Bangalore Traffic! A Tough Task For Employees To Be On Time?

Bangalore Traffic! A Tough Task For Employees To Be On Time?

Traffic is something that everyone gets tired of in their daily lives. From the early morning, we can see school students, office workers, skilled workers, and many others rushing to their destinations to begin the day's activities. Yes! It is quite challenging that most parts of the city experience massive traffic and may be unable to reach their destination on time. Since the public is too busy, they tend to increase the speed of their vehicles, which is highly risky and could lead to an accident.

The higher authorities have already taken preventive measures to slow down the traffic in the form of the Namma Metro. It is a superb initiative by the government of Karnataka, and we anticipate a lot more from them. Furthermore, Metro expansion plans are in the pipeline, and the sooner the implementation occurs, the better for the travellers, who can save time and feel comfortable.

Now let us dive into the points on how the traffic can be reduced to a larger extent.

Optimum utilization of private vehicle for travel

I am a frequent traveller in Bangalore, and I observe a lot. As per my findings, I have seen heaps of private vehicles on the road, especially in the morning and by evening, going towards various parts of the city. Yes! It is essential sometimes to opt for a private vehicle when anything important comes up. Perhaps the vehicles would have been used for low-priority travel, increasing congestion. This has to be regulated to make others' journeys easier and smoother.

Especially in the case of employees going to work using cars or scooters, they need to think about using fewer of their own vehicles for their commute. There could be justifications such as having no other options other than their own transportation. The hilarious fact is that the location is close by, but still people use their conveyance to go. Such individuals should say goodbye to their mode of transportation and start walking. It creates a positive change everywhere, and even better, it is good for your health. So, why delay? 

Switch over to public transport during peak hours

Choosing public vehicles may create a huge impact on the road. During officer hours, it is clear that the employees are in a hurry to reach their destination using their personal vehicles. It is high time for the office to think about the means of transport as the traffic is climbing in every part of the city. Slowly and gradually, they can switch over to either the Metro or buses to meet their travel needs. This future decision will easily remove the unwanted traffic and make life easier for everyone. Additionally, most of the firms in the city could consider hybrid options for the workforce effectively. It is good if they come forward with this initiative as a part of a social cause. Just imagine the ambulance getting stuck in the middle of traffic and wanting to reach the hospital on high priority to save someone’s life. It is only because of huge traffic that this incident occurs, and such situations can only be changed with public support, organization, and government intervention.

Faulty roads to a perfect one

The roads have to be in impeccable condition to make the trip worthwhile. It takes only a little time to reach the venue. The defective condition of the road makes the journey risky, and even the probability of meeting with an accident is high. When the road construction is done, a quality check has to be conducted to figure out any complaints. If found, the issues should get sorted out within a short time to avoid further complications. Moreover, the higher authorities need to set up a team to inspect the standard of the road periodically to ensure everything goes smoothly. Also, the workers who have to deal with the construction of roads should be under the guidance of a skilled person to ensure they do the right thing.

I strongly believe that, in contrast with the olden times, the roads have improved considerably. Nonetheless, in some parts of the city, there are faulty roads that have to be rectified at the earliest possible time to improve the quality of life.

In a nutshell, it is not only the responsibility of the government to contemplate the traffic concern, but every person living in this city should be accountable for what they do when they are on the road. Follow traffic laws, take public transportation, and only use a private vehicle when absolutely necessary.

New metro lanes will be implemented in the coming years, assisting in the decongestion of road traffic. Let us have great hope that the traffic issues will be completely sorted out in the future.