The Contrast Of 90s Era with Modern Times

The Contrast Of 90s Era with Modern Times

People like to travel back to their great old days. It doesn’t make them feel stressed; rather, it is a moment of joy, making them nostalgic and bringing back the splendid days they had in their lives. May be your ancestors would have shared at some point in your life that "it is good to look back when you go forward." That means no matter how you progressed in your life, you should think about the olden times that have been a memorable part of your journey.

Although we live in the technological revolution, sometimes we even ponder about the life of the 1990s and try to recall as much as we can. Aren’t we? The time of fewer technologies-in fact, it was a time of evolving and not much progress those days-where people talked a lot, strictly adhered to the traditions and customs, and predominantly the usage of mobile phones were less those days. How many of you have used Code less phone? Among the telephones Cordless was a trending piece and also a luxurious device and now it’s an antique.

On the other hand, you know what’s happening in the present world; the leisure time is highly utilized with the handling of phones and we are in the imaginary world of it. Why don’t we understand about the consequences of it and get rid of this habit? Self realization may come one day and we adapt to the activities that is relevant to our life.

90’s Education over the Modern one

People who have been a part of the 90s world know how challenging and effective it was, but the quality of education was simply great. Students knew how important education was at that time, so they studied hard and achieved good marks.

Most interestingly, we haven’t even observed the involvement of technology in that era. Everything was simple and straight, and we literally loved it. Hardly, we would have explored a computer with some basic software, video games, and something much less complicated. But nowadays, things are changing at a fast pace, and it is really influencing the lives of all current students.

Moreover, these days, the students have vast options on how to grasp the concepts and may not be relying much on their teachers to learn the topics either. At the end of the day, the duty of a student is to learn and showcase excellent figures in the exams.

Nevertheless, this is just my point of view that closely listening to the session of a qualified teacher and understanding the terminologies is a good way to learn, and that’s what the kids of the 1990s have followed. There is nothing wrong with referring to other ways to learn, but it should be used only for referral, and our last hope is always our teacher.

Preference of Taking Class Notes

When it comes to taking notes, 90s students have physical notebooks in which the notes are taken with a traditional pen. They study harder and don’t focus on the last day before the exam.

However, in the case of modern students, they are very close to technology and take notes through social media platforms or look for study materials online. Maybe this is the reason the quality of education is decreasing dramatically.

Can the presenters follow the old methodology and move forward? It may be very hard to go with it, but if they go back to the old way of learning lessons with a slight modern touch, it could create magic in their studies.

The Leisure Times

There are several ways in which kids in the 1990s enjoyed their free time. Back then, bicycle riding was very fascinating; distance was never a concern.

As long as the cycle is in good condition, the young blood of those times finds it easy to go, meet their best friend, close acquaintances, and ride for no reason, and that’s how they enjoyed it a lot in contrast with the other purpose of riding. For modern boys, bikes now take the place of cycles.

Also, playing outdoor games in the playground was part and parcel; especially in the summer vacation, it’s overcrowded with boys of all ages playing cricket, football, and traditional ones. But now playgrounds are kind of empty; people only come to walk and chitchat. Youngsters are too crazy about playing online games and wanted to be in their comfort zone. May they be influenced by the upgraded technology and sidelined in their own space.

The golden days we had in the past have gone forever. It is a fact that as the passage of time, things will change, and don’t expect how it was back then. The only thing we can do is to recreate the moments and cherish for lifetime.