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What makes Kerala a High Potential venue for global meets

The Tourism Minister, PA Mohamed Riyas, spoke at the two-day annual conference of the Soft Power Club, led by Francesco Rutelli, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy.

Top Scuba Diving Destinations for Adventure Enthusiasts

Saw some excellent movies lately which feature amazing breathtaking underwater scenes. Saw an anime that gave you information about diving and college life (looking at you, Grand Blue Dreaming fans)?...

Advanced Technologies Used to Locate Lost Submarines

The ocean is a harsh and merciless environment. You don't tamper with the sea. It's like a beast waiting to devour you if you make one mistake. This is not a ride to a Disneyland attraction.

Four Most Popular Spiritual Tourism Destinations in India

The growth of spiritual tourism in India has also led in the development of wellness tourism. Spiritual tourism in India can offer unique and enriching experiences.

Cloud Gaming - The Future of Gaming Industry

Gaming industry is one of the most exciting and fast growing industries in tech because of its importance to culture, entertainment and technological advancement.

Top Five Places where Indian Currency makes you Moneyed Class

Traveling gives you an experience that can affect you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually

The Best Backwaters In Kerala To Explore

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of Kerala tourism is how stunning the backwaters must be.. The best place to go if you want to explore and have fun because it has a lovely tropical temperature, beautiful scenery...

The Verdant Facade of Cubbon Park, A Prose to its Splendor

Cubbon Park, A sprawling lush Greenland occupying 197 acres of land in the heart of Bengaluru, It might have been instrumental in giving the city the moniker of “Garden City”. Everyone who lived in and visited Bengaluru would have been to this place.

Bangalore Traffic! A Tough Task For Employees To Be On Time?

Traffic is something that everyone gets tired of in their daily lives. From the early morning, we can see school students, office workers, skilled workers, and many others rushing to their destinations to begin the day's activities. Yes! It is quite.

Winter is Coming: 7 Must visit places in India during Winter

Winter is here! It’s time to take a break from hectic city life and wander around the snow-capped valleys of India. Though most of the hill stations are heavily crowded by tourist, here are my recommendations for perfect escape into nature...

Folklore & Mystical Tales Behind the Weird Celestial Phenomenon: "aurora borealis"

“The sight filled the northern sky; the immensity of it was scarcely conceivable. As if from Heaven itself, great curtains of delicate light hung and trembled...

Big 5 Award Winning Indian Wildlife Photographers and their Masterpieces

They are wildlife photographers who have a pack of talent, are excellent in their field, and have the technical knowledge to capture images of natural scenery, plants, and animals.

5 Offbeat Beaches You Must Visit

Beautiful waves, sparkling sands, cool sea breeze, delectable seafood, and a beach vacation are all that and more. The beautiful long coastline of India is fringed with an overwhelming array of beaches. However, many of them have been spoilt....

7 Best Places to Spend Time in the November Monsoons

If you always shied away from monsoons to plan your travel, fearing that unpredictable rains would disrupt a good holiday, it is time to think and re-evaluate your plans. The monsoon is one of the best times to explore the country's..

5 Budget-friendly, Visa-free Countries for Indian Travelers

The last two years had a lasting impact on the global travel and tourism industry but things are looking much better in 2022. In a recent survey, 91% surveyed Indians stated that they are aiming to book a dream vacation in 2022 which they wouldn’t...

How can Travel Bloggers Increase their Social Media Reach?

Because of its phenomenal development and the millions of people that check in to this platform regularly, social media has emerged as one of the most widely used social media tools that bloggers may use.

Most Beautiful Sea Beaches in India that Should Be in Your Bucket List

Whenever we think about vacations, beaches are always on our priority list. India has some of the most beautiful beaches, when it comes to holidaying around. India has some stunningly beautiful beaches with lovely scenery ...

7 Budget Oriented Travel Destinations for Indians

Travelling is an undying passion for many and even though people travel for many reasons, the joy it brings is unmatched. What if you can travel but at the same time travel to budget destinations. While, still, many associate travel to being expen...

