Do You Want To Accelerate Your Sprinting Speed? Follow These Workouts

Do You Want To Accelerate Your Sprinting Speed? Follow These Workouts

Every athlete wants to unleash their full potential in sprinting and showcase their best performance. Indeed, it’s not one day of training or a month to improve the speed; instead, there needs to be a consistent one-year minimum of training for amazing progress.

More importantly, you have heard about the diet and exercise that play a critical role in building up the body in the right shape to run faster. Most of the runners fail to follow the strict diet routine and may do some exercise to get the desired results, but that's not the case. Both have to be given equal importance to attain the desired outcome.

Additionally, people may not be aware of certain workouts that help them run like professional sprinters. In this blog, we will take you through the workouts and how to deal with them.  

Jumping Rope

One of the most effective exercises for running faster, it also helps to improve agility and cardio fitness. Also, jumping rope is a great way to build coordination, which is essential for any sports activity, not just sprinting. There shouldn't be any particular place to do this and it can be performed anywhere and no need of any special equipment. First of all, being a beginner do atleast 5 count and get a hang of it.

Then slowly and gradually increase the speed and count. Definitely your body will get adjusted to it and gain all the benefits for sprint and its also a complete workout for body. 

Box Jump

Perhaps you would have heard about this jump and not even tried it as part of your exercise routine. This is part and parcel of international athletes and even professional cricketers' efforts to improve their power and strength; it is also a part of their strength and conditioning. The benefit is that it helps with core strength, balance, stability, and mobility. What else do you need?

In the beginning, put fewer boxes in and attempt it for one set a day. Practise for one week with the same count and try to increase in the second week with a little more. Subsequently, you will find your body adjusting to it and getting results.

Calf Raise

The exercise that every runner must do that helps to strengthen the muscles that we use on a day-to-day basis while going for a walk, standing, and running Moreover, it gives more power to the ankle and knee joints. It is not very complicated, in contrast with other workouts, and can be done easily. The more you do, the more benefits you get.

Ankle Bounce

It can also be an alternative to jumping rope; whatever the benefits you get from rope, the same is true of ankle bounce. Thus, it's your choice to go for either. This is how it begins: stand on your right foot with a little bent knee and keep your left leg straight. Then, press through the right heel and bounce on the ball of the right foot while keeping it off the floor. Do this for up to 10 seconds and practise for three sets if possible. Any issues related to low bone density or the ankle shouldn't be done. 

Besides the above, it is much-needed to deal with interval workouts, which are also very effective in improving speed. Especially for beginners, the intensity can be reduced but still done, and those who have a daily routine of doing some exercise can leverage it.

You do it at high intensity for a lesser period of time, take a little rest, and get back on track.

To Follow

Run with your max speed for 50 metres, walk slowly, and jog. Again, run for 100 metres and follow the same routine. Then increase the distance and practise. This helps a lot, bit by bit, with respect to speed and shining in the competition.

To sum up, running, which keeps you fit, should be done by all age groups. So, what you have to do is incorporate this into your daily routine, focus on your goals, and try to achieve something enormous.