Veterans should give the way for youngsters in cricket

Veterans should give the way for youngsters in cricket

Cricket is such an avid topic to read about, especially for cricket lovers. Even others spend little time to take a look when anything sensational occurs in this field. It is critical that veteran players need to think about when they are not striking the ball well.

In exceptional cases, you would have noticed legendary players such as Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Ricky Ponting, Jacques Kallis, Sanath Jayasuria, Kumar Sangakkara, and many others who have survived close to two decades and more. However, all the other players cannot continue like these champions because it relies on their stamina and burning desire to play.

Let us understand more about this.

Fitness matters a lot!

It is common that after 30 or 35 years, players may find it hard to regain their form with the bat and ball. Only players with high levels of fitness can perform to their full potential on the field. Once they feel like the body is not competent enough for the game, they should think about announcing their retirement and opening the door to new blood. Failing to do so and playing with less energy can cost the match.

In the case of the T-20 format, it requires players to accelerate the strike rate from the beginning until the end so that the mammoth total can be achieved. Particularly in this format, young players must be included in the squad, which has a positive overall impact and increases the likelihood of victory.

Veterans can concentrate on the ODI format and even the TEST because it requires a lot of patience, knowing how to handle pressure, and experience. Youngsters might not do well in this format as it takes time for them to become well versed. They can learn from their seniors on how they deal with situations to win the match for the team.

Why strike is crucial in cricket?

Another challenging factor with the senior players is that failing to rotate the strike can sometimes build huge pressure on the batsman in the non-striker's end. For example, "batsman scored 40 runs and conceded 70 balls," this could indicate that the player needs more time to settle down or due to the age factor. They are preferable for the test format, as withstanding is essential for either winning or drawing the match. 

Again, youngsters, very energetic, and they have good reflexes to handle and carry the ship along. Batters and bowlers with outstanding performances would be available on the domestic circuit but would need to be selected for the national team to demonstrate their abilities. Few remains and other may vanish due to the bad contribution. In any case, the presence of youth is essential in the team now and in the future.

Fielding, a key factor to success!

Besides batting and bowling, fielding is the most important aspect of cricket. Exceptional performance in the field makes the opponent feel pressure, and the bowling team can save the runs for their side. Running, throwing, and catching are just a few of the many components of fielding. Running and throwing may be more difficult for veterans because their reflexes are slower than those of new blood. Youth can be very aggressive in the field and are well equipped for any field position. They are X factor in cricket and cannot be avoided.

Any selection committee, irrespective of nation, should know how to make use of the fresh talents and bring impact to the team. To name a few of the legendary fielders in cricket, there is Jonty Rhodes, who has largely contributed well to the Proteas cricket team and whose name no one can ever forget. Even if he shows less intent with the bat, he can compensate with his fielding skills and get the opposition into trouble. Other best ones such as Mohammed Kaif, Yuvaraj Singh, and many others who have already shown their best.

To a greater extent, veterans may not do well in fielding, and the youngsters should deserve an opportunity to showcase their skills.

Taking everything into account, choosing the right talent for the squad plays a vital role in all aspects of the game. It doesn't mean that veterans are not worthwhile to the team. They can perform well, but it completely depends on their fitness and reflexes. For youngster it is an easy choice to make and be a part of the group.

Most importantly, keeping a balanced team in the playing eleven increases the likelihood of victory. We expect all the cricket teams across the globe to make the right picks so that the close encounters are visible.