How to Become a Certified Tourist Guide in India?

Heritage abounds in India, and hundreds of such remnants demonstrate how deeply ingrained our culture is. As a country, we have a responsibility to preserve and disseminate the history and folklore of our land ...

An international travelers guide to Austria

Austria is one country that many people overlook while choosing an international travel destination but it is high time that this changes. If you are looking for an underrated international travel destination, then Austria will be on that list....

An international travelers guide to Bahrain

When you think about traveling to a foreign country for leisure or exploration, chances are Bahrain might not be in the top of that list. Not just that, many international travelers might not even consider Bahrain when they are planning for a new c..

How to use technology to improve your travel experience

Travel means different things for different people. For some it is a way for them to escape the monotony of their lives while for some others, it is a necessity as part of your profession. With that said, however you look at it, the fact of the ma...

10 Safety Tips for Female Solo Travelers

One of the finest way for women to see the world and grow in their travel abilities and self-confidence is to go solo.

An international travelers guide to Morocco

When it comes to international travel, there are many hidden gems that gets overlooked just because they are not as popular as other conventional international tourist destinations. With that said, the fact of the matter is that, this exclusivity....

Most Enchanting Train Routes in India to Enjoy Scenic Beauty

Train journeys can be hectic but nothing can beat a scenic train journey.

An international travelers guide to the Caribbean

With more and more countries lifting travel restrictions and bans, yet again aspiring international travelers have started charting out their travel maps. Before packing bags for your international travel, it is important that you choose a uniqu....

An international travelers guide to Mexico

Mexico is one country that is constantly overlooked as a great international travel destination. Being close to the US, which is one place that most travelers like to visit is one of the reasons that stops Mexico from getting the right it deserve...

An international travelers guide to the Bahamas

With everyone preparing themselves for the post-pandemic world, the travel and tourism industry is also on the path of revival. An industry that nearly came to a stand-still, at the height of the pandemic is preparing themselves for a new age. And...

Tips to earn passive income while traveling

Travelling is a passion for many across and if there is an option many would choose to travel across the globe but there are a lot of issues that causes hindrances to this idea. The primary one being financial constraints. Finding adequate finance...

An International Travelers Guide to South Korea

South Korea is one country that might not come up in the list of top international travel destinations for many people. If this is still the case with you and you are an international traveler, then it is high-time that you include South Korea int...

Picturesque Lakes and Waterfalls: Exploring the Soul-Stirring Beauty of Odisha

Odisha, an Indian state on the east coast, is well-known throughout the world for its vibrant traditions and culture. Increasingly popular as a pilgrimage destination. Odisha is now one of the most important cosmopolitan centres in eastern India.

Must Visit International borders of India

India is surrounded by various other nations, particularly China Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, SriLanka, and so on.

7 Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

The Middle East has been gearing up for the future with many countries in the area looking it different avenues of generating revenue apart from exporting petroleum products. One place that has shifted its attention into attracting more internation..

Tips for First Time International Travelers

Travelling is a great way for someone to escape from the realities of their everyday mundane life as well as to explore new places, people and cultures. With that said, the ongoing pandemic has resulted in many countries restricting international t..

Why Taking Solo Trips are Important for Students

Traveling has so many advantages for all of us, and if we are traveling alone, then it has some hidden perks and advantages.

Tips to Strike Balance Between Travel and Full-Time Job

Financial security and freedom aren’t something that most people strive for nowadays. This constant working to move forward with their lives is limiting many people to their 9 to 5 jobs which can be monotonous to say the least. Even if one wants...

An International Travelers Guide to Belgium

There are plenty of great travel destinations across Europe but Belgium is one destination that is often overlooked by most travelers. With that being the case, many have missed out on the unique charm of Belgium which has been always a stand out....

