Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween

Halloween is considered as the festival of ghosts and spirits. With a frightening environment everywhere, who wouldn’t like to sit back and enjoy a series of horror movies. Finding terrifyingly scary movies to watch for Halloween and then enjoying them in dim lights along with a bucket of popcorns are the real mood of October. With a good scare, watching horror movies have some other benefits as well like burning calories, relieving from depressive memories, overcoming fears, and so on. Apart from everything else, who doesn’t like to jump off from the couch due to a good adrenaline rush. Combined with suspense, thriller and drama, horror movies are the best movie genre whose real charm is magnified by the spookiness of the Halloween night.

Below is the list of five scary movies that are perfect for this Halloween to deliver the fright of your life.

The Exorcist

All though few wouldn’t agree that The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever, the movie was able to create a world-wide impression on the audience at a global level. William Friedkin’s movie adaptation of the famous novel of William Peter Blatty under similar name, the movie plot is about a demon-possessed child, where priest attempts to banish the afore-mentioned demon became the highest-grossing R-rated horror movie ever. The Exorcist also became the first nominated movie for the Best Picture at the Oscars, earning more than nine other nominations and taking two awards to home. As a part of its major criticism, the film is well-acknowledged for the widespread mass panic of public it inspired across the globe, leading to numerous protests over the debated topic of exorcism. There has also been numerous reports of sickness and fainting in the audience after watching the movie, which put the movie on the top position among the horror movies.

The Shining

Although a dozen of Stephen King’s novels and stories have been adapted as movies, most of those movies are considered to be classics today, including movies like Pet Sematary and Carrie. Considered as to be the most horrific of them all is Stanley Kubrick’s work on The Shining. With a genius plot that deals with mental illness and ghosts, the movie takes an unsettling turn as the story advances on the traditional haunted house theme. Featuring the iconic Jack Nicholson whose performance magnified the significance of the movie as a classic horror, his portrayal in the role of Jack Torrance sends shivers down the viewers’ spine along with occasional jumps.


A beautiful work of James Wan and Patrick Wilson who also joined hands for The Conjuring, created another masterpiece with Insidious series. Comprising of three movies, the plot of this movie is about a young boy who goes into a coma stage and soon becomes a doorway for a malicious spirit. With abundant mythological twists and turns in the storyline, the movie also explores a broader perspective of spiritual level. As an end result the movie turned out to be a real horror featuring some unforgettable scares to be ever put on screen.

The Conjuring

Another work of James Wan who is the major force behind some modern horror epics, directing movies such as Dead Silence, Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring; inspired-by-true-events movie based on the true involvements of actual supernatural investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. The Warrens, who are renowned for their paranormal work on the strange case also inspired the Amityville Horror movies (described as a part in The Conjuring 2 movie). Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the leading roles gave some most lively scares moments to audiences along with an authentic freakiness.


After the release of IT – Chapter 1, the fear of clowns became a real thing. Based on the work of  Stephen King, IT went ahead to beat The Exorcist’s 44-year record of being the highest-grossing horror movie ever made. In this big-budget adaptation of Andy Muschietti, the movie highlights the story of children scarred by their childhood traumas. With Bill Skarsgard’s iconic take on presenting the character of Pennywise the wicked, shapeshifting clown was enough to send chills down the spine. The second movie of the IT serises known as IT - Chapter 2 also recieved a lot of praise from the horror movie lovers.