What makes Kerala a High Potential venue for global meets

What makes Kerala a High Potential venue for global meets

The Tourism Minister, PA Mohamed Riyas, spoke at the two-day annual conference of the Soft Power Club, led by Francesco Rutelli, the former Deputy Prime Minister of Italy. Kerala Tourism hosted the event. Riyas highlighted Kerala's immense opportunities in the tourism industry due to its picturesque landscape, eclectic history, and rich cultural heritage.

He announced that the state government plans to make Kerala a Soft Power hub and will soon introduce initiatives to promote it as a preferred venue for global conferences.

Kerala has become a hotspot for global conferences lately. Its mix of nature, culture, and modern perks draws a wide range of industry folks. This piece explores three key reasons international meetings fit so well here in Kerala.

“Kerala has recently become the first state in India to introduce a comprehensive heli tourism policy. The state government has created a microsite offering detailed information about the travel packages provided by helicopter service providers. This initiative is expected to greatly assist tourists planning to visit multiple destinations in one trip, making Kerala an interconnected tourism destination”, says Shri P B Nooh, Kerala Tourism Director.

Serene Ambiance and Breathtaking Landscapes

Kerala stands out with its peaceful vibes and stunning natural features, a dream for global meetups. It's famous for vibrant green spaces, untouched water bodies, and lovely beaches. This creates a quiet setting that paves the way for focus and creativity. Apart from making the delegates comfortable, it also offers a special backdrop for connecting and teamwork.

For example: Kerala recently rolled out the red carpet for the International Conference on Sustainable Tourism. Representatives from across the globe got together to share ways that tourism can be environment-friendly. The event was held at a resort amidst the backwaters. Here, participants could engage in discussion while appreciating Kerala's natural charm. This unique setting facilitated a holistic approach to sustainable tourism discussions and showcased Kerala as a global leader in balancing development with environmental conservation.

Heritage Mosaic: Nurturing Cultural Diversity

Kerala’s unique cultural mixture and inherited traditions play a big role in its charm as an international gathering spot. The state's past reflects a varied integration of Indian, Arab, and European cultures. This cultural mosaic sets the stage for global events, enhancing understanding and teamwork across cultures. Also, top-tier conference centers and amenities boost Kerala's capacity to host major meetings.

For instance: Kerala was the location for a Global Business Summit focused on Cultural Exchange. Here, business and culture gurus gathered to discover cooperative opportunities. The meeting showcased Kerala's cultural wealth through traditional shows, art displays, and local food. Participants didn't just have serious talks but also discovered Kerala's lively and mixed culture. This made the conference an unforgettable educational experience.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure and Connectivity

Kerala is dedicated to up-to-date infrastructure and connectivity, making it a key player as a global meeting host. Top-tier convention sites boasting the latest technology provide an excellent setting for conferences, workshops, and expos. Plus, Kerala's prime location and transport systems, like international airports and a series of highways make it nifty for attendees from all over the globe.

To illustrate: The International Tech Summit was carried out successfully in Kerala. Technological innovators, startups, and corporate leaders came together. The region's premium infrastructure was fully leveraged, providing modern facilities for product demos, round-table talks, and networking events. Kerala's smooth connectivity allowed global tech powerhouses to participate, thus spotlighting the region as a tech center competent in hosting advanced international conferences.

What makes Kerala a top pick for global meetings? Two things. One, it's peaceful and rich in culture. Two, it has modern facilities. Kerala balances nature's charm with modern comforts, perfect for purposeful talks and fruitful partnerships. Kerala is becoming a favored spot for worldwide events. This reinforces its stand as a location for global gatherings. It promises meaningful experiences for attendees worldwide.