Be A Companion To Your Child Not An Overbearing Parent

Be A Companion To Your Child Not An Overbearing Parent

The journey begins ever since the partner starts carrying the child and from there onwards it’s time to take the advice of medical professionals, family members and the experienced people who successfully underwent the process of raising a child. Now being a father, one question that comes to my mind is, what is it like being a parent? Is parenting even an easy task to do? Sounds debatable right? It could be completely different from one parent to another. Some find it a very difficult journey to go through, while others think it’s a gift of life to cherish that should be accountable for the child.

The joyful and cautious times of parent  

When a baby is born, several thoughts clutter into our mind, I being a father has gone through this phase. The initial stage is just like giving gentle care to the child in terms of love, affection, and whatever else makes the baby satisfied. I think the job will become twice as hard the moment the baby takes its first steps. We all know that they don’t care what is there in front they might fall, sometimes get injured. As the time progresses the child becomes more and more curious about its surroundings and will try to interact with it, and as a parent, it is my job to watch over my child as he learns from the environment.

Express love and build bonds with your child

I think the journey of parenting is being watchful of your child. Take them to a park or place where they can enjoy walking; it might create a different environment for them. Make them feel enjoyable and safe in your presence, and that’s what, as a parent, you can give to your child, which is considered to be very essential in molding him or her and it helps build a great bonding between you and your child, because one day they’ll be all grown up and will be too old to enjoy these.

Find quality time in your busy times

What if both parents are employed? How do they find time for their kids? It’s an important point to think about right? It's a fact that in the 21st century, both of them are working, and they have a hectic schedule at work, and may be unable to spend quality time with their kids. There are cases where kids are looked after by grandparents in the absence of parents. They give utmost care and love to the child. As the care giving is in abundance, the child always looked after.

Yes, I know that moving forward is an integral part, but as a parent raising the child is of utmost importance. When parents have time, they should sit with their children, give them your time, understand their needs, and fulfill whatever you think is right. As they are growing up, they may show their stubbornness, act rebellious and desire unwanted things and say, "I want this, I want that," which might be unnecessary. In such situations, sit with them, tell them that it’s wrong or unnecessary, make them listen to you entirely, and at the end treat them with love.

Just imagine that instead of showing your love, you showed your anger and made the child cry. It happens to every parent when they lose their temper, show their dissatisfaction, and scare the child. Scaring your child doesn’t take them or you anywhere, and they feel like they should avoid you. The ideology of parenthood is that you set them in the right direction by teaching them what is right and what is wrong.

Teach discipline to your child

As the child grows, they should be taught the importance of discipline. It is the most important habit every parent should develop in their child. Home is the first place to learn discipline and then from school. It has to be learnt at a very young age, and it’s important the moment they become independent.

Every parent wants their child to be well disciplined in life. However, to make this a habit for their children, they need to make communication their top priority. They have to maintain rapport every day to ensure the child is communicative. I know parenting is not an easy job, but it’s your child, and you have to make them understand the value of discipline.

Have you heard any child saying "my dad or my mom is my role model" Actually the entire credit goes to their parents because they took tremendous efforts on how a child should be and have succeeded? I feel proud when my son says that “my dad is my hero”. What do you think about this? Do you want your child to say the same? It’s all in your hands. If you go for it, you may achieve it one day.

Another important quality to build is self-confidence. If you want to see your child fly, he or she needs this. As you all know, it cannot be achieved in one day and takes time. Parents should play a prominent role that their Child should accept the challenges and move on in life.

Undoubtedly, children are the future. The succeeding element relies on the parenting part. I believe the parents of the current generation are doing well in raising their children.