Coworking Space vs Serviced Office

Coworking Space vs Serviced Office

To discuss the differences between a coworking space and a serviced office, let’s talk about both of them on individual grounds first. A coworking space is a platform where people from different work backgrounds spend their time working or studying and a Serviced Office, well, it is our good old traditional platform of working, which is commonly known as an “in-office” workplace, which is for people working in the same firm to have a complete official space to work but in a slightly shared or we could say, evolved way, that is, an individual building providing a floor or an office to complete different firms.

Both have their own benefits and lacking areas. For example, A serviced office is wholly devoted to working for a particular firm and therefore it increases the workflow of the same but lacks exposure to some extent and most of the time, whereas, a coworking space provides people with exposure to a ton of new individuals, with same interests, which may lead to expansion of the firm but lack at the workflow to some extent, keeping in mind, doesn’t lack in productivity though.

Now that we have a brief idea about both of them, let’s start with the similarities they might have.

Both the coworking spaces and serviced offices have low tenures. This is an important feature to look at as this is one of the main reasons these two platforms are chosen/preferred over traditional mediums. This feature is beneficial to most start-ups or small businesses as they have to make decisions in every small step of their journey, a small tenure may provide a benefit of decision to them.

Both are fully furnished environments, giving opportunities to businesses and corporations to start working without having to waste a single day of their tenure.

Talking about the differences between the both of them, we would like to take consideration here and talk about the coworking and services offices in Mumbai, India as we would most likely have a better vision of the platforms here, as the residents of the area, and while talking about them, we will be mindful of the platforms all around the globe.

Most coworking spaces in Mumbai, host community events from time to time, which acts as a beneficial factor for many start-ups and small businesses as they get a lot of exposure to new personalities from different fields. These events lead to collaborations and partnerships. We have never heard of such events taking place in any serviced office in Mumbai.

The privacy factor in a coworking space is neglected and therefore, we can’t look into any confidential data or business plans while being in the same. On the other hand, shared office space in Andheri east or the serviced offices, we could say, generally are way more privacy-oriented as they provide an enclosed space to work.

Coworking spaces are usually loud and a little noisy which can act as a benefit sometimes as it increases the chances of intellectual conversations which leads to productivity and growth for many firms or individuals, while, the serviced offices are usually quiet and don’t allow a lot of conversations to take place.

For people or firms looking for a space where they can also have room to relax when stress has taken over their minds, coworking spaces turn out to be a life saver as most of the coworking spaces in Mumbai that we have come across, have small rooms which can be used as a resting room at times, unfortunately, serviced offices doesn’t provide with such benefits.

Keeping in mind all the differences and similarities that we have discussed so far, co-working spaces seem overpowering to serviced spaces, though they are great on their own.

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