Five Tips To Remain Healthy In Busy Life

Five Tips To Remain Healthy In Busy Life

While planning each day's schedule there is something which is always ignored or not even bothered, time for yourselves. Often the result can be falling in  the hands of lifestyle diseases at an early stage or nutrients deficiency leading to low immunity, tiredness,  cholesterols  due to  junk foods and  increased mental tensions. It is difficult to find time for a  healthy food habit or physical activity in a busy life. But there is something one should always remember, that your physical health will affect our mental as well as emotional health. Only a strong body can support us through the difficult  times of severe stress and restless work hours. Like all animals food is the basic need for our body. Not only food, All animals used to sleep, play and involves themselves in the difficult physical task for finding food. Human body is not different. In addition to food humans need good sleep and daily workout to remain healthy.

There is one famous quote of Buddha about being healthy "To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”

 There are some simple tricks one can do to find time for one's own health  activities during a busy day. These healthy habits will surely bring a positive reflection in professional as well as personal life.


Ability to work and remain active on  a particular day depends on how well one had slept in the previous night. Sometimes any stress in the work place may leave us sleepless for hours or may not allow us to have a nice relaxing sleep. This could make things only worse. Without proper sleep mental health worsens and not getting proper sleep for many days will affect mental as well as  physical health. Without sleep and increased stress one will be unable to think well or take proper decisions.

So always try to fix a fixed time for sleeping, It must include at least six hours of relaxed sleep. Always go to bed at that fixed time and wakeup at a fixed time in the morning. If you are forced to stay awake after the fixed time due to any pending work try to compensate for that hours during a drive to office in cab. If the tremendous stress is not letting you sleep even if you wish then try relaxing sometime before your sleep, clearing all things out off your mind or try a five minutes meditation in the early morning.

Involving In Some Kind Of Physical Activity  For Fifteen Minutes

Find time for physical activities in the morning, when I am saying this I didn't mean a   one or two hour work out, wake up after Brushing have a glass of water before tea and after that, find at least five minutes to  do skipping or ten pushups or Yoga like sun salutation, ten times for which it hardly takes 15 minutes. Finding time for doing other relaxing activities like   playing badminton, football or cricket on weekends will further add to this good habits.

Drinking Water

an average person needs six to eight cups of water a day, easiest way to remember about drinking water is always carrying a water bottle, Keeping the bottle in front of your desk will reminds you to drink water when you are tired or during the time when the body needs water. Otherwise there are chances to forget about the water even though the body is feeling tired due to dehydration. Also a few minutes of dehydration could slowdown the mind decreasing one's productivity. Constant dehydration could also lead to other health issues.

Finding Time For A Proper Break Fast

Skipping breakfast is most common among teenagers and youngsters. It is easier to skip it and run to office in the morning. But Breakfast provides us the energy for whole day's work also breakfast is the food we are eating after ten long hours of fasting in the night. Skipping breakfast could lead to tiredness and acidity. It can also lead to overeating in the noon time or the very next time you eat.  So prepare something that is less time consuming like cornflakes , oats or bread and Omelet with salad which is healthy and easy.

Eating Healthy Food At Regular Intervals

Eating at regular intervals is a must to maintain health, Irregular eating can lead to problems like ulcer in the intestine. So take small meals at regular intervals. While doing this always try to choose healthy meals. Always include mixed vegetable salads, fruit salads, fruit juices, pumpkin seeds, various nuts and egg & milk in the daily diet.