What is Escape Room About?

What is Escape Room About?

In a world where people have lost human touch or the goodness of simple conversations, the need for people to let go of mobile phones is much felt. As adults and even kids these days are more and more stuck to their mobile phones, they forget the very necessity of sitting with their dear ones and talk or engage with one another. At such a crucial juncture where the abuse of gadgets reverberates, Amazing Escape has come to the rescue.

In simple words, Mystery Rooms Koramangala is real-time adventure games that bring together people as they put their heads together to win. The roots of the origin of escape rooms lie in Japan, where it started as early as in the year 2007. Gradually, the very convention of escape rooms spread far and wide. Today, most of the major cities across the world have their own unique and beautifully designed escape rooms to serve as entertainment for the people.

Prerequisites of an Escape Room

Generally, most of the escape rooms allow players to participate in a team of 2 - 8 players. Each game can range from one-hour duration to a maximum of two hours (which is quite rare). Escape rooms are specifically designed based on particular themes. From your favorite book or comic to your favorite movie, Breakout can have a huge diversity when it comes to thematic design.

Despite the diversity in the design of the escape rooms, the aim of the game, however, remains the same. All the players need to escape the room before the timer runs out! However, if any player feels uneasy or wishes to leave the game midway, it is also possible.

The most crucial feature that forms the basis of any escape room game is teamwork. It is incredibly vital that all players work together and not as separate individuals while in the escape room game. It is only by having proper teamwork skills that one can achieve success in the game. Each player should be patient enough and should pay heed to what the other players have to say before taking even a single decision that shall affect the course of the game.

Other than teamwork capabilities, another most vital factor that escape rooms test the players on is the ability to brainstorm. Mental capabilities and the ability to crack the riddles within the stipulated time is the most important thing to do in any escape room game. Time management is also another necessary factor that each team member needs to possess. Only by way of proper and prudent management of time can players win the Mystery room in Koramangala!

Book in Breakout Escape Rooms to play with your friends, family, or colleagues today, and enjoy as you brainstorm your way through the game!