Titanic- The Ship That Never Lived Up To Its Glory

Titanic- The Ship That Never Lived Up To Its Glory

Today, when you see a luxurious cruise ship sailing across the sea, your first thought is "wow, thats huge," followed by a comparison yo do with the Titanic and declaring the nostalgic beauty the winner. Without a doubt, it was the massive luxurious ship of the early nineteenth century, and at that time, none of the ships had been engineered in this impeccable manner, containing all the lavish set up in it. That was the first ever ship that got the recognition as "The Unsinkable One". However, there is a saying that good things do not last forever."

The passengers had a smile on their face before boarding the ship on April 15, 1912, but their joyfullness & expectations will end in a worst nightmare, no-one knew nor was ready for it. The passengers enjoyed all of the ship's amenities without being concerned about what was about to happen . After all, it is considered "the unsinkable ship," which is why they paid the entire sum for "Why should we be afraid if the ship has got a tagline of  "unsinkable"?" However, the accident happened and nearly killed 2300 passengers.

A dark day for everyone

Now let us understand more about the ship on what actually happend that day. We all knew that it was built in such a way that it will never sink, the ship had such a beautiful name to it, an "unsinkable ship" as you all know the maiden voyaged occurred on April 15, 1912 and was a dark day in maritime history. "We feel the real pain when someone is away from us." Yes it happened on that day and such a horrible fact. I can’t even think of the people who lost their loved ones! I think the passage of time has taken away all their emotions and brought them back to their normal lives.

Have you ever heard off? The people in those days treated travel as a leisure activity rather than a necessity. Prior to that, mankind was really scared of long-distance travel, especially by sea route, and it was even associated with danger and discomfort. But after the launch of that huge ship, the mindset toward travel has changed.

Ship that sailed in vain

We all know the fact that the technology was not so robust those times. Can you imagine a luxury ship that was built in the early 1900s? It contained gymnasiums, libraries, a swimming pool, restaurants and cafes, and prolific accommodation predominantly for first-class travelers. The credit goes to the engineers and workforce of old times. Anyway, they have done a marvelous job. It feels incredible! How about you? I believe you may have the same feeling. However, even though they did whatever they intended to, the people will only remember the sad part of it.

Negligence which came with a high price

As you know, the ship has the most advanced maritime safety technology with 16 watertight compartments; it also has remote-controlled doors that can keep the water out in case of any leak. Assuming that everything is in good condition and it’s good to go for the voyage, they thought everything would go smoothly and there would be no risk at all. Because of this overconfidence, the safety measures were half-hearted, with probably not much training given to the crew to evacuate the ship and fewer lifeboats. Yes! That point of view has taken the lives of many people. Generally, whatever the technology, there has to be a stringent safety measure to avoid uncertainty. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened with this gigantic one. But in the case of the Titanic, no one would have expected that this kind of incident would have come up.

Money Won't save you all the time

Apart from the tragedy, the Titanic taught us an important lesson. The harsh truth is that money cannot save the richest person in the world. Have they ever thought of this disaster? Since they had huge money, they enjoyed some days on the ship and got treated in a royal manner. May they would have done self introspection at the time of danger and understood the reality during chaos there is no differences. To live a good life, money is something we need, but there may be contexts where it has no value.

Whatever has happened, we can't change! The past is the past. Taking on challenges is a good thing in life, but risking your life and getting into any activity is not always a positive sign. Hopefully, we will not have any other titanic incident ever. May all their souls rest in peace.