Wednesday (February 22) is all about Venus, Jupiter, and the moon, which appeared in a straight line in the night sky. It was such a moment of...

Origin Saga: The Greek Beginnings of the Universe III

Previously… Cronus devoured all his children soon after they were born, this made his wife Rhea resentful of her husband and went to Gaia and the deposed overlord Ouranos to seek their counsel. With the newly hatched plan Rhea managed to trick her...

From Persia to India: The Expedition & Evolution of Royal Cuisine

Our nation has a great history of Arab rulers who introduced quite a lot of cuisines to our culture and traditions. To name a few Persian, Afghans and the Turks; probably you may be able to recall these rulers from your old school day textbooks...

Origin Saga: The Greek Beginnings of the Universe II

Cronus was now the new undisputed ruler of the heavens, Gaia had retreated and was more of a passive being, he had wrested the control of the waters from ...

Origin Saga: The Greek Beginnings of the Universe

A lot of us have been introduced to Greek mythology from Disney’s Hercules animated movie, the story of how Hercules’s love for Megara helps him become a hero, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series books was the first exposure to Greek myths for...

What Caused Nokia's Demise Against Android?

Today, we have a plethora of options for smart phones based on people's tastes and preferences, and it's just a matter of time to make a desired choice as there are several ranges of smart-phones available in the market, ranging from basic to touch..

All you need to know about Google's answer to ChatGPT

The new chatbots from Google can be considered a rival to ChatGPT because it was developed and unveiled in such a short period of time.

Orkut: The First Pinnacle of Social Media That Plummeted One Day

What comes to mind when you hear the word Orkut? Do you get a nostalgic feeling? That was the first social media platform when we were young. Maybe you used Orkut back in 2004 and shared a lot of memories with your friends and the rest of the...

Origin Saga: The Nordic Beginnings of the Universe

The origins of the universe have been an interest topic in the scientific community, for the past century physicists and astronomers have come up with various theories for the origins of the universe and have proved it after extensive research. Bu...

What is ChatGPT and how does it Work?

ChatGPT is a new artificial intelligence (AI) Chabot that is revolutionizing the way people interact with machines. ChatGPT is based on the transformer model, which is a type of neural network that is designed to handle sequences of variable length.

Titanic- The Ship That Never Lived Up To Its Glory

Today, when you see a luxurious cruise ship sailing across the sea, your first thought is "wow, thats huge," followed by a comparison to the Titanic and declaring the nostalgic beauty the winner. Without a doubt, it was the massive luxurious ship...

Prominence Of Alternate and Exercising Activities In Your Day To Day Life

During school days, our prime focus was to study; the same was true in college or universities. Thereafter the life begins for which the work is must. Why don’t we have time to spend on extracurricular activities? Let it be anything: outdoor games...

Sisyphus- The Man Who Cheated Death Twice

One of the laws of nature dictates that any being born to the earth has to return to the earth, it’s a symbolic way of saying equilibrium should be maintained. Like the yin and the yang, fire and water, heaven and earth and Life and death. In anci...

Why Management Education in the USA is Sought-after

Management education in the USA can provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in a competitive business world.

The Most Influential Individual in Democracy, The Commoner

The lust for power by few individuals has felled empires, caused wars, taken innumerable lives. History has shown that power corrupts; one man is enough to end an empire. This had to stop, the price of power was far too great. This gave birth to a...

Renewables: The Surface Level Solution to the Climate Crisis Conundrum

We all have heard at one point the dangers of fossil fuel burning and how it is causing damage to the environment, the dangers of crude oil and how it will spell destruction of nature and whatnot, we also heard how renewable energy is the panacea ...

Top Five Unexplored Places to Visit in India

India is a land of diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, yet there are still many unexplored places that remain untouched by the hustle and bustle of tourists.

Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace for Employee Well-being

Mental health problems can also lead to high attrition rates. When employees leave, companies have to spend money to recruit and train new employees. This costs time and money. For an employer, it is important to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Disembarkment Of Darkness: Winter solstice

There are certain days in a year that are very special in the universe. Most people are probably unaware of the winter solstice. It occurs when any of the Earth's poles aligns its angle so that it is at its greatest distance from the sun. It is all..

The Enigma of Time Travel: The Doorway to the Origin of the Universe

Have you ever screwed up something so monumentally that you wished you’d go back in time to fix it? Wanted to apologize to someone? Had romantic confession gone cringe? Wanting to punch your 15-year-old self for being an edge lord? We all have had...

