An International Travelers Guide to Portugal

An International Travelers Guide to Portugal

Portugal is tourist hotspot with people from across the globe flocking into the country on a regular basis. There are plenty of facets that make Portugal a great travel destination for international travelers and this article will act as a travel guide for Portugal. Before going ahead with what makes Portugal a great travel destination for international travelers, lets clear a couple of things. The first one of it is the doubt that many people have regarding is it safe to travel to Portugal right now. As various covid19 restrictions are lifted in the country, Portugal has opened up their borders mostly for travelers who are from the European Union and countries in the Schengen Area. Apart from this, travelers from countries who have recorded low infections rates lately are also permitted to enter Portugal.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the important things that as international travelers, you should keep in mind before visiting Portugal.

1. Unlike in many other places across the globe, Portugal is wanting more immigrants to settle and find a life in the country

2. The time between June till September is widely considered as the best time to visit the Portugal

3. Portugal is well known for its beaches and surfing. With that said, many beaches in Portugal produces big waves that can catch even a seasoned veteran off-guard

4. While travelling to the capital city of Lisbon, it is better to travel light and wear comfortable footwear because many of the streets are paved with cobblestones   

5. If you are a vegetarian, then it is important to know that vegetarian dishes are limited in Portuguese restaurants

6. While visiting the beaches, it is important to use sun protection to avoid sunburns

7. Even though, one can find many Portuguese people who can talk in English in the cities, the more you go to the country side, the harder it may become to find your way by just using English. So, at least have a little bit of knowledge about the Portuguese language

Apart from historical locations and charming cities, there are plenty of other facets that make Portugal a great travel destination. Now let’s take a look at some of many advantages of going to Portugal.

1. Sunshine:

Unlike most other countries in Europe, Portugal is one location that gets great sunshine almost throughout the year. And for this sole purpose, people from across Europe travel to Portugal to bask in the sunlight. Also, this has helped Portugal to get the attention of plenty of international travelers from outside Europe as well.

2. Affordability:

Unlike most other popular tourist destinations, the affordability of traveling in Portugal makes it the prime travel destination for someone who is traveling on a budget. This also makes it a far more appealing travel destination for a wider audience. This international attention has also helped Portugal to rise up as a modern-day tourist hub.

3. Beaches:

Portugal is famous for its beaches and this is yet another important facet that has helped the country to become an international tourist hub. The sandy beaches that can produce impressive waves is something that is very special to most beaches in Portugal and owing to this, Portugal should be on top of your list if you are adventure traveler.

4. Seafood:

Apart from adventure seeking travelers, Portugal is also a must visit location if you are foodie. The fresh and wide variety of sea food in Portugal has helped the country to create a rich and unique cuisine and apart from that, there are also plenty of other unique dishes that travelers can experience by visiting Portugal.