4 Most played Online Games: Battle Royale

4 Most played Online Games: Battle Royale

A cluster of players dropped over an island, the next task is to gather weapon, equipments from wherever they can, and keeping in mind that enemy can come out of nowhere. With the match progressing the playable area decreases forcing the competitors to face the opponent team, the last player/ team who survived is the winner. This is what Battle Royale is.

These genres of games are getting popularity from the audience; currently over 200million people across the globe are enjoying this genre of games. Battle Royale genre is inspired by a 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale, which is based on a novel of the same title. The novel represents a similar theme of a man trying to survive in a contracting play zone. Initially forming a Battle Royale formula into a video game came from a Japanese visual novels games that focuses on storytelling and puzzle solving, however this genre of Battle Royale game are very different from the one which we enjoy playing.

DayZ, a Mod for Arma II, released in august 2012, in which  the players fight  for their survival for basic necessities  to continue living in a persistent sand box with various danger. This mode of game also includes PvsP (player versus players) encounters.

In the early 2017 we have witnessed a rise of the Battle Royale genre, thanks to the creative titles of the games which drew attention to the games. Players Unknown Battleground and Fortnite Battle Royale had tens of millions of players in a short span of time. Inspired by the popularity, major publishers have acknowledge the impact and growth of the genre Battle Royale.  Activation’s Call Of duty series featured a Battle Royale mode, title Black out in its 2018 installment. Same as EA’s Battlefield V. this has inspired many publishers to come up with a mode of battle Royale mode.

All warfare is based on deception

Sun Tzu

There were many factors which pushed the genre to success, from looting shooting, hiding and outsmarting players are all hooked for the time being. All the players are different with different tactics of game play. Some of them enjoy hiding and winning, some like to have a conflict with the opponents and some of them like close combat. As the game beings in a vulnerable state, from choosing a place to land and gathering the loots it’s a packed situation for the players. Another reason being all the battle Royale games are available for free which means more audience can enjoy the game play. In the year 2018 alone Battle Royale had over 2 billion dollars revenue, and it is expected to grow around more the 20 billion dollars in the year 2021.

Here are some of the top 4 Battle Royale games:


There is a reason why Players Unknown Battleground is breaking the records, with all the updates coming up, new map, new gun to new costumes; players are hooked to the game play. The game starts with 100 players fighting for survival, the one who stands till the end takes the Chicken dinner. The game experience far more then surviving, it has a sharp firefight, tactical play and team coordination. Players Unknown Battleground is an online multiplayer Battle Royale developed and published by PUBG Corporation.

2. Call Of Duty : WarzoneCall of Duty

Call of duty warzone, is among the other Battle Royale games competing for the title of best lockdown game. Similar to Players Unknown Battleground, it involves players to find for necessary items and look for their survival. The one standing till the last wins the match, but this time it has a different feel, the game set up is made like a horror movie. In considering the location and the music, it has given a concept of horror in a game.

3. FortniteFortnite

In this game play, similar to PUBG and COD, players cooperate to survive in an open environment by fighting other players either controlled by the game or by other players. Violence is cartoonish compared to the other Battle Royale. Fortnite battle is where 100 players competing, the one survives till last is the winner in a decreasing arena. Fortnite is a free online game available is huge range of devices including android and iOS.  The game play is simple yet immersive. Its attractive design and weekly updates constantly hooks the players.

4. Apex LegendsApex

Online multiplayer Battle Royale game, in which a squad a three players using pre made characters called legends. The players are dropped of an airship in squads of three into the king’s canyon. Where they have to find the recourses and defeat the other 19 squads to win. Unlike the other Battle Royale games , you need to choose one of the eight characters, each with unique skill sets which makes the game more exciting.