Interesting Facts About Maori Culture And Its History

It has been said that the Maori community landed in New Zealand hundreds of years ago. In May 2022, the population was estimated to be around nine lakhs.The female population outnumbers the male population. There is a place called Chatham Islands...

Two Stars of True Love- Arundathi and Vashishta

If you have been to a Hindu marriage you’ll notice that the to-be married couple are taken outside the wedding hall and are made to point at the sky together, I was clueless at first “why are they pointing at the sky”...

Is The Mind Reading Spell Technical or Human

Should Mind Reading Spell be Technical? Find out if mind-reading spells are human or technical.

The Life of Indian Students In New Zealand

It is the dream of every high-potential student to study overseas. The pathway to witness various diversities across the globe not everyone is successful in becoming international students. It relies on factors such as luck, money, and perhaps fate..

How Reading Sudha Murthy's Works Impacted me

Sudha Murthy is a prominent Indian Author and chairperson of the non-profit organization, Infosys Foundation, She has written notable books in Kannada and English. She has been honoured with various awards fo her services in literature including

Types of Data

This blog is relatively fun and will walk you through the types of data that a data analyst deals with on a regular basis. Warning ! You might encounter the 'Deja Vu' experience while reading this, but well, it’s not necessary ...

How a Totalitarian Regime is portrayed in "1984"

A dystopian society where one is stripped of all pleasures of life and is made to live on the whims of a few in power and information being constantly manipulated for the sake of manipulating the masses, freedom being touted as slavery..........

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist? Who does What

The terms Analyst and Scientist tend to ring a bell in your mind. An analyst has been synonymous with finance and a Scientist has been synonymous with discovery or a person working in a lab.

What Is Pay Transparency and Why Does It Matter?

Negotiating your wage is never tricky, but for many people, the lack of pay transparency makes it very challenging. Pay transparency refers to how employers communicate about compensation.

A Journey through the Historical Moments of Nagaland after Statehood

First started in the December of 2000, the Hornbill Festival is an annual festival held in Nagaland. This is celebrated from 1st to 10th of December and it represents all the different ethnic groups in the state...

Top 5 Self-Publishing Platforms Writers Want To Know About

You heard it right hi! I am a self-published author leashing the chain of publishing options where authors can self-publish their e-books & paperback, hardcover and to have large distributions, worldwide sales on public libraries, Amazon Kindle, Flip

Why should One Learn Java?

The world of software engineering meeting with as many as 250 programming languages. 100 of which are being actively taught at boot camps. It has suddenly become very tricky to decide which language is best

Mahaparv of Bihar: Chhath Puja & its 6 Traditional Delicacies

When ghats of Ganga are filled with ladies taking a dip in icy cold water, the surrounding filled with people chanting and singing local songs like “Patna ke ghat par humhu arajiya debai, he chhathi maiya, Hum na jaeeb dusar ghaat dekhab ye chhath...

How to Choose the Right Certificate Course?

Certificate courses if chosen correctly can be the escalator that takes anyone to a new height in their career path. Presently, with everything in the world right now, we are spoilt for choices.

Personal Branding - How to Build a Personal Brand?

The word ‘BRAND’’ has always been synonymous with a tangible product for a very long time. But over a period of time, the definition of ‘Brand’ has undergone a change.

The Melting Pot of Cultural Dynamism, Here's a List of 8 Significant Dance Forms of Karnataka

I was impressed by the storyline, direction, and plot of the Kannada film Kantara, but my interest about the folk dance style Bhutha Kola that was portrayed in the film prompted me to learn more about several Karnataka traditional dance forms. Her...

Short Stories Everyone Should Read

The desire to share experiences or stories is inherent in all of us. Somerset Maugharn, one of the most famous short-story writers, said that the short story started when hunter of the ancient time narrated to his fellows, by the cavern fire, after t

2022's Top 7 Durga Puja Pandals Across The Country

The Durga Puja festival was celebrated as a victory of the Hindu Goddess Durga defeating the evil spirit of the demon Mahishasura.

Untold Stories of Ramayana: 8 Different versions of the Epic

Do you there are 300 versions of the Great Indian Epic Ramayana? We have all read or at least watched the Ramayana story at some point in our lives. It discusses the good vs evil, the dutiful son, the self-sacrificing wife, and the loyal brother. Th

Top Cloud Computing Interview Questions And Answers

To ensure you successfully carve a niche as a cloud practitioner we have come up with a cheat sheet of some compelling interview questions that can help you make a breakthrough in the segment.

