Elements of Horror & why it is Necessary in a Fictional Movie?

Elements of Horror & why it is Necessary in a Fictional Movie?

Do you enjoy a good scare?

Horror is a genre that can leave you on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next scare. Thriller books and movies are similar but have a different feel they tend to be more suspenseful and keep you guessing until the end. Horror is a genre that has fascinated and terrified audiences for centuries. From the early days of literature to modern cinema, horror has been a part of our collective imagination. It has the power to elicit intense emotions, provoke deep thought and reflection, and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Elements of Horror

The “elements of horror” can vary depending on the medium, but there are some common themes that can be found in horror stories across all forms of media. One of the most fundamental elements of horror is fear. Fear is a primal emotion that is hardwired into our brains as a survival mechanism. It is the feeling of being threatened or in danger, and it can manifest in a variety of ways.

The Tension of Fear & Suspense

If you read horror stories, fear is often brought about by the presence of a supernatural or otherworldly force. This force may be a ghost, a demon, a monster, or some other creature that defies explanation. The mere presence of such a force can create a sense of unease and dread in the viewer, as they are forced to confront something that they cannot understand or control. Another element of horror is suspense. Suspense is the feeling of anticipation or anxiety that comes from not knowing what will happen next. In horror stories, suspense is often created by building up tension through foreshadowing, ambiguity, and the use of jump scares. This tension can be released in a number of ways, such as through a sudden reveal or a violent confrontation.

Visual Ambience

One of the most effective ways to create suspense in a horror story is through the use of atmosphere. Atmosphere refers to the overall mood and tone of a story and it can be created through a variety of elements such as lighting, sound, and setting. By carefully controlling the atmosphere of a story, filmmakers can create a sense of unease and tension that can keep the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Horror stories also often feature themes of isolation and vulnerability. The protagonist is often alone or isolated in some way, which makes them more vulnerable to the supernatural or otherworldly forces that they are facing. This vulnerability can create a sense of empathy in the viewer, as they are forced to identify with the protagonist and experience their fear and anxiety.

The Fear of Unknown

The final element of horror that I want to tell you is the concept of the unknown. The unknown is a powerful force in horror stories, as it creates a sense of mystery and intrigue that can draw the viewer in. By leaving certain aspects of the story unexplained or ambiguous, filmmakers can tap into the viewer's imagination and create a sense of unease that can last long after the movie is over.

So why is horror necessary in every fictional movie?

 One reason is that it allows us to confront our fears and anxieties in a safe and controlled environment. By experiencing fear and terror in a movie, we can explore our own emotions and reactions to these intense feelings. This can be a cathartic experience, as it allows us to process and understand our own fears on a deeper level. Secondly, horror is necessary and it can be used to explore deeper themes and ideas. Horror stories often deal with topics such as death, loss, and the nature of evil. By exploring these themes through the lens of horror, filmmakers can create stories that are both thought-provoking and entertaining.

An Appealing Aspect to a Wide Range of Audiences

A Little amount of Horror is necessary in every fictional movie because it is a genre that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. From hardcore horror fans to casual moviegoers, horror has something to offer everyone. Whether you enjoy the adrenaline rush of jump scares or the slow burn of suspense, there is a horror movie out there that will satisfy your cravings.