Relationship: It's Perfect, When You Know There Is Nothing Exists Like Perfect

Relationship: It

New-borns and relationships are comparable regarding the volume of attention they require in terms of love, care, and the right guidance. They both grow stronger with time which needs timely checks and maintenance. Food, water, and clothes are the basic things we need to survive but a good relationship is something we need to survive happily in every perspective of life. In short, humans need humans, irrespective of their social identity. Whether they are rich, poor, successful, powerful, or no matter whatever. Undoubtedly each person is self-sufficient, but we can't deny the way we are made, we are designed to connect and attach to other humans. It's not just you, I, or some other person we know, but the whole human community. We need love, care, support, approval, and most importantly acceptance from other humans such as our parents, family, friends, partner, and relatives in order to thrive. Moreover, everyone deserves a person in their life who always lets them thrive, drive and vibe.

The world is now more connected than ever, thanks to social media. Today people are taking very less time to get involved in a relationship and even less to get out of one, which is putting a big question mark on global mental health.  The unsought breakout of COVID has also added a serious threat to global mental health which has unwantedly affected relationships throughout, which needs to be addressed. Some amount of inconvenience and adjustment is freely allowed in every relationship or marriage, but being nature’s most brainy creature, we need to realize the alarming point, where we need to stop dealing and seek help from external bodies to unfold the lumps, which otherwise can lead to a drastic end. In this context, marriage counseling, family counseling, or related things can be proved as a big savior, and here on, a renowned psychotherapy, otherwise known as Couples Therapy slips into the frame and performs a significant role to restore the charm within couples, which might have been hampered by any awful incident, family, friends, job, external affair and likewise.

Relationship: It's perfect, when you know there is nothing exists like perfect

Let’s go through the top-5 Couple Therapies that helps understand the change in patterns that leads to feelings of disconnection or separation and performs apt treatment to leverage a welcoming start once again. 

Emotion-focused Couples Therapy (EFCT): It is a short-term therapeutic approach, usually takes between 8 to 20 sessions, where it majorly focuses on the emotional needs, negative communication patterns, and the attachment style of the partners. EFCT has been used to address relationship problems related to Anger, loss of trust, emotional injuries, betrayals in the relationship, and like. It is extremely helpful to treat couples where one or both partners suffer from depression, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, and chronic illness, among other conditions.

The Gottman Method: This method is a given by Psychologist duo John and Julie Gottman. In this sessions the therapist gives an extensive assessment form for the couples to fill in order to collect the data which hardly takes an hour and a half to fill up and this later helps to carry forward the live workshops, homework and take-home training materials to improve the quality of friendship between couples. This method is crucial in creating a deeper understanding of each other even during times of conflict. It is a good approach for committed, long-term couples, who are interested in building trust and continuing married life.

Relationship: It's perfect, when you know there is nothing exists like perfect

Discernment Counseling: Its kind a brief therapy that lasts for five sessions or even less. This type of therapy is not recommended for couples who have already decided to give up on each other but for the couples who don’t know if they should split up or stay together. One of the primary goals of this therapy is to help the couple discover all of their options to consider before they make the ultimate decision about the fate of their relationship.

Imago relationship therapy: Sometimes between couples, problem may occur from unmet childhood needs and unhealed wounds that later become their pain points in relationships. In Latin, Imago refers to image. This therapy refers to the unconscious image of love that someone has developed in childhood and keeps project that image in their current relationship. The goal of the therapy is to bring these images into consciousness so that they can identify the negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that impact how they behave towards their partner. 

Relationship: It's perfect, when you know there is nothing exists like perfect

Relational life therapy: The prime intension of this therapy is to achieve a sense of balance and eradicate the social myths that often impact modern relationships. It enables partners to celebrate the true nature of each of them and the role they play in the relationship dynamic. This approach empowers them with freedom of expression without fear of blame, anger, revenge, or criticism.

No problem comes without solution, and the above therapies are the live examples to this statement. Problems will be there in every relationship but if you are the one who always want to rework means that is a bigger problem. Rework can only be done if something is left to work on and if there is nothing to work feel free to move on and seek therapies that can help you to overcome the depression and reconnect to life. No matter if something is broken into pieces but some are strongest at the broken pieces too.