Data Analyst vs Data Scientist? Who does What

Data Analyst vs Data Scientist? Who does What

The terms Analyst and Scientist tend to ring a bell in your mind. An analyst has been synonymous with finance and a Scientist has been synonymous with discovery or a person working in a lab. However, these terms are diversely used in the IT sector as well. There still looms a misconception that Data Analysts and Data Scientists have the same work profile. Through this blog, you can get clarity on which profile interests you more. 

Recently professionals with skills related to data management have been given newfound love by employers. With the world getting increasingly dependent on digital mediums there is so much data to be filtered. Owing to this there has been a sudden spurt of multiple roles with varied profiles. But often people still get confused while applying for these positions. If you are more inquisitive to understand the difference between Data Analyst and Data Scientist then read on.

Who are Data Analysts?

Data Analysts are professionals with the expertise to analyze and extract important information from a pool of data that will help an organization to make important business decisions. They typically evaluate data on multiple parameters like trends, statistics, relevance, etc. A Data Analyst has three key roles.


An analyst delves deeper into the data, eliminates irrelevant information, and finds a solution to fix the missing data. The important tools used by Data Analysts include SQL, R, SAS, Power BI, and Tableau. Also, they must have good communication skills with which they can convey the right information.

Who are Data Scientists?


Data Scientists are more into the creation and designing of algorithms and predictive mechanisms. Unlike Analysts, Data Scientists are involved in the development of tools, and automation that will help in extracting key insights and give solutions to complex problems. For these professionals, it is essential to have the ability to think critically and streamline complex processes. A Data Scientist must have three essential powers.

DATA ANALYSTS VS DATA SCIENTISTS: Roles and Responsibilities



Though the profiles seem different, the skills of analysts and scientists might have some similarities. However each skill and profile varies depending upon the organization or the industry vertical they want to work for.


Difference in careers

Data Scientists can also explore opportunities in the area of engineering and natural sciences. A data analyst may work more on statistical data, analytics, and business intelligence. A Data Analyst may start by creating dashboards and later on as he gains more experience gets involved in strategizing and using more advanced analytical methodologies. Data Analyst can elevate their careers by getting a more advanced degree and go on to become Data Scientists too. Professionals working as Data Scientists tend to attain a doctorate by continuing the education that helps them in taking up more advanced roles.

Through this blog, we have identified and put together the difference between the two professions. However, it all depends upon the individual’s goal to decide on taking up one of these professions. Career choices always have to be driven by passion, therefore one must understand where their interest lies and enroll 2in the right courses that can be a stepping stone to a rewarding career.

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