Top Indian Dog Breeds Suitable for Indian Climate

Top Indian Dog Breeds Suitable for Indian Climate

There are several Indian dog breeds that many of us might not be aware of, while some breeds are common and popular, there are some that are on the verge of their extinction. 

Indian dog breeds are neglected because we are obsessed with foreign breeds and they deserve much attention. Most foreign breeds aren't suitable for the Indian climate as they are not much capable to withstand the Indian Climate and they get sick very often. Whereas Indian dog breeds provide benefits to their owners as they are very low maintenance and they adapt themselves to the effectual climatic condition of India as well. 

The life expectancy of these Indian dog breeds is also high in the contrast to foreign breeds. If you are planning to bring a dog to your home then the suggestion would be to opt for an Indian Dog Breed. 

Here is the list of some dog breeds in India that you might want to add to your family.  

1. Indian Spitz 

It is an Indian breed dog that is similar to Pomeranian often mistaken as the same, to make it clear both breeds are very different. It used to be one of the most popular breed dogs in India around 1980-1990 when the import of foreign breeds in India was not much entertained. These are very active and playful and they can live in small houses and can also adjust to the heat climate of India as they consist of thin coats. They have a lifespan of 12  


Weight- 16-22 kg 

Colour- Usually Milky White 


It is an Indian breed dog which is found in the town Rajapalayam near Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu which they are named after as well. These dogs are very aggressive and were also part of the kingdom of the Nayakar Dynasty as they were significant in attacking the opponent during the wars. 

For the past few decades, the Indian Army has opted these dogs as guard dogs to support them in the borders. 

Height- 65-75 cm 

Weight- 16-22 kg 

Colour- White

Indian Pariah dogs can be trained effortlessly and they are intelligent than most foreign dogs.

3.Indian Pariah Dog 

The Indian Pariah Dog is believed to be one of the oldest dog breeds in India and they are commonly found all over South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh. 

Indian Pariah dogs can be trained effortlessly and they are intelligent than most foreign dogs. If you provide them love and good socialization then they do very well with the family, keeps themselves in good health, and are perfectly comfortable with the climate of India. 

Height- 52-65 cm 

Weight- 21-31 kg 

Colour- White, Black, Brown, etc. 

4.Bhakarwal Dog 

These dogs are generally found in the Panjal Range of India in North India. The word Bhakarwal originated from the word "Bakri" which means goat in Hindi as their initial task was to protect goats from wolves, bears and wild predators. 

An interesting fact about these dogs is that they are vegetarian, generally prefer milk and bread over any other food. Bhakarwal Dogs are very powerful and easily trainable which was the reason they were used by the police to capture the militants. While they look like the medium size version of Tibetan Mastiff these breeds are becoming rare and are on the verge of their extinction. 

Height- 54-68 cm 

Weight- 26-38 kg 

Colour- Black & Tan, Tricolor 


These are a rare dog breed from Tamil Nadu which is named “Kanni” as it means pure in Tamil which was significant for its pure heart and loyalty for its owners. 

These breeds are agile and light on their feet while hunting, one of the reasons they are great hunters and they are very independent dogs compared to other breeds. Although Kanni dogs are shy, they are always ready to defend their home and their owners if the situation arises. 

Height- 25-29 cm 

Weight- 16-22 kg 

Colour- Brown & Black 

6.Mudhol Hound 

The Mudhol Hound is an Indian breed dog that is native to Karnataka, the southern part of India. They are widely known as Caravan hound or Karwani. Recently, The Indian army has opted for this breed as a guard dog to protect the borders in Kashmir.  

They have great stamina, which makes hunting easy for them and they are sustainable to rough conditions. These dogs are not friendly and they are not a fan of being petted by strangers, that being said with care and kindness, they can also be loyal as any other dogs. 

Height- 68-72 cm 

Weight- 22-28 kg 

Colour- Black, White, Fawn, Chocolate 


Kombai is an ancient dog breed native to Tamil Nadu, they are ancient as it is believed that this dog breed existed even in the 9th century. They are suitable as a hunting dog as their fighting characteristics are similar to the Lion as they attack with legs first then neck. Although these breeds are very aggressive towards strangers, they are still popular in southern India and used as family pets and also, they are pain tolerant. 

Height- 25-28 cm 

Weight- 22-30 kg 


From the information above, it can be conveyed that Indian dog breeds are suitable than foreign dog breeds, the above breed dogs have a lifespan of 12-20 years and are priced roughly around 2-10 thousand with respective different breeds, or even these dogs can be found in rescue shelters where they can be adopted. These breed dogs are more likely to be found in rescue shelters than any other foreign breed dog, hence adopt don't shop.