An international travelers guide to Singapore

One country that has been able to make impressive strides in the international tourism space within a short span of time is Singapore. Within just a couple of decades, the country has been able to grow into one of the leading Asian countries in the..

An International Travelers Guide to France

For many, travel is one of the most effective ways to help people quench their thirst for adventure. For many, travel is medium for them to escape from their stressful lives and re-connect with nature and themselves. How ever you see travel, the fa..

Best Places to Visit in India During Winter

This article highlights some of the beautiful places of India where winter is best experienced. As ‘winter is coming’ soon, pack your bags to visit these exclusively gorgeous places that will offer memories of life time.

An international travelers guide to South Africa

South Africa is one country that is often overlooked by many travelers and by doing this, they are missing out on a gem of a location that one can travel to. There are plenty of facets that make South Africa a great travel destination for travelers..

An International Travelers Guide to Portugal

Portugal is tourist hotspot with people from across the globe flocking into the country on a regular basis. There are plenty of facets that make Portugal a great travel destination for international travelers and this article will act as a travel..

An international travelers guide to Hawaii

As the world prepares itself for the post-pandemic world, countries across the globe have started to reopen their borders to welcome international travelers. One location that has been able to get into the minds of travelers across the globe is Hawai

Tips To Keep in Mind Before Taking A Trekking Trip

For the outdoor lovers, trekking can be a quite intriguing and adventurous activity. Trekking is not as problematic or complicated as it seems, and it is often planned as family programs to be enjoyed by almost everyone in the family.

An International Travelers Guide to New Zealand

As more and more countries open up for international travelers, many travelers might find it hard to choose the right travel destination. Out of various top international travel destinations, New Zealand is a unique one that has been able to attract.

Top things to know before you travel to Japan

As countries across the globe opens up for international travelers, many are confused regarding where to travel to. If you are someone that is interested to experience something unique and get to know one of the oldest and authentic cultures, then...

An International Travelers Guide to Norway

Most of the travelers across the globe was shackled to their houses during the ongoing covid19 pandemic and as many countries have started opening up their doors, travelers have been packing their bags and marking out locations to visit. If you ar..

An international travelers guide to Iceland

Iceland has been one of the most overlooked and under-appreciated countries in the global tourism landscape for many decades now. Lately, there has been change in this trend and more and more people are going to Iceland. A study shows that in 2019...

An international Travelers Guide to Denmark

With most countries opening their borders for international travelers, travelers who were shackled to their houses during the lockdowns have now got a new life. If you are looking to experience something new and go to a place that is unique but at...

An International Travelers Guide to Spain

Spain a unique destination in the global tourism industry and with more and more countries starting to let ease their covid19 international travel restrictions, this will be a great time for you to visit Spain. Before getting into what makes Spain...

Best Countries to Visit for Adventure Travel

With the world getting ready for a post pandemic world, everyone is preparing themselves for the new norms that have been set by the covid19 pandemic. Just like individuals, businesses across the stratum have been heavily hit by the economic impac...

Places To Visit in India During Monsoon

With grey clouds floating in the sky and occasional drizzles with cool breezes, monsoon is one of the most beautiful phases of the year to experience the beauty of nature in its true form.

An International Traveler' Guide to Switzerland

Travelling is a way of living for many and the recent pandemic outbreak and the resulting lockdown has been a nightmare for travelers across the globe. As countries shut their borders and hunkered down to deal with the pandemic, the entire global....

Tips for Travelling with One Backpack

Overpacking during travel and seeing that we could have been ok with half of the things that we have packed. Most of us have been there and it begs the question of how can we travel light. Those who travel long distances know the hassle of having....

Travelling to Moscow: Here are Certain Things that you should Know about

With the world partially opening up from the chaos caused by the covid19 pandemic, many travelers will be thrilled to dust off their backpacks and start travelling and exploring the world again. There are plenty of destinations, that a traveler can..

The Ultimate Essential Checklist for Travel Photographers

As a travel photographer, several essential accessories are a must and absolute necessities to carry throughout.

