Why publish your book with Book Publisher International (BPI)?

Why publish your book with Book Publisher International (BPI)?


By choosing Book Publisher International (BPI), you get a dedicated Personal Editorial Manager (PEM) for your book. You will be updated about every stage of the book creation process. You will experience that your PEM is just beside you at every stages of book publication like review, editing, typesetting, galley proof, cover design, post-publication promotion, etc


Our quotations, price of packages, etc are completely transparent. We have more than a decade publishing experience. We have almost zero financial complaints in last one decade. We strongly believe that happy customers are the true capital of any organization, not money. We may not be the biggest publisher of the world, but we are one of the few rare organizations with almost zero financial complaints.


At Book Publisher International (BPI), we take every possible step to customize our services according to the need of your book. Our experienced book editors will go through your manuscript and will provide useful suggestions to make you comfortable regarding customization.


We have successfully published books of many first time authors, established authors and international authors. Authors from 116+ countries have published with us. Be it copyrights or DOI or ISBN, our team is well equipped to take care of all technical details. Our claims of customer satisfaction are substantiated by very high customer satisfaction scores in independent review sites like trustpilot, etc.


When you submit a manuscript, we work with you as a team to create an incredible experience. We completely safeguard your intellectual property and you gain shield for your rights.