The Connecting Knots - Meditation for Kids

The Connecting Knots - Meditation for Kids

Too much noise clutters the brain. You need to cancel the noise to hear the truth. And when it is about your pay cut, the force of noise becoming much louder. With so much around to read and hear, it is important you find the tranquility. For long, we have spoken about this tranquility only for the elders, but it is time we look at our kids, understand the stress they are in and help them out of it.

While we elders always think our kids are living in the dream world with all the comforts, it is not the reality. And the pandemic has induced a ‘never seen before’ situation for them where they are confined to the four walls of the house, with a laptop or a smart device as their companion. As most of the urban families are nuclear with both parents working (in today’s time, working from home), kids are left with no one to talk or go to for any help. The digital word is all they have now, whether it’s for studying or playing, whether making new friends or staying connected with the old. Atop, most of the kids are not comfortable with online studies, exams and discussions. True that most miss their schools and the ‘grand masti’ they did there along with studies.

The Essential Elements to Boost Mind, Body & Soul

It is rightly said that we humans are social animals, but for the last one year, that cord is disrupted. Hence there is a growing mental concerns among kids that needs to be addressed immediately. Meditation is one way that will help them deal with the long term impact of social isolation and digital side effects. With kids grappling with worst mood swings and diminishing memory, mediation will help them relieve stress, lessen depression, lower blood pressure and improve sleep while boost memory, mood and social intelligence.

And if you think this is all meditation can offer, you need to read further. Meditation is a practice in mindfulness. This will help kids learn to be present in whatever is happening around them without judgment. Meditation also helps to make brain a more harmonious unit. What it means? Studies show that students who took up meditation were found to have changes in the fibers in the brain area related to regulatory emotions and behaviors, which leads to better cognitive and intellectual performance.

I was recently having a conversation with my friend about her kid’s online exams. The kid studies in Kindergarten and has his oral exams. Though he loved Zoom classes initially, he was quite adamant during the exams and refused to give answers to any of the questions, despite knowing all of them. Well, he wasn’t just the one. There were many kids who were not willing to have any online classes any more. The impact of pandemic is quite heavy on these little kids. They have become irritable, and their tantrums increased multifold, it is quite difficult for the parents to keep them disciplined & learned.

Meditation is surely an answer for such behaviors, but is it possible to teach such young kids to meditate? No, it might not be possible, but a little practice will help them deal with such PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). They have their full life ahead of them and they need guidance and handholding immediately. The new generation kids are the digital kids, who cannot live outside the digital world. Hence parents need to find ways to keep them mindful and watch their actions. We know how tied you are with your home and office work, but couple of minutes with self and your kids will help own healthy body and mind.