A Traveler's Guide to Australia

Australia is a big country and diverse country that offers a lot of unique factors that travellers can experience and visiting Australia at least once can help you to understand the beauty of the country. With that said, one thing that one should a..

Planning a Road Trip: Here are Some Top Tips to Have a Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are both entertaining and adventurous, especially if you organize one with people who are just as spontaneous as you.

Places in India Having Mythological Connections

India is considered as the land of culture and traditional values. We worship our gods as our ancestors with an unconditional faith that once upon a time they have lived and walked amongst us.

Famous National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries to Visit in Odisha

A state that is benevolently blessed by Mother Nature, Odisha is considered to be one of the most exquisite states of India in terms of natural beauty and exposure.

Steps to Make Your International Travel Hassle free

With the covid19 restrictions rising and the whole world opening up towards the post-pandemic world, travelers like most other individuals are excited. For so many, months people across the globe have been confined to their houses and with intern....

An International Travelers Guide to Hong Kong

For many, travel is a means to escape the monotony and fast-moving world that we live in now. Whether it is to the nearest mountain for a trek or an explorational journey to countries across the globe, the one feeling that travel brings i...

Top 5 Prime Tourist Spots in Karnataka

Karnataka consists of several places as tourist hubs that offer different attractions for tourists. The significant tourist spots are Coorg hill station, Saklespura, Mysuru palace, Hampi heritage site, Gokarna, Jog Falls

Rushing Towards 150km Stretch from Bengaluru: Shravana Belagola

Once in lifetime visit, Shravana belagola. For the first time visitors it is exploring and mesmerising place to drop in. Most of us would have sure shortly heard of Gommoteshwara, also known as "Gommata City" but may not have visited the place.

NorthEast India: The Virgin Terrains

With a remarkable array of places to visit from the huge waterfalls to valleys, sparkling rivers and frozen lakes; the seven sisters and 1 brother of India, is the region that can amaze anyone with its beauty ...

Well liked Things to Do in Bangalore

Tired of planning to a similar old film dates and malls? Any place that involves your mind puts you in a very been-there-done-that situation?

Visiting Wat Phu Tok Is a Life-Changing Experience

To arrive simply follow the way, and out of nowhere you'll wind up strolling on a raised stone walkway associated

A Brief Memo to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

Say what you may, Leh Ladakh still stands on the top of every rider's bucket list. Its kind of a pilgrimage of the biking community- a biker’s haven.

7 Travel Hacks that will Help you in Next Trip

Travel helps us in multiple ways and in this fast-moving world, taking a break and going for trips and vacations can help you to recharge yourself before getting back to your busy schedule.

Pondicherry: A region steeped in history

Most of us are probably aware of Pondicherry’s French colonial past. However, the region holds within itself rich history that can be dated back to about two thousand years.

Top 5 Countries One Must Visit in Europe!

With the introduction of multiple vaccines, many believe that the worst phase of the pandemic is behind us and with many countries across the world gearing up for the post-pandemic world

Ideal Places to Visit During Pleasant Winters

We almost spent the entire year within our home keeping everything else at bay. Even our regular routines like office, classes or other cores turned domestic and virtual, making our heart crave for a much needed break and explore the outside world an

Darjeeling: Holding the old-world charm of the past

Darjeeling is often referred to as the “Queen of the Hills” due to its mesmerizing beauty. It falls under the state of West Bengal and is stationed at an elevation of about 6,700 feet. Darjeeling has been historically known as one of the most beaut..

A Sudden Unplanned Trip to Kodaikanal, the first of many that followed

It was at that moment; an idea struck in my mind. Since I was visiting Bangalore anyway, I decided to take a short detour to Kodaikanal – a quaint hill station located in the Palani hills, Dindigul District of Tamil Nadu

Paradise Found: Kali Adventure Camp, Dandeli, Uttara Kannada.

The River Kali or Kali Nadi is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Karnataka. It is also known as Kalindi River. But why the name Kali?