Top five Technology Solutions for Supply Chain Management

Owing to globalization, surge in product complexity, as well as surge in customer demands, organizations are moving to advanced technologies for transforming their supply chain...

  • The Last Ride to Samrat
  • The Last Ride to Samrat

    The famous restaurant Samart, a favorite of officials, business people, tourists, & families, and known for its Masala Dosa, Badam Halwa, and North & South Indian Thali, has finally closed its doors as of...

Invaluable Indian Artefacts that Remain Ensconced in British Museum

Although the Kingdom has crumbled, their sense of entitlement has not. It's now time that the nation set away its colonial mindset and return what we owe them.

Ode to Comedy: A Gentleman who Turned Everything Bland into a Punchline

Raju Srivastava ruled the realm of Indian comedy for decades, known for his exemplary observation and stupendous comic timing. His life story was undoubtedly an inspiration to young people, fans, and...

Why Amazon suspends your account or list?

Amazon very much like the wilderness, is an e-commerce commercial marketplace where unquestionably the hardest make due.

How India can become a sporting nation

Earlier this year, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that the central government is aiming to make India a sporting nation. And the goal of the government is to rank India amongst the top five...

7 Wardrobe Essentials for Work in 2022

The early morning struggle to get ready for work is real! Even though I’ve been an adult for a while, I still wake up and stare at my closet full of casual clothing. I’m sure a lot of us go...


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