Static Shock In Bangalore: What Is It & Why It Is happening?

Lately, you have heard about the static shock incident happened across Bengaluru on Twitter, Instagram, Face book etc. So what exactly it is? Let me present you in this way;...

Can Technology Give Myths Life ?

There is a saying that prevention is better than cure. Right across the globe, humans have legends of immortals, alchemy and long lifespans.

How Reverse Urbanization is Changing the Landscape of Small Cities

By attracting new businesses and investments, expanding job opportunities, and developing new housing developments, reverse urbanization is changing the landscape of small towns.

Rangoli, Torana, Bevu Bella & New Beginnings: Ugadi

The Time has arrived; while the rest of the world celebrated on January 1st, southern India, specifically Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu, celebrate on the first day of the...

Relationship: It's Perfect, When You Know There Is Nothing Exists Like Perfect

New-borns and relationships are comparable regarding the volume of attention they require in terms of love, care, and the right guidance.

Why Concept-based Learning is the Future of Higher Education

Concept-based learning is increasingly being adopted by educational institutions as a teaching method to ensure the comprehension of key concepts over simply memorizing information.


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