The Locus Rule To Stay Motivated!

The Locus Rule To Stay Motivated!

Motivation is a process that initiates, guides and aspires an individual to achieve his/her goal in life. Motivation makes you act, whether it is getting a shower or your dream job. Motivation involves the biological, emotional, social and cognitive forces that activate behaviour. 

In the year 1998, a study was conducted in Colombia University, to understand the power of Locus of control with a large group of 5th-grade students. The students were asked to solve puzzles, and they were told, all of them had done very well regardless of their score. Later the students were divided into half and they told the students that they did well because they have worked hard and the other group was told that they are smart and gifted. In the next round the students got three different types of puzzle to solve, easy, medium and hard. The students, who were told smart, selected to solve only the easy and medium puzzles and didn't even try to solve the hard puzzles. On the other side the hard-working students were trying to solve the hard ones first and they completed the whole puzzle. This clearly shows the confidence of each group of students.

The locus rule is a conception utilized by many successful individuals to assist them to stay motivated on their tasks, even when things aren't going their manner. This theory comes from the concept of the locus of control, which is the point at which you believe you've got control over your life and also the things around you.

While observing this idea, consider it as a spectrum that might be split into 2 halves: External locus of control vs. internal locus of control. No matter what you suspect to be the crucial factors in your experiences, these factors can show you which aspect of the spectrum you're on.

Internal locus of control is when you believe that the results in your life, both ups and downs are the results of your actions and decisions. With this mindset, people usually take responsibility for their failure and also believe in their capabilities. They also have high confidence to change their life when required.

External locus of control is when you believe that the results in your life both good and bad are the results of the factors outside the things that you control. That being said some people are convinced that fate, luck, destiny and the circumstances they are in effect the outcome of their life. Those who have an external locus of control feel despairing at times and will think that bad things only happen to them, and they are always up to blame others when things don't go accordingly.

so, How Do We Develop An Internal Locus Of Control?

It is very simple, believing in yourself is the most important thing, and appreciating yourself when you have achieved something you always wanted to. Understand the factors which you can control rather than worrying about the factors which are out of your control or which you cannot change, like the weather, others’ opinion. Having a positive mindset can do wonders in one's life. It might give you a different perspective to look at your problem, you need to use positive self talk to boost your confidence reminding yourself that 'I CAN DO IT' in any situation. Taking control of your situation is a must and ‘DO NOT EVER BLAME ANYONE FOR YOUR SITUATION’, it is us who need to change and blend according to the situation, and the last important thing is rewarding yourself when you achieve something with the hard work you have put. By rewarding yourself you are celebrating your success and appreciating the work which made you happy and it can condition your behaviour to repeat the actions. Taking yourself out on a date or just smile and patting yourself in the mirror can boost your confidence.