Top 5 Apps to get you sorted with your Travel Itineraries

Travelling to favourite places is the most awakening thing in everyone’s life. When Technology came into life, it fulfilled an easier travel planning for all of us. By using the intelligent features of the smartphone, we can easily schedule every plan regarding the travel destination. We can explore new places regarding the speciality of the particular destination such as culture, tradition, heritage, etc. While Using the apps, it’s effortless to book hotels, flight tickets, local transport, etc. These apps bid contributions and visions about the valuable places, unique dishes, and other adventurous things linked to the prime location without scorching a dump in the wallet.

Here it is, top 5 apps for better travel planning. These apps can offer assistance with ticket buying, hotel bookings, food, and other provisions even for visiting a foreign country. These apps are providing payments also.


Reservation of flight/bus tickets and travel suites, the MakeMyTrip app offers info on numerous traditional places in India, along with snaps. It is also providing search engines for specific destinations and reserve hotels. Using this app, we can travel quickly and certainly not sticking to any place. Moreover, this app is providing discounts for combo booking of flights and hotels to the destination. Online coupons are also there for more deals.

Unique Feature

  • Provides round trip and Multi-city travel options
  • Offers discounts to the combo bookings
  • Provides online coupons and gift cards

Pricing Models

  • A convenience fee of INR 126 per passenger


TripIt systematizes most of the travel schedules and booklets, so it is the one place that can provide every travel need before moving to a destination. It includes travel approvals, flight schedules, vouchers, hotels and Airbnb reservation information, hire car bookings, ferry coupons and real-time drive directions in one platform. Triplt marks it meek to stake the trip ideas with whoever is imminent to pick you up from the places we were landing, or there will be someone to take care of the travel plans.

Unique Features

  • It offers access across devices
  • Monitors for fare refunds
  • Provides real-time flight alerts
  • Displays baggage claim info
  • Monitors the rewards program

Pricing Model

  • Triplt: Free
  • Triplt Pro: USD 49 per year

Guiddoo World

Guiddoo is a single-stop yard for in-tourist places pleasures. It deals with a widespread display of facilities such as excursions and packages, banqueting, showbiz and shopping as attachments to the outbound wanderers from India and also offers special packages for them. Guiddoo is creating a speedy venture into the Indian tourist marketplace. It delivers travel partners, and intercontinental travellers curated in-destination, preferably well-matched for the Indian explorer contour that is relatively diverse from international products, cooking customs, and charges amongst supplementary pieces of stuff.

Unique Features

  • The excellent service management team
  • Offers handy prices for destinations
  • Provides instant coordination in every destination

Pricing Model

  • As per the booking charges convenience fee


TripAdvisor is an app available on both iOS and Android that recommends the best trip tips. It provides a search engine to reach the details about destinations, airlifts, hotels, and eateries. It is one of the best since it proposes the most satisfactory user appraisals at once abode. Trip advisor allows reading customer reviews, so it helps new customers to choose the better places and packages. 

Unique Features

  • No limits to the number of bookings
  • Allows cancelling auto-renewal at any time
  • Tripadvisor Plus will enable members to see hotels that provide additional perks
  • Provides discounts on bookable experiences and tours at checkout 

Pricing Model

  • Tripadvisor: Convenience fee of 3 per cent as per booking
  • Tripadvisor plus: $99 per year


Cleartrip monitors choosing the relevant destinations and events to do. The ‘Cleatrip Activities’ section apprises the explorer of the journey’s traditional and collective inferences and accessible exploration possibilities. It also comforts to plot the itinerary of the trip. This travel organizer app also has a segment to catch holiday departures, and travellers can rise to the similar to schedule a journey to the finest destination around, all vacations.

Unique Features

  • Provides a particular segment, ‘Cleartrip for Work.’
  • Committed to prioritizing in Animal Welfare
  • Enhanced with a User-friendly interface
  • Provides services through Social Media 

Pricing Model

  • A convenience fee of INR 200 for Domestic bookings
  • A convenience fee of INR 350 for International bookings