Surface Studio 2 Promo Code Buy the Most Impressive Desktop on Discount

Surface Studio 2 Promo Code Buy the Most Impressive Desktop on Discount

Here is a great chance for you to become a proud owner of Surface Studio, one of the most impressive desktops produced in the recent past. All that you need to do is to use the promo code and get a Surface Studio on discounted price.

Product Features: You will not regret your decision of using the Microsoft Surface 2 Studio 2 Promo Code to purchase the Surface Studio as you will fall in love with it instantly. Surface Studio can easily be considered as one of the best and perhaps the biggest digital drawing board that has an amazing build quality. You can effortlessly transform the device from desk to studio. It seamlessly transitions between modes. The Surface Studio combines excellent performance of any high-end desktop with the versatility of a two in one. The device would definitely exceed all your expectations and you can surely expect much more than what any other all in one computer had to offer before. None of the all in one device could match up to the performance levels of the Surface Studio and it's Zero Gravity Hinge. Another major and interesting thing that differentiates Surface Studio from others is the Surface Dial accessory.

Elegant Design: You are definitely going to be pleasantly surprised looking at the Surface Studio once you pulls it out from the box. The elegant design is going to please one and all for sure. It is not that we have not come across impressive desktops. We all are aware of iMacs from Apple that are becoming thinner day by day. We are also aware of Dell's XPS 27 AIO that is equipped with six speakers. But it can be confidently said that the kind of simplicity and elegance that the Surface Studio carries cannot be found in any other desktop. The device has a fantastic display with just a touchscreen with bezels that are significantly thin. There is no rear bump. The device does not have a fat chin either. The profile of the screen is just 12.5 mm and this makes it slimmer than any other monitor. The Surface Studio is a fantastic yet simple desktop that comes with the bare does not come with too much. It is designed with straight edges and a simple gray on chrome aesthetic.

Digital Drawing Board: The Surface Studio lets you draw and write with utmost ease. The Surface Pen from Microsoft gives you a very soft touch that perfectly translates into digital ink lines. You never get a feeling that the pen is gliding on the glass or tearing the touchscreen apart. Even the hardware has been modified to offer the right kind or amount of resistance. The device is well supported by the most powerful Intel Core i5 processor and a battery that lasts all through the day once charged.

If you are an artist or illustrator, you would be doing just the right thing by using the surface studio 2 promo codes to purchase the Surface Studio as most of them consider this device to be one of the best premium computing devices that would provide the best support to artists and illustrators.