9 Different Ways Navratri Is Celebrated

Navratri brings the joy of festive enchanting the occasion of positivity into every region while each state starts to celebrate the days of its special traditions.

Here are 5 Most Controversial yet Popular Indian Artists of All Time

Art, as a profession, is a voluntary choice that comes with its repercussions and consequences along with its rewards and wins. Indeed, it is choice of Bravehearts. Every day billions of people are getting inspiration or encouragement from artists of

Invaluable Indian Artefacts that Remain Ensconced in British Museum

Although the Kingdom has crumbled, their sense of entitlement has not. It's now time that the nation set away its colonial mindset and return what we owe them.

Dual Dilemmas Restricting the True Potential of Indian Medical Education

Increasing competition and inadequate number of seats is making Indian students look abroad for medical education. This has been a perennial issue in the Indian medical education space for many years n...

A comprehensive SEO tutorial for Beginners

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of increasing a website’s or web page’s visibility and ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

What is the Importance of Functional Testing for Businesses in Agile & DevOps?

Functional testing is a form of testing and a quality assurance process that helps validate a system or components against the various operating features and requirements specified.

Gear up for Thesis Writing

If you're about to start your thesis, we've got step-by-step instructions for how to write one, from the introduction to its conclusion and tips all along the way. So, here are some tips how to write a perfect thesis.

What are the most commonly used Automated Testing Tools and Challenges in Automated Testing?

With the help of automated software testing tools, QA teams can quickly test software, generate bug reports, and compare software results with expected results.

Six Prominent Examples of Indo-Islamic Architecture

The second-largest mosque in India, Jama Masjid Delhi or Masjid-i Jehan-Numa is a prime example of the Indo-Islamic architecture. This massive mosque has the capacity to fit 20,000 worshipers in its courty...

Role and Responsibility of a Full Stack Java Developer

A full-stack developer is one of the most sought-after professions these days. With rapidly changing technology, web developers are emerging as dark horses of the race.

Data Analyst Career Path

A Data Analyst sits with heaps of data, analyses it to spot trends, make forecasts and extract information to help the enterprise make profitable business decisions.

How to write a resume for a Java Developer?

For every profession, a resume is like a representation of an individual in two pages. Investing your time to write a good resume is as important as finding a job. Typically one should invest 3 hours at least to write a resume. It is not about replic

New Fashion - The Latest Fashion Trends

What the latest fashion trends include change, curiosity, and the setting of time, spot, and wearer. The synchronous presentation and show of many recent fads. The determinations made by the inventive shopper, and the idea of the outflow of the ...

Which Mechanical Design Course is Best?

Despite lakhs of mechanical engineers being already employed across the world, they continue to be in great demand. Playing an integral part in each of the engineering sectors, mechanical design engineers happen to be highly sought after, to work ..

Top 5 Indian Mythology Books One Shouldn't Miss

Indian Mythology fiction books are a series of stories or myths about a particular individual, civilization, religion, or any group of people who share common beliefs.

The Necessity of Reviving Indian Heritage and Culture

India is well-known for its illustrious heritage, art and customs; its indigenous works of art are quite renowned on the worldwide market.

Top British Architectural Monuments worth visiting in India

India is home to many magnificent architectural works, and almost all the monuments of India flaunt the skill sets and craftsmanship of our countrymen. Amongst the other tourist attractions, some of the architectural monuments made by British in India

Top Destinations for World Famous Indian Handicrafts

Art and crafts are often portrayed as an essential part of the lives of Indians and we are blessed with a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in the beauty of its handicrafts. India has emerged as a paradise for shoppers who search for some anti

How Being Multilingual Can Help at Workplace?

Many companies' primary goal is to expand, the only way for a firm to grow and succeed is for its people to help it. Anything is possible if they are talented and motivated. This is why multilingual staff are so important to a company's long-term suc

Top 9 benefits of advanced study in Australia

Want to looking for advanced study in Australia? Read top 9 benefits of advanced study in Australia.

How to Learn Sign Languages Easily

Communication has been the cornerstone for every civilization and communication is a crucial aspect to grow and develop as a species. For people who are not able to talk or hear, sign languages are their mode of communication. As part of including...

Top Countries to Apply Internship in Hospitality Industry

If you find yourself thinking about exotic locations and exciting adventures but dreading the prospect of a mundane 9-5 job, an internship in the hospitality sector may be exactly what you need.

