From Ball Tampering To Supreme Touch With The Bat

From Ball Tampering To Supreme Touch With The Bat

On March 24, 2018, for all cricket lovers across the globe, it was a dark day. The day when the ball-tampering incident came to light. The test match was in progress between Australia and South Africa, and in the 43rd over, the action was caught on camera, wherein Cameron Bancroft was seen roughing up one side of the ball to get a great swing in flight, which makes it hard for the batsmen to deal with the deliveries. Even Aussie skipper Steve Smith and Vice-captain David Warner were found to be a part of this, and they all got unexpected sanctions from the Australian Cricket Board.

The players of pure class and elegance included in this activity were truly incredible. But it was real. The phase was really tough, especially for the unorthodox right-hander and the explosive left-hander. However, they successfully came out of these bad times and showed their class. Let us see how they overcome this tougher journey.

Greatest Comeback than Expected

In the Ashes series, it was the final test between England and Australia, and spectators would be excitedly watching the performances of Australian cricketers Steven Smith and David Warner, who just wanted to make a dream comeback after the incident. Batters knew that to cover the horrendous mistake, the only way was to bring their bat talk. However, Steven, who did extremely well, looked in good touch and smashed the English bowlers to the fences and the biggies, while his partner failed to make a huge impact as he has seen flawlessness in this technique, especially with the right-arm pacer, Stuart Broad.

Legend is always a legend

Moreover, Steve showcased a comeback that can be more memorable and awesome than a setback. The media was keenly on the Australian batsman the moment he took the guard; if we had looked into his eyes, we would have felt the sparkle that shows the hunger for an outstanding performance. He has shown supreme touch, playing his favorite unorthodox shots, and is well comfortable in the crease. Probably, it would have shocked the British, primarily his confidence. What do you think? Yes, it is. Eventually, his perseverance, grit, and resilience take him ahead of others.


Steve Smith, the Australian right-hander, scored a stunning 671 with an average of 134.2 with three tons and the lowest score of 82 in the series. The Little Master once quoted, "A complicated and organized mindset is what sets Steve Smith apart." Steve was once compared to the ever-great Don Bradman, and he might be the next for the Aussies, but shockingly, the incident occurred and embarrassed cricket lovers. The fire was within him even after he was out of the team, as he proved once he was back in the crease. Undoubtedly, he is an asset to Austrian cricket and should be retained until he is fit on the field.

IPL Saved the Face of Left Hander

David Warner couldn't make an impression in the Ashes and failed. Actually, it's a platform where every player wants to unleash their complete potential. But what happened in the case of Warner? Perhaps the less confident would have paid the price while his colleague showed the class. Nevertheless, the IPL made a breakthrough for the batsmen; it was a match between the Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders, He smashed 85 from 53 balls and saved his reputation after the ball-tampering incident. Even though his efforts went in vain, he accelerated from there on and showcased a stellar performance throughout the tournament.

To sum up, cricket is a game of ups and downs, and every impactful player has to go through this hard pace and come back to normal. However, getting into an incident against the rules is not what a cricketer should do. Hopefully, several tournaments are in progress across the world, and we will be able to watch competitive cricket.