IPL: How IT All Began

IPL: How IT All Began

Back then, we never expected that an IPL-style tournament would come into existence to entertain us. The exciting moments have already started this year, and teams are working hard for the trophy. Prior to T-20, we used to enjoy the other formats, such as ODI and Test; they gave us thrilling experiences, but what happened in the world of cricket? Why was the shortest format introduced? Let us think about how it started despite the other formats being at their peaks.

The T20 idea was first brought up by the England and Wales Cricket Board. As far as I’m concerned, to save the other formats of the game, the experts of cricket would have introduced this shortest game to keep the other formats alive. These days, can you imagine watching Test match and ODI the whole day? Yes! It may be impossible to deal with, and that could be one of the reasons the cricket body made a plan in mind and launched it.

You may have a plethora of spine-chilling moments in T20 matches, but do you know who played the first game? The battle was between the Surrey Lions and the Warwickshire Bears in the United Kingdom. Surrey won the match by nine wickets. Since then, it has become well-known and has slowly begun to spread across the cricketing world.

The Man Behind IPL

Lalit Modi, currently a fugitive is the person who takes the initiative to launch the IPL. In the beginning, there was no wild expectation that it might grow as popular as it is now. It may also be a strategic decision made by him knowing that cricket is treated like a religion in India or as an emotion that can be commercialized. Yes! He has done it.

It didn’t take much longer; the IPL has become a great success. At the same time, the players from the domestic circuit have also gotten the opportunity to shine.

Received a Massive Figure To Proceed

Now we understand the mastermind. Has he undergone any important phases before? There is a fascinating story behind it. In early September 2007, it was Sharad Pawar, the BCCI chairman, who gave a check for $25 million to Lalit Modi to buy the appropriate players for the IPL. Is there any condition or term involved with this mammoth sum? It was! He had to regulate all the work for the tournament from his office in Mumbai. While he was working on it, there was no remuneration for it, and he had to fund all of his expenses. As he was the sole person for this, Modi wanted the BCCI not to engage in any activity on the same and have the authority to select the IPL board of governors.

Subsequently, the launch came into light, and he narrated how the game is going to be played, like the number of matches, franchisee list, and foreign players in a team.

Players And Authorities Support

When the world Twenty20 was in supreme touch in South Africa in September 2007, Modi had a clear picture in mind to segregate the best 100 players of that time into four categories as per their earnings and skills. Also, salary slabs were also structured based on four figures, such as $400,000, $300,000, $200,000, and $100,000.

He had also got an opportunity to meet the players and mentioned their salaries they will get and also the other benefits. Besides, it was not that easy to acquire players of international standards without the consent of their cricket board. To make that happen, the BCCI vice president met with the cricket officials of several boards and got the green light.

Anyway, thanks to Lalit Modi and all others who have taken immense effort to bring the IPL into reality and made the nation truly excited. Ever since it started, there haven’t been any complications, and it is continuing at a fast pace.

Enjoy watching IPL 2023