Top Robot Fiction books by "Isaac Asimov"

Top Robot Fiction books by "Isaac Asimov"

Top Robot Fiction books by Isaac Asimov

Among the Fiction books there is a special place for Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) based book. In this books we commonly read about the inter planet, Inter Galactic, Inter universe or Parallel Universe kind of things we mostly see.

                Here in this article you can see the books about the machines and the humans life, which are written by the very own Writer Isaac Asimov. In Science-Fiction world he had great place even they say that in robotics Isaac Asimov’s three laws of the Robotic culture are the base principles. Most of the books are between the robotic intelligence and the human intelligence story lines.

Here am giving you the best books in Sci-Fi of Isaac Asimov, those books will make you feel the way how the author felt about those machines. To feel the feel how he felt start reading these books,

1.I, RobotI,Robot

 Yes, that movie I, Robot where “Will Smith” acted which is based on this book. It was a great attempt to show how the things will change when the machines try to learn and think themselves.

In the book Asimov tell us that how robots were when humans, created them first. How the things has changed when humans upgraded the robots for automation.How things got worse when they robots started to believe that humans are not the creators of them, they have a master who controls and creates them, humans are just the master creation to create them.

2. The Rest of The RobotsThe Rest Of The Time

This book is continuation of “I, Robot” book. Those characters that are in First book will appear here too.

In this book the story line is can the robots be used in a time of war? Could a robot be raised like a child, can we allow it to have children of their own?Can we perform the entire, all the jobs that are existed till now or are there any profession that robots may not replace the humans?With a foresight and imagination of ethical issues that humans will encounter in a robotic future.

3.The Caves Of SteelThe Caves Of Steel

This book tells us about the colonisation due to over population on earth with humans and robots. To resolve this issue humans are trying to colonise on other planets, but that idea is opposing by a group of activists saying men didn’t live in ‘The Caves of Steel’.

The main plot says that while a police commissioner is a part of the anti-robot group he helps his members to get saved from police and tries to destroy the humanoid robots for by saying they are harm to human kind. By the end how the things got changed and what happened have to read in the book only

4.The Naked SunThe Naked Sun

It is sequel to the “The Caves Of Steel”, This book tell us about the  humans and robots interaction while humans can use those 3 robotics law’s to hurt the humans without breaking them..

The plot says that a human died on the other planet where the humans colonised, no evidence found to declare who is the suspect and killer of the human. A detective came from earth to investigate and found the real killer and how the incident occurred. Author mentioned the human nature once they are with bonds and without bonds how it will change.


“If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore, and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God?' “ EMERSON

5.The Robots of DawnThe Robots of Dawn

This book is a sequel of The Naked Sun; in this book it tells us a different story than the others about the humans and robots in form of Humanoids. Will the intelligence is good or is the base line of the book.The plot says the crime revolving around the when a Humanoid robot got killed but nobody knows about that killed one is Humanoid except the creator. But the creator denies that he murdered, it questions us whether the humans are really the humans or whether primitive animals when compared to the robots.


6.Robots And EmpireThe Robots and Empire

This book is sequel for The Robots of Dawn; but first of another series with an entire new plot. Most of the previous characters will not appear in this book, due to the timeline.The plot says that the earth people completely started colonising to other planets, on earth the new kind of robots are created which questions the existence of the humans and humanity. The new law is implemented to the robots they call it as a zeroth law of robotics. The confusion arises by this new law implementation, wants to know about that read this book along with other books.

7.Robots DreamsRobot Dreams

This tells us about the robot dreams, which caused by the human. How the robots try to revolt against the humans with the help of a human?

The plot is that In  I, Robot book we can see a psychologist,  she appeared in this one by stating that laws of robotics cannot be denied by anything at any cost it will cost the humans existence. In robotics development centre the researchers are doing a new experiment with a damaged brain of the robot with a mimicked human brain waves , with that experiment the robot got dreams , where all the robots revolted against the humans under the leadership of a Human?  To know who that person is read this one, it will give chill to our spine.

8.Robot VisionsRobot Visions

This is a collection of short stories and factual essays. Every story tells us a lesson how humans can be deceived by the piece of metal we created.It is a collection 17 stories and essays; all are very