Imagine An Organization without Human Resource Professionals!

Imagine An Organization without Human Resource Professionals!

In any organization Human Resource Professionals play crucial roles. HR professionals are the backbone of a successful organization. Without HR professionals, it’s not possible for an organization to flourish. They are the true valuable assets of every corporate body and they are their strength. HR Professionals are prominent for building and developing an organization. The HR department is needed for any organization that wants to be dynamic and growth oriented or to succeed in a fast changing environment. 

Some people think that the HR department is an easy, nice and enjoyable place to work. Of course it’s a nice place; it can be fun too; only when it’s managed in a beautiful manner. Otherwise, it’s difficult to work and manage the HR department. The accountability, challenges and work pressure of this department is the same as any other department in a successful organization.

From an HR point of view, I will express some tough, easy and nice duties of this department which are essential for an organization to grow globally.

The first and foremost important work of the HR department is Recruitment

It is very important to let the right person enter in an organization. It’s an HR job to understand the company's requirements and search for the best fit for the company who can help to fulfil the company’s goals. It can’t be in a hurry, because if we don’t select the right person, they can affect the organizational environment and the company will not be able to achieve its goals.

HR Professionals are the Representatives of the company 

They are the first point of contact in any organization if anybody enters in the organization whether they are job seekers, new joinee(s) or ex- employee. They should have the knowledge of the company’s business also, so that they can attract the new people from the market. Not entirely, but HR works as a Sales and Marketing person too, who represents the company’s brand in an effective manner in front of the new people, so they should have a desire to work in the company.

HR Professionals are Nice People, but not always 

They should be nice, well behaved and soft in nature to all the employees, especially, for the new entrants of the company. If any new candidate joins the company, they come with some expectations from the company that they will learn and develop new skills here and it will be helpful for their success and company’s success as well. So it is HR’s job to make them trust the company that it will be helpful to work in this company to achieve their goals of life. They make new joiner comfortable in the company so that they can understand the organizational environment and can put best efforts in their work.

But HR is Not Nice every time. Being nice all the time might prevent them to work efficiently. So, these individuals should be diplomatic too. They make policy, rules and regulation for the company which defines the environment of the company. After joining the company if the employee doesn’t follow the rules, HR has to become strict with them.

Firing a n employee is not a nice job and usually frowned upon. Nobody, wants to do this job. Nevertheless, its an important task of the HRs.

Trouble Shooter & Decision Maker

HR connects you to the intended, saving your energy and time so that you can actually

do your real job- employees love to work when the extra unnecessary hindrances are taken care of.

 An employee might be dissatisfied in terms of working conditions, behaviour of the colleagues, policy of the company and managers attitude. For these kinds of grievances we should take prompt action by keeping open communication with the employees and by making a women committee so that it can be resolved soon and employees should not get frustrated. 

From listening to everyone’s grievances to having fun days to lighten and pump up the ambience might look trivial, but it sure is needed!

HR should be motivational and make employees Happy

They should keep their employees motivated and happy. If the employees will be happy and motivated then they can perform their task in an efficient manner. This affects the performance of the organization also. HR can motivate newcomers to learn and develop new skills from the organization and fulfil the organization’s vision.

For existing employees - employees should realise that their performance is noticed. For their achievements they should get appreciation in the form of small awards, promotions, incentives, praise and extra leaves. They can develop people to meet their challenges at the workplace. It’s a small thing but if you know your employee by their name it shows that you care for them. 

I think after reading this article perception of a lot of people would change that HR is an easy place to work. Because they don’t have a single responsibility. Their responsibility starts from searching for a new candidate for the organization to exit employees from the organization.  Human Resource people not only coordinate with different departments inside the firm but also outside the firm. They help to build relationships between employees and employers.

One thing I would like to say is that you can love HR people or hate but you cannot ignore them. So now I think it’s clear that “we cannot imagine an Organization without Human Resource Professionals”.