5 Best keys to improve your programming skills

5 Best keys to improve your programming skills

In these days the technology is developed very well, with the technology the standards of application, methodologies and skills to develop the application also changed. Upon this situation most of the people become developers, programmers, UI/UX designers. Based on the application development the skills are much more recommended for everybody.

Even now School going kids also started to learn how to program and develop an application. To overcome the competition we need to improve ourselves to be better person among all.

For these improvements we need to remember few points to become a good /better programmer.

1. Analyse & understanding

First skill that we need to have it is analysing the issue and understanding the issue properly. If we analyse the issue correctly then the problem will be understandable.To improve analysing skill need to note down the issue clearly make rough sketch about the issue, how to create the base solution for the issue. If the issue is clearly noted down then we can understand the issue by seeing them in different ways to clear.

2. Logical Thinking

Logically think about the issue make brief points on the issue create new methods of solution to the issue, try to make your own algorithm or a flowchart not to over look in other websites or any forums for a piece of code which clear the issue.

3. Own code

Try to create your own code it will reduce the complexity while debugging the program or checking for the runtime errors. It will save you a lot of time while resolving the errors whether it is runtime or compile errors.

4. Practice

In free time try to learn the concepts of your working language whatever the language maybe. Need to revise the concepts otherwise we will eventually forget them. While revising do the practice also by doing small or big tasks on your own.

It will boost your confidence and your capability of programming. Always practice to improve yourself, otherwise check the old source code you wrote for other applications. It may give you new ideas to improve your skills.

5. Review

Give chance to others to check the code you write, they will see the code will check that code give their feedback. By the feedback we can notice our mistakes. They will give us the chance to improve our way of writing the code whether the code has to reduce or have to write more code in efficient way.Accept the criticism in positive way don’t take that as a insult. Improve yourself then those who criticised us will appreciate.

If we follow these steps we will definitely get on ourselves in programming, always look for the other possibilities don’t struck at one point or in any orthodox manner. It will reduce our capability to derive the solution for the issue.