Unveiling Hidden Gems: The Top Alternatives to the Maldives

Unveiling Hidden Gems: The Top Alternatives to the Maldives

As per the recent news on IndiaToday, there is a boom in interest in Lakshadweep, which can be an alternative for Maldives as a tourist destination. However, the place is still to be established in terms of more visitors and would need a social media post by the prime minister to draw attention. The island is well-known for its crystal beaches and lush green landscape.

"Lakshadweep has huge potential from the tourism point of view. It will be a tourist destination in the coming times. There has to be an airport; the government is working on it." Union Minister G Kishan Reddy

In addition to Lakshadweep, there are other alternatives, which are pointed out below:


Fiji is one of the most renowned island nations located in the South Pacific Ocean. It's a fabulous tropical paradise known for its natural beauty, great culture, and hospitality. As this nation is very popular across the globe, you may have heard that it delivers a superb experience in snorkeling, and its spirited coral reefs are alive with aquatic creatures such as giant creatures of the ocean. They also have the Great Astrolabe Reef, which is the world's largest barrier reef and offers magnificent diving opportunities. In contrast with the Maldives, FIJI is a budget-friendly nation where visitors can explore the beauty to its fullest.

Koh Yao Noi, Thailand

The island is based in Thailand, which is less developed, but the notable part is that it provides a peaceful experience wherein the travelers can feel like an escape from the noisy environment of many well-known destinations. The ideal time to visit this island is between November and April, and during the other time, you would need to take a boat or ferry to reach the island. For those who prefer a low-key vacation, this is the best place to explore and spend time. It's a budget destination, and the necessities are available for an average price for a stay, food, and others.

Boracay, Philippines

The island, which is known for its fabulous beaches and energetic nightlife, lures all classes of travelers as it has a plethora of accommodations, from affordable hostels to high-class hotels. For the people who are very optimistic, they offer cliff diving from several heights into the waters below. The breathtaking sunsets are very popular here, and people should take their breaths peacefully to enjoy every bit of it. The visitors have to head to this place from November to April, as it offers a moderate climate with slight rainfall throughout. Moreover, it's an apt time for swimming and other activities.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

In the Maldives, you see only the expensive options, but in the case of the Gili Islands, located in Indonesia, there are a lot of affordable options. Just assume that a 5-star hotel offers a stay for $500 in the Gili Islands; the amount for the same hotel price will be more than $2000.

According to the Harbormaster and Port Authority, approximately 3,000 to 5,000 foreign visitors reach here on a daily basis. The local authorities are operating an immigration service to improve the tourist climate in West Nusa Tenggara.

All in all, it totally depends on the traveler's perspective to choose their favorite destination and explore. Those who visit the Maldives can seek out the above options and get into a world of calm atmosphere, unique climatic conditions, natural beauty, and whatever else gives an enthralling experience to the visitor. One of the better ways to burst the stress is by exploring any of the tourist destinations, spending some quality time alone or with our loved ones, and making memories for a lifetime.