7 Ways to Spend Your Weekend in Lockdown

7 Ways to Spend Your Weekend in Lockdown

Our calendars for the rest of 2021 looks pretty gloomy, due to the cancellation of events because of Covid-19. Weekends that were once packed full of parties with friends, day trips with buddies, dining-out with family and several other activities are cut short.  

As the weekend approaches, you might be in the dilemma of spending your time productively or just chill for the entire two days as there is no much during these lockdowns. My advice would be to do a bit of both.  After reviewing several options or activities, here's a list of activities you can do during the weekend. 

1.Stream Movies or Series 

You can watch films or other educational movies so that you could both kill two birds with one stone that is to chill as well as pick up something new. You can enjoy your leisure time at the same time you can make the best use of it. You can choose to watch your favorite genre of movies to focus well and have a great time. Some of the series and films which are both educational and entertaining are Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Social Dilemma, the Last Dance, Breaking Boundaries. All these shows or films can be accessed on Netflix for streaming.  

2.Read Books 

Reading books is often the best activity that one can do to spend their free time, it is one of the ways that can help you take a break from your phone or laptop. Using smart devices for the entire week is not recommendable, take some time off from social media at least for a few hours to be calmer and more relaxed. Generally, people do not like reading books since most of them feel reading is boring or not too exciting. However, you can start reading some of the well-known books written by famous authors, yet if you are not hooked on novels, try comic books like Tintin or Asterix series, Agatha christie, Marvel comics, Manga comics and much more.  

3.Jog or Exercise 

Spend time outside with safety as it can make you feel fresh. You can either jog or Yoga or do some exercise to make yourself healthy. Jogging or doing exercises will aid you to release stress and be healthy. You do not have time to do these things on weekdays due to the business of work or study, spend the weekend doing such activities.

Writing can take a huge rock from your heart and mind, so noting down what's happening in your life and channelize your feeling into a written form can help you enjoy your weekend even more.


Your weekdays may be tough, happy, productive, or sad. The key thing is to channelize those feeling into words, that is keep a diary or explore your creative side and write something unrelated to your work. Writing can take a huge rock from your heart and mind, so noting down what's happening in your life and channelize your feeling into a written form can help you enjoy your weekend even more. 

5.Make Plans  

Make plans, grab a pen and the paper write down your plans for the following week rather than worrying about it at the last moment. Make travel plans with your buddies that is once the lockdown is lifted, you can travel around with friends. Make a note of what you want to achieve in the coming years and plan accordingly to move closer to those goals week by week. 


Spending time among plants and trees gives us a sense of relief.  Along with your family, you can indulge in gardening activities to give back something to the nature. Planting new seeds, adding garden art, and decorating your terrace are a few gardening activities you can engage in. 

7.Play Games 

Dedicate yourself a specific time slot each day to play games such as charades, board games, Jenga, chess, carrom and numerous others with your family. Re-live your old childhood days.