Tips For A Healthy Diet: Choose Health Along With Taste

Tips For A Healthy Diet: Choose Health Along With Taste

With an increasing trend of liking towards processed items such as junk foods, snacks, and fast food it is hard to maintain a healthy diet. These are much tastier than old dietary food.But increased consumption of fat, flavor and preservatives containing food can makes you vulnerable to many chronic diseases.Getting an adequate amount of proteins and minerals every day could make you healthy whereas unhealthy food habits result in many lifestyle diseases and also some chronic diseases such as heart disease. Unhealthy foods are low in nutritional values and high in fat and salt. Besides this, the food with added preservatives is dangerous to health.

Jean Baptiste Poquelin once said "One must eat to live, not live to eat." over eating or eating large calories could lead to health problems. The healthy eating habitat requires eating only small amount of good food at regular time intervals.

So only eat what is necessary to stay alive Or it will be like digging our own grave.Eating small quantities of good food at regular intervals is enough to make you healthy.

Along with increased life expectancy, there is also a colossal increase in the number of people suffering from several illnesses. The national family health survey of 2019-20 showed a sharp rise in obesity in 18 Indian states. That is more than one in five men and one in five women is obese and has a body masses index (BMI) of 25 kilos per square meter. Goa and Kerala are the states with the highest rate of diabetes patients. In almost every state one in five has high blood pressure which could turn into cardiac problems in the future. According to the data, India is on the verge of high malnutrition.

Most Lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes are the result of unhealthy food consumption. Poor nutrition can lead to stress and tiredness in our body and are could also cause other diseases such as obesity, tooth decay, high blood pressure, high cholesterol which can lead to chronic diseases like heart disease and stroke,type_2 diabetes, osteoporosis, some cancers, and depression.

Some Unhealthy And Healthy Food

Some of the often used unhealthy foods are sugary drinks, most pizzas, white bread, most fruit juices, sweetened breakfast cereals, fried, grilled or broiled food, pastries cookies and cakes. Avoid regular use of such food items. The way these foods are processed is the reason for them to be unhealthy.

Some of the healthy foods are green veggies, leaves like spinach, beans and legumes, grain food mostly whole grains, high fiber-containing cereals, milk yogurt, cheese or alternatives and fish, egg, nuts, seeds and lean meat.

Effects Of Unhealthy Food In Our Blood

Unhealthy foods are foods that are low in nutritional values and high in fat, sugar and calories. Food with a high amount of sodium and sugar is not healthy. According to the American heart association one must keep their ingestion of saturated fat lower than 7%. The pumping of your heart mainly depends on what type of food you are eating. Sodium intake affects your heart rate and blood pressure. Ingesting salty food makes our body retain more water. This results in more blood flow through veins which causes the heart to pump harder resulting in heart failure in a long run. Also, the additives added to enhance the color, smell, flavor and shelf life of food items cause 12% high risk of cancer. An enormous increase in the number of general cancer patients and intestinal cancer patients proves this.

Tips To Prevent Lyfestyle Diseases

1. First tip is taking up of wholesome diet. This can be achieved by eating

  • Green vegetables, fruits and other fiber-containing food items,
  • Using multigrain flour
  • Eating at regular intervals,
  • Reducing consumption of oily food and junk food 
  • And drinking plenty of water

2. Avoiding any food that contains more amount of sugar or salt content. For example avoiding fruit juices or shakes
3. Taking milk daily
4. Try making healthy food within home.
5. Use vegetable salads
6. Having curd or buttermilk daily helps in good digestion and clearance of all waste substances in stomach. If you don’t like curd it can be used in curries or made lessie and have it.
7. Avoid tacking packed food and packed drinks.

Doing any physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes is also necessary. Because along with food exercising is also necessary to maintain good health. Walking for at least half an hour daily, Doing exercises like Yoga or zumba daily, Playing games like shuttle or football.