Herbs That Can Boost Your Immunity and Beat COVID

Herbs That Can Boost Your Immunity and Beat COVID

After the onset of Covid pandemic, the world has understood the importance of boosting bodily immunity. Almost everywhere around the globe, people were advised to stay inside their house to maintain social distancing and take vaccines to get immunized against the Covid-19 virus. As more variants are approaching every few months, COVID-19 is gradually emerging as a global pandemic. Impacting almost everyone across the planet, the consequences of its severity have become far graver than imagined.

At such crucial times, it’s vital to follow few rules such as wearing a mask, using sanitisers, remaining indoors to main social distance and strengthening immunity. In India, ‘kadha’ became the ultimate drink as most of the Indians believe in the power of herbs that can boost immunity of our body. Herbs and healthy foods can boost immune systems and our Vedas and Upanishads have always affirmed this fact. Including these herbs in our foods can shield us from common cold and Covid to a great extent.

This article focuses on some of the immunity booster ayurvedic herbs that can beat the Covid blues and make us healthy.


Since ancient times, neem has been respected as an auspicious and medicinal plant, specifically used as an immunity booster. Owing to its anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, neem is very effective in keeping the body safe from attacks by harmful bacteria and viruses. It purifies the blood and keeps it clean by flushing away toxins, leading to a better and strong immunity.

Due to its bitter taste, neem is often excluded from our daily meals. Although few diabetic patients take the juice forcibly, there are few delicious dishes, especially from neem leaves and flowers that can help you consume neem leaves.


Few decades ago, there wasn’t a single Hindu household in India that didn’t have a tulsi plant at its entrance. Although this practice still remains intact in villages and suburbs, the space restrictions in urban area prohibits the residents to do so. Another phenomenal herb that is much favoured by Ayurveda, Tulsi or basil is an influential disinfectant, which even purifies the very environment it grows in. Because of the presence of phytochemicals and antioxidants, tulsi can detroy the bacteria, germs, and viruses the moment they enter your body. 

As per intake procedure, it is advisable to simply chew a few tulsi leaves first thing in the morning in empty stomach. You can also take the water boiled with tulsi leaves as your drink or in your food. 


Ginger has always been an effective remedy for common cold, flu, and stomach problems. It has gingerol – a powerful antioxidant that is believed to enhance our immune system and destroy viruses present in the body. Ginger is also exceptionally good in averting diseases related to respiratory tract infections.

You can consume ginger in its raw form or use it in cooking. Ginger paste can do wonder to your dishes. Or else, you can also prepare tea from ginger, and we all know how much popular adrak chai is.


Garlic has numerous anti-bacterial qualities. It helps in staying protected from common cold and flus by boosting your immunity. Full of allicin, a plant compound that has germicide properties, garlic is a highly popular item in Indian household. An eminent item of our Indian masala, you can take garlic with your spicy food. But to reap most of the benefits of garlic, it is preferably consumed raw or partially cooked.


Turmeric is another popular ingredient of all our Indian dishes. Our Indian mothers won’t even think about preparing a curry without adding turmeric. But apart from its flavourful taste, it does contain curcumin, which is a kind of phytochemical that can help eliminate various toxins present in your body and reinforce your immune system to eradicate germs and bacteria. Apart from adding an extra pinch of turmeric to your meals, you can go for your favourite turmeric milk and take it with milk.