Tips To Keep in Mind Before Taking A Trekking Trip

Tips To Keep in Mind Before Taking A Trekking Trip

For the outdoor lovers, trekking can be a quite intriguing and adventurous activity. Trekking is not as problematic or complicated as it seems, and it is often planned as family programs to be enjoyed by almost everyone in the family. Much more than just a walk in the hills, trekking can be easy and enjoyable which permits you to observe flora or fauna along with beautiful scenic moments during your camping experience. As an activity which enables enjoyment, refreshment and exercise, trekking trips can help make an outdoor experience more pleasurable and satisfying.

Some of the tips to keep in mind before taking a trekking trip is mentioned below.

Get Comfortable with Walking

The best way to prepare for a really long walk is to take some really long walks beforehand. Starting with comparatively small distances and gradually taking longer distances with time, you can gradually het comfortable with walking. When you start this procedure of training, it is better to leave a day in between each walk, so that your body will recover from all the stress. With time, as your body gets acquainted, try to do continuous sessions each day which will help you build your body stamina for a longer period of trekking.

Tracking your Fitness Level

While opting for a walking trip, check your current level of fitness and comfort with the outdoor activities. Although anyone with an apt attitude and perseverance can train and get fit, you need to make an authentic valuation of your ability of doing physical exercises, so that you can contemplate the degree of difficulty you are ready to face in the future. Always keep in mind that during long trekking programs, there will be little or no sign of civilization in your path. Therefore, be realistic while conducting your self-assessment as it will be both a physical and mental burden for you.

Keep Yourself Fuelled

It is important to get stocked with enough water and food during a trek, since hydration is the key factor. For food, dry fruits, nuts, chocolate, and muesli bars are good options, as they are instant sources of protein and energy. Store a bunch of these healthy snacks in your bag pack. Try to be near the water source and drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. While going through the training phase, try to eat and drink while simultaneously walking. By this process, your body can get acquainted to digestion during strenuous exercises.

Investing In a Good Pair of Shoes

Since your feet are going to be the most vital body part during a trekking trip, investing in a pair of good-quality, water-resistant hiking boots can provide you with plenty of support and ventilation. Wear them on your training runs and casual walks to work. By wearing them as much as possible prior to the trek, it’ll help dodge sores, bulges and losing toenails while walking through difficult paths. It is also preferable to use a few pairs of really good hiking socks made of wool or nylon blend, as it will not only absorb the moisture off your feet but will also keep them dry.