Best Science Fiction movies to watch on Weekends

Best Science Fiction movies to watch on Weekends

Are you bored spending weekends idle at home? Movies in science-fiction genre push the boundaries of human experience removing boredom. It takes us through adventures, mystic lands and time travel experiences. It includes imagination, occult and supernatural stories braced with scientific explanations. It includes a wide variety of futuristic concepts. Everything is possible in a science fiction movie. In a sci-fi movie even the hero acquiring supernatural power is explained with the background of science such as being exposed to some genetic variations in certain circumstances. sci-fi movies explore all  possibilities of scientific theories. But sometimes some theories are considered  pseudo-science. The commonly used elements of science fiction movies include time travel ,teleportation, mind control, telepathy, telekinesis, aliens, mutants, space travel, interplanetary warfare, parallel universe, speculative technologies, super intelligent computers and robots.

There are two categories of science fiction stories

Hard science-fiction : These are based on scientific facts. They are inspired by hard natural sciences like physics, chemistry and astronomy.

Soft science-fiction : These are not scientifically accurate. They are inspired by soft social sciences like psychology, anthropology and sociology.

Some of the fascinating science fiction movies are

2001: Space Odyssey

It is a 1968 film based on the short story ‘The Sentinel’. The screenplay is written by Stanley Kubrick. The story tells about human life in 2001.The movie begins by showing apes and their transformation to humans. In the movie a mysterious monolith helps apes in their transformation to humans. Then again in 2001 the same monolith appears in the moon which confuses astronomers from earth. Investigation about this monolith leads mankind to a space voyage to find the truth. The movie is a classic from 1968.

The Extra Terrestrial

It is a 1982 film by Spielberg. The film is about a boy secretly befriending an alien. The movie begins with landing of an UFO on earth. It explores the themes like loyalty, love and friendship and the innocence of childhood. It is a  fantastic sci-fi movie with an unforgettable adventure and also a feel-good family drama. The movie says the story of Thomas, his elder brother Michael and their besieged single mother. The movie involves wonderful  special effects and is an eye appealing  feast for both  children and grown-ups.


In Alien an inter-stellar mining ship called Nostromo which contains a crew of seven members is set to investigate mysterious signals from a faraway dark and stormy planet. There they encounter a fast-moving, fat growing alien parasite which tries to take them one by one. It is a movie under the genre sci-fi horror. It is more like a horror movie walking alone in the dark forest waiting for their time to come, it is so effective in evoking fear. The movie will take you through a thrill ride and excites teens and youth.

Back to future

Ziemeckies back to future is a time travel based science fiction  film trilogy which excites all ages especially teenagers. The ultimate film must allow the audience feel part of the film and relate to the characters. This film is the best because it takes a fantasy story and makes it adaptable to real-life. It is a science fiction with humor elements. The main plot of this film is that Marty McFly ends up back in 1955 where a sequence of events inadvertently orchestrated by Marty threatens his very existence. All the actors involved in the movie plays their parts in a great way.

Jurassic Park

This film by Steven Spielberg is a classic for its groundbreaking visual effects and story thread. It excites all aged people children teen and youth. The film tells the story of bringing dinausers to life through cloning . In the movie many animals and humans are hunted by scary realistic looking dinosaur.

These are some of the good movies you could spend your weekends and lockdown.