The Rise of Multi-Generational Travel and Why It's Here to Stay

The Rise of Multi-Generational Travel and Why It

Travelling is always an exhilarating experience, seeing new places, trying out new things, talking about the road of life while you are on the roads, and the list goes on and on. But what if instead of just the wife and kids or you and parents, you can take along everyone? This has gained traction as of late and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Multi-generational travel is on the bucket list of many travellers. The onslaught of the pandemic had separated a lot of people from their families and loved ones.

Multigenerational travel is typically termed as travelling with three generations of your family. Surveys taken show that 27% of travellers in the US had taken a multigenerational journey trip last year, and 56% of UK elderly had taken one prior year. This goes to show how people are valuing family bonding time and would want to make memories with everyone in the family.

Family Bonding

As the famously fast and furious star Vin Diesel always says “Nothing is stronger than family” in every movie over and over, that’s a given since he commits heists with his family. In the era of globalization, more often than not, family members are away in different parts of a country owing to employment circumstances. Family get-togethers with everyone present might be during Christmas. So these moments where everyone stays together are rare and it is best to make good use of it. Travelling with everyone is a good way to make use of that limited family time, it can serve as a means to create memories, catch up with what everyone is doing on the journey and many more. It’ll be an exhilarating time for young and old alike.

Health Benefits

Travelling has proven to do wonders for one’s mental state and well-being. Travelling with your entire family can be seen as thousand fold benefit to that, seeing new places, experiencing new activities, trying new food, and breaking away from one’s monotonous routine can be seen to reduce stress and overall improve health. Plus this can lead to savings as everyone is collectively taking a holiday and accommodation can be shared among those expenses with all travelling members. Nothing says good health when you can save money.

Social Media Flex

In this day and age, having a functional family to show off on the internet can be considered a big flex. Every family has major milestones every year, birthdays are the obvious ones, it can be job promotions, someone getting married or someone welcoming their child, the events are endless and celebrating these events with the entire family and some close friends is the recipe to make it one of the most memorable moments as a family. Sharing it on the internet is a bonus #MultiGenerationalTravel #family #VindieselFamily and other cringy tags.

There are some situations where family travel is discouraged. Many cultures worldwide, particularly the Asian subcontinent has a culture where the family is already together, so they won’t feel the impact of travelling together, since they are together more often than not, there is no sense of longing for those away. It’s a terrible idea to pitch these kinds of family travel ideas when there isn’t a good relationship among family members due to circumstances. This kind of travel can only save money if there are a lot of earning members in the family, in the case of a family with few earning members, this will pose a tremendous burden on those few earning, and if it is a large family with extended relatives joining in, it’ll breed contempt instead of memories.

Some people travel so they can get a sense of privacy with the ones they want to, or they travel to get away from people, this is the kind of travel idea they would loathe with their heart and soul. It is understandable families must stay together, but sometimes…it gets overwhelming and you need space. Some people love to travel solo, and some people like to travel with their friends or “homies” as people these days call them. Then there is this kind of travel and then some people don’t like to travel and would like to just spend time with themselves when they get the chance to do so.