F.R.I.E.N.D.S - The One with all Kinds of Bonds

F.R.I.E.N.D.S - The One with all Kinds of Bonds

In general, a friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. One of the strongest forms of relationships is called friendship, and in friendship, a person feels the guarantee that someone is always going to watch out for him/her and ensure he/she is not in danger, and most importantly, they know that someone has got their back no matter what.

All of us have friends. Some of us might have many friends and some of us might just have one friend, but we all have friends. It’s not necessary that a friend must be a human, your friend can be a dog, a cat, a fish, or even a book. The prerequisite for choosing a non-living friend is that it will never let you down or make you expect anything; where you have humans as friends you eventually start to have expectations.


 We, humans, choose our friends we don’t hang out with anyone and every one we make our own decisions and pick our company. Some of us make choices cautiously and some of us don’t, it again depends on one’s choice, and we all have the freedom of choice.

The real deal begins after making the choice. Once we make a friend we are attached to them socially, physically, and mentally, every action of your friend will affect you and every action of yours will affect your friend if at all he/she feels the same way you feel for them. People generally say that there is no hassle in friendships and it is a peaceful relationship but the truest forms of friendship have crossed all the huddles and still have chosen to stand by one another.

Even if we have a hundred friends we still have that one special friend we call our best friend and this is the person we try to face the huddles with and there are successful friendships that standstill after years.

Your best friend is the one friend who tends to mean more than a normal friend, more like a family, and you love them as much as you love your family and this is the type of friendship that gives utmost contentment and has the power of giving you a lifetime of misery. We share all our secrets, happiness, sadness, light, and even our darkness.

Our best friend is the only person who knows us a little more than our family as there are no filters to be used in front of our best friends. When we talk about soul mates, it would rather be a mistake to even try to compare a soul mate with a pal because friends understand each other by observing and inheriting one another’s habits, which is not really possible when you’re a girlfriend/boyfriend. The bond of love and friendship are far apart yet closely connected relationships that are complex enough to explain, and a true lover will never be the reason behind best friends parting ways.


A best friend can be jealous, can be protective, and can, of course, love your best friend unconditionally but should never demand the same energy to be reciprocated. If you feel your efforts are not being valued, then darling, it’s high time for you to find another pal. Never ask a person to choose between you and someone because if you are not the best friend they cherish, you will get your heartbroken.

Friendships are not incomprehensible; they just require a pure heart and an excellent understanding. The understanding between two people is what actually makes them best friends.

The journey from strangers to friends and from there to best friends is long enough. Still, once you understand that this is the person who will watch over you, this is the shoulder you can trust to cry on, and this is the heart that can get amplified by just watching you be happy to hold them hard and never let go.

At the end of the day, as I already said, you just need that one thing to hold on to, and we call it a FRIEND.