Animal Cruelty: A Lesson for Humanity??

Animal Cruelty: A Lesson for Humanity??

Animals are human’s best friend but do you think we humans treat them the same as they do?  Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, which consequently resulted in a lockdown for three months, humans have experienced depression. Critically, it is also time to reflect on what the caged animals in zoos and circuses go through having lived most of their lives.

The most recent of all incidents of cruelty that have taken place, are that of killing of a pregnant elephant from Kerala, a pregnant cow from Himachal Pradesh and a jackal from Tamil Nadu. In all three cases, the poor animals were fed explosives covered with some kind of edibles.

Cruelty against animals is a cognizable offence under Section 428 and Section 429 of the Indian penal code. There is an urgent need to implement effectively the laws made for the protection of animals. The first step towards which is educating children to have respect for animals and treat them kindly. Food and shelter should be provided to street dogs by government shelters, and registered firms and NGOs to assure their safety. There is also a need to have stricter laws for protection of animals.

In India, animal lovers feeding or caring for strays are met with unbelievable hatred since strays are seen as a threat. People fail to understand that the voiceless animals are living beings who feel the same amount of pain and sadness as humans, and in some cases, even more.

 If everyone starts to look at animals and not just dogs and cats as fellow animals, who share our planet, we will see far fewer cases of cruelty towards animals. Organizations such as the SPCA and PETA, which are working for animal rights, can achieve a lot if they receive help from local organizations and public in general.

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

There are rules and laws against the ill-treatment of animals, but are rarely followed. Selfish and money-minded people sell body parts of animals for their personal gains. We all need to develop an emotional attitude towards animals and try to instill the same in the coming generations to safeguard the lives of the animals, which are an important part of our ecosystem.  Animals roaming on the streets are a common sight in India. Amongst them, pets are given special care by their owners while the stray animals are ignored by all and often ill-treated.

Humans have to understand that animals are also living creatures and we have no right to ill-treat them in any manner. It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to teach kids that if they can’t do anything for them, then they should not even harm them. The adults should also be taught the same. Why is it that stray dogs seem untidy to us and we feel disgusted towards them, but pets are treated special.

“This difference has been created by humans and thus becomes their responsibility to educate their kids of the same”.