5 Essential Tips to Start a Career in Data Science

5 Essential Tips to Start a Career in Data Science

These days everyone are accesible to the internet,it is generating so much of data. To handle that data we needed so many methods, that procedure we are  calling it as Data science. To handle the data we need data scientist, data analyst, data warehousing person. Data Science is a combination of mathematics, analytics, and human work. To pioneer a career in data science we need data managing skills. To start the career in data science , here am giving you some essential tips.

1. Language

Most importantly we have to choose the language that we are going to use in the data science. These days most of the companies using the python as their main language for the data management due to it’s scalability. There are some other languages that we can use it for the data science, R, Scala, SQL etc.

2. Excel

The most common languages that are being used in the data science field are we already know and for all these there is one common tool that is being used that is SpreadSheets(Excel). Learn the excel to handle the output of the data that we managed through the process.

3. Using the tools

Try to understand the tools that are used in the data science field, practice with them as much as you can. “Without practice of the tools we cant get the good results in this field”. Get proficinecy in the tools ,make sure that you are good and proficient in at least one tool.

4. Understanding

Understand the problem clearly that you are going to work on, start the work always from scratch.

Don’t start the work from middle or something, always start with your own understanding.

Possessed’ is probably the right word. I often tell people, ‘I don’t want to necessarily be a data scientist. You just kind of are a data scientist. You just can’t help but look at that data set and go, ‘I feel like I need to look deeper. I feel like that’s not the right fit.

―Jennifer Shin, Senior Principal Data Scientist at Nielsen; Lecturer at UC Berkeley

5. Implementation

 Its always hard to implement that what we have in mind, we think something we present  something. “Its very important to present the what we really think about the task”.

If we failed to implement what we thought, then it will be a time taking process to get on later.

If we go through this skills perfectly then we can master the data science sure, without a doubt.