Top 5 Comics Recommended to Children

Children’s imagination has no limits like talking crows, frog princesses, superheroes, ghouls, smart journalists, robotic-boy with life, sisters with magical power detectives with smart objects, tiny-old men with friends from the outer space

Frequently Asked Questions by Students for MPPSC Exams

If you are thinking to appear in mppsc exam this year you should know everything about exam pattern, age limit, syllabus etc. Read the article for full information and prepare accordingly.

How does Poetry Influence a Human

Aesthetics and rhythmic attributes of languages combine and form poetry which is an expression with a lot of elements that adds much beauty to the poems.

The Importance of Literature in Human Life

As literature portrays anything and everything within the space in the manner of poetry, drama, stories, and much more.

Top 10 Study Abroad Scholarships For Indian Students

For Indian students to study abroad there are different scholarships offered. The scholarships are offered by both the Government and the private universities and colleges.

Memorization Strategies for Students to Implement During Their Studies

To succeed in the current generation, students are often coaxed to memorize a vast amount of data or information from an academic point of view.

What Are The Most Common Medical Emergencies

Medical emergency happens unnoticed at any time, anywhere and with anyone it can happen. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find the cause of the medical treatment and due to which fatal consequences take place.

What are the Pros of Learning your mother tongue?

Owing to the increased migration and the rising popularity of international schools, the number of children learning the globally acknowledged foreign languages other than their mother tongue is increasing rapidly.

Tips For Creative Writing

Writing is not an easy task. It requires visualizing the plot for fictional writing, framing the right pattern for non-fiction, and gathering accurate information for instructive or informative writing

Top Courses in Cryptocurrency

Digital currency also famous a virtual currency is a cryptograph secured and is not possible to counterfeit.

Innovative Teaching Methods Amid Pandemic

Schools and institutions had to adapt remote learning and teaching which is a huge challenge for tutors to provide quality teachings without compromising.

Augmented Reality - A New Era In Education

Education is the only sector in India where technological changes are not visible. But now with the coming of AI and VI and also e-learning aaps education sector is witnessing a revolution.

The Year of How Mother Earth Gets Relaxed During Lockdown

During the lockdown, people are remaining at home, communicating, keeping up friendly distancing.

Mental Health - The Next Pandemic?

Our emotional, psychological, and social well-being are parts of our mental well-being. It also has an effect on how we handle stress, communicate with others, and make choices. Mental health is essential at any stage of life, including childhood, ad

Freedom Of Indian Women

India is one of the least safest countries for women.Are women really independent in India or is it just a fantasy. It’s high time to think about safety, freedom and respect to women as an individual and their role in our society.

Social Media and Decline in Reading Culture

With the growing influence and liking of social media, it will surely become difficult to fill the room with books. A survey in the UK showed that with the increasing age, the tendency to read a book decreases; the effect is profoundly seen when ...

Top Robot Fiction books by "Isaac Asimov"

In Science-Fiction world he had great place even they say that in robotics Isaac Asimov’s three laws of the Robotic culture are the base principles. Most of the books are between the robotic intelligence and the human intelligence story lines.

How Diverse Engineering Teams Help Startups to Grow!

Diverse organizations are skilled; they are more effective at solving complicated problems or situation.

Data science - To be made use of in every firm

Data scientific research is the development technology which minimize the human initiative and also make things simpler which includes coding, math, statistics and several of the strategies such as artificial intelligence..

6 Things To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Do you totally believe in creating an aware effort to enhance yourself a little bit on a daily basis? However which will be an extremely imprecise goal.

Why India's Unemployment Rate is rising?

As the job market continues to alter and evolve there's an increasing demand for a competent person rather than a qualified person.

To Have And Hold: Relationships And Marriage Psychology

Love is one of the most heartfelt emotions known to human beings.

Some Tips to Keep In Mind While Budgeting Your Overseas Education

Most students fail to fulfill the dream of abroad education due to expenditure; however, some great budgeting tips and considerable points make every scholar's international study dream true.

Rethinking the Place of Women in Society

We live in a country which has Amnesia. We forget the number of rape cases that is recorded each day. Just a quick reminder: According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), an average of 88 rape cases ..

Multi-Layered Caste System of India

The idea of the caste system has been therefore deeply established within the Indian mind that, contrary to common belief it still exists in several elements of India.

The Malicious Caste System

“Yaadhum oore, Yaavarum kaelir,” said Kaniyan Pungundranar. It means “I am a world citizen and everyone is my kith and kin”. “Caste” has been an integral part of our society for the past 2000 years.

