An International Travelers Guide to South Korea

An International Travelers Guide to South Korea

South Korea is one country that might not come up in the list of top international travel destinations for many people. If this is still the case with you and you are an international traveler, then it is high-time that you include South Korea into your list of places to visit. In this article, we will take a closer look at the things one should know before traveling to South Korea for the first time which will act as a travel guide to South Korea. Apart from that, we will also be talking about why South Korea is a great travel destination and what are the things that makes South Korea a unique international travel destination.

Let’s start with the things that one should know as international travelers before travelling to South Korea.

1. The Korean alphabet is easy to learn when compared to other foreign languages and this will make your travel that much easier

2. Tipping isn’t necessary in South Korea and this is an added advantage if you are someone who likes to travel to foreign countries on a budget

3. Some of the public bathrooms in the country can be quite confusing especially if you are aa western travelers and you are visiting South Korea for the first time

4. One might firs think ‘is it safe to travel to South Korea’, but the fact of the matter is that South Korea is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates

5. Personal space is something that can be a luxury especially in the metro city of Seoul and this is also something one should keep in mind while travelling to the country  

6. The transportation system in the country is extremely efficient while at the same time being inexpensive and this can make your travel that much easier and seamless while visiting South Korea

Now, let’s take a look at what makes South Korea a great international travel destination.

  • Unique Culture:

Owing to their unique and long history, South Korea has a vibrant and pulsating culture that can be enchanting at times. With traditional dance as well as music performances, South Korean culture has a uniqueness to it and that itself makes going to South Korea a great option for many international travelers. Apart from that, the traditional dance and music performances is a spectacle to behold which will also be a treat to the eyes for many international travelers.

  • Festivals:

Speaking about the vibrant culture, South Korea has year-round festivals that adds to the charm of the country as well as the magic of South Korea. So, if you are someone who wants to visit a country that is in festival joy almost entirely throughout the year, then South Korea should be a priority destination for you. Also, if you are someone from the US, then South Korea also has their own version of thanksgiving that the celebrate in the country.  

  • Modernity:

This is something that makes South Korea quite unique when compared to other developed nations from across the world. The country strives to ensure futuristic modernity and innovation and this includes their futuristic buildings as well as city landscape. Seeing all these can be a once in a life time opportunity and experience to the international travelers.  

  • Food:

South Korea has a very unique and vibrant cuisine and it can also be a once in a life time opportunity for many to taste and experience authentic South Korean cuisine. So, if you are foodie and wants to experience unique food items, then South Korea should be on top of your list of places to visit.