Street Food Delivery

Street Food Delivery

For all those who say these things to your mother, have you ever given thought to what your mom wanted to become when she was young? Despite anything, she settled down to take care of your family without any complaint. Now the question is if you are given a chance, will you be willing to provide them with the identity that they always wanted? If yes, MothersFood is your answer.
If you ever stayed away from home, you might understand the value of Home food. Are we wrong? You might have spent days wishing for those excellent delicacies but went to sleep with disappointment with something that you had at a restaurant that is nowhere close to satisfy your tastebuds. MothersFood is a food-delivery platform to bridge the gap between people who crave for home food and chefs behind home kitchens with their perfect and delicious dishes. We believe that a woman who can run a family can run a business effortlessly, and now we're taking a step towards giving a push to all those women with a hidden interest in gaining the identity that they deserve.

We understand how tough it is to manage a home along with a business, but we want to do everything we could to make their job easier. For example: If she has school-going kids, she must be busy in the mornings and evenings, then she can just work for 2 hours a day and skip weekends to effortlessly manage family and job. Not only that, you don't personally have to serve the customers or arrange for a home-pickup or home-delivery options. We will provide you with the driver-partners to collect food directly from the kitchen and deliver it at the customer's doorstep.

And one more exciting thing is, you don't have to have an entire menu like restaurants. You can cook only a few items that you excel in, even if it's just one dish. And we'll take it out on a tasting-spree. Wait, wait, we're not done yet. We also want you to save more while you earn more. Then women of MothersFood get access to M-food, an online grocery store where they can place the order for groceries for a very better price compared to your local market. How do we do that? We said we'll go up to any mark to make empowerment easier for women, and we mean it. We directly made connections with the brands for a great deal.

Every mother is a great chef. But even the greatest chefs have a special dish. Aren't they? We're out looking for those dishes to make them more famous, instead of limiting them to your family. A simple step can empower her with something that she's already excelled in. We'll give the mother the respect and identity that she deserves. Not just in the family, but also in society.

Healthy home food is nothing much to ask for but rarely available and unreliable with the so-called home food options available currently, and the restaurants are unimaginable. With the current situation of virus-spread, everyone deserves a home-cooked healthy meal that does not compromise on hygiene levels. If you think only mom can cook that kind of food, we've got hundreds of mothers onboard for you. Our goal is to provide healthy homemade food prepared by home-chefs, just like your mom, to cook you a healthy, hygiene, and homemade meal, which can make your tummy happy and make you satisfied well-being.

We are a homemade food delivery at mothers Food app. Delivering delicious, hygienic food to your home made by home chefs in their kitchen.