AI career opportunities for students -Take the first step towards success!

AIWS is an online self-learning platform providing transformational AI and Coding technology education to students at home, to homeschoolers and in K12 schools. AI & Coding provides a competitive advantage when applying to colleges, internships.

Is eLearning Ready to Replace Classroom Learning in India?

‘Going Online’ has been a buzzword for some time now and the recent pandemic outbreak as well as the resulting lockdown has pushed not just offices but also educators to change lane towards online mode of operation.

Willing to Study in Canada? - Top Universities Indian Students Should surely Consider

Home to some of the most distinguished Universities of the world, Canada is widely known for endowing the foreign students with a safe environment, where most of the cities are cosmopolitan with residents being very warm and welcoming to foreigners.

5 Top-Ranked Universities for Indians to Study Abroad in Spain

More and more Spanish educational institutions are gaining international attention, aspiring students who are looking to pursue their higher education in Spain have an opportunity to gain an edge over the rest of the competition

10 To-Dos for Successful Career in 2021!

If you are looking for an opportunity to get employed or even to become an entrepreneur it is crucial that you get yourself equipped with the needed skills required to thrive in the modern world.

7 Scholarships Indian School Students should Aim for!

Scholarships not only brings some financial leeway to students, but some scholarships also allow students to pursue a better career option too.

Why German Colleges Attract Indian Students?

Germany has been the prime destination for higher education over the years, as it offers curricula which are inclined towards establishing technical know-how and the approach is scientific.

How Music Helps in Changing Climate for Studying

Affecting humans and the surrounding they live in, today, and in the past and the future, music plays a key role. Similar to any form of art, music has the prowess of stabilizing the human mind.

Ancient DNA Samples are Revealing all sorts of Unexpected & Controversial Findings

The Genomic revolution is well underway, and research on ancient DNA samples are revealing a human history far more complex than anybody had ever imagined.

Why AI and ML Certifications can be your New Game Changer

Undoubtedly, since its developing stages, AI and ML have been able to surprise the world with their potential to take over the technology in the future, thus making it a promising field for students to venture and shape their career.

4 Reasons that will make you Swoon to Visit Sikkim

Although Sikkim is the smallest state of the country, it is the richest and biggest when it comes to natural splendour. This place has been blessed with magnificent natural wonders and has been bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal. Sikkim provides so

USA or Europe - Where should Indian Students Study?

With numerous reputed colleges and innovative teaching pedagogies, both the US and Europe standout from the rest.

Top Skills that Students Need to Thrive in Post-Pandemic World

Post pandemic, businesses will be even more selective and critical when it comes to hiring employees and students who are having all the right set of skills will be the only ones to make it into a respectable position.

Diversity in Inclusion

This age’s digital era has revealed that while more and more people use social media and mobile platforms to stay connected, ‘inclusion’ is experienced more outside the family than within.

5 Reasons Why One Should Pursue Anthropology for Higher Studies

Anthropology as a subject is a somewhat poorly understood one among all the fields in Social Sciences. It stems from the root word 'anthro' which means human.

The Quintessential List Of 9 Indian Artists Who Won The Grammy Awards

Publicly renowned as ‘Grammy’, the Grammy Award is presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences of the United States in recognition of outstanding achievement in the music industry.

My Struggle is My Real Education

The struggles are the motivating force. They bring opportunity to rise and ride the tides and currents. I am fortunate to face these hardships to take the challenges of life. In these tides; I have/had seen many new opportunities knocking on the door.

3 Tips you can Use to Cut Down your Cost of Education in USA!

One of the most in-demand higher education destinations is the US with over 1,095,000 international students being enrolled in various educational institutes in the US for the 2018/19 academic year.

Planning to Convert your Passion into Profession? Here is what you need to know!

Always carry out thorough research about your career and future opportunities, this will save you from any disappointment in future.

A Reparation Long Overdue

Most of the festivals are celebrated by reliving the moment that defines them. Diwali is for instance the reminiscing of the return of Lord Ram from Lanka to Ayodhya after his victory over Raavan. This year’s Diwali was special for religious ...

This Diwali Witness A Virtual Celebration

One of the most awaited Hindu festivals – ‘Diwali’ this year will be celebrated tomorrow. Marking the beginning of Diwali, is the thirteenth day of Krishna Paksha according to the Hindu calendar, of the month Ashwin ..

Top Tips to Crack your GATE Exam in First Attempt!

The Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay (IIT-B) has announced The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam for postgraduate admissions to be conducted between February 5 and 14, 2021.

Top MBA Colleges to Study in the United Kingdom

The opportunities to learn from the top mentors in the field and the prospect of meeting students from across the globe also makes MBA education in the UK a far more appealing option in the eyes of international students.

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari - A book that dives into the future of mankind

A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a book named “Homo Deus,” authored by a Hebrew Historian and an intellect named Yuval Noah Harari.

7 Must-Read Financial Reports For Small Businesses

Dependence on financial reporting is ever important for startups and small businesses for setting benchmarks. Besides, there is a huge requirement for knowing operational decisions, and measuring overall organizational health.

Various Psychological Benefits of listening to Music

Music has always been referred to as the universal language which is not limited to any boundaries as such. Music always has had an impact on human’s life, whether it be in sorrow times or in happiness. It has also ...

Degree in Hospital Administration

Medical institutes are ray of hope for the deceased one. Hospitals works day and night without stopping to serve people. Apart from doctor, nurses there are people who perform behind the scene for the smooth functioning of day to day activities ..

7 Books That Prep You For The Corporate World

Readers become leaders. Without reading it is impossible to learn and know the world, the things beyond our reach and the skills that we need to acquire. Every successful person would say they like to read at least for some part of the day.

Visa Rules that You Must Know about before applying for Colleges in Europe

Europe is a popular destination for Indian students and countries like the UK, Germany, and France have seen a lion share of the total number of Indian students who have chosen Europe as their higher education destination

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - The One with all Kinds of Bonds

A friend in general is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Parenting - Easier Said than Done

A parent is a person who is a caretaker of a child and parenting is the activity done by the parents in bringing up the child. Parenting is different in each country..

Top 10 Countries in Europe for International Students

When it comes to the global higher education segment, European countries hold a commendable share of the global market with multiple European countries ranked in the top 10 global higher education destinations.

10 Best Colleges for International Students to Study in Europe

Owing to its tremendous achievements in the fields of business, technology, arts, and obviously sports, today, Europe is the first choice of most international students who aspire to grow and accomplish great career heights by studying overseas.

5 Indian Government Provided Online Courses

Helping the learners acquire new skills, the Indian Government is catering to the skilling process through the below-mentioned portals and it’s free.

Let's Salute the Engineering Pioneer of India on the Eve of Engineers' Day

While Prime Minister Modi said that the country is proud of its engineers, Home Minister Amit Shah tweeted, “Tributes to prolific engineer & statesman, Bharat Ratna Sri M. Visvesvaraya on his jayanti. On #EngineersDay.

Virtual Colleges and Schools, Need of the hour

This Article will give your Prespective about Virtual Institutions in India.As we all know from last 6 months, we are facing this deathly Covid 19 Pandemic. This virus has infected not only India but most of the part of world. If you ask me ...

4 Ways to Answer 'Tell me about Yourself' in Interviews

This article is a walk-through to answering the ‘Tell me about yourself’ interview question intelligently. I have also tried and covered the mistakes you NEED to avoid if you want to pass this question.

Top 6 Web Developer Skills in 2020

It is becoming mandatory to update yourself with the fast-changing industry. If you are starting a new or are an experienced web developer, keep an eye on the following skills to be competitive in web development.

5 Reasons Why Tutors need Technology

The private tuition business is expected to grow by $102 billion by 2019-2020. Constantly the technology is gaining progress in the education field. The taste and preferences of the students are also shifting towards online education this is why ...

74th Independence Day: India's Transformation from 1947 to 2020

India prior to Independence has been under foreign rules for ages, from medieval period, it has been ruled from Mughals and other foreign regimes. And if we look at the latest history prior to independence, India was colonized by the British ..

Understanding China and its Expansionist Proclivity

After the Galwan misadventure of China, India’s prime minister said that the age of expansionism is over. It was a clear message to China, refuting all its claims of India being the provoker. A US intelligence report corroborated the fact that ...

An Empowered Woman is Powerful beyond Measure!

While India has always been a male-dominant market and it is no secret that there is a dearth of women leaders who still lack social acceptance, this sorry state of affairs is slowly coming to an end.

Education, The Lost Glory...!!

We all strive for a change, but unfortunately, fail to gather enough courage, and rely on others to see that. In terms of Education, we see many individuals, NGOs and parents getting onto the streets and raising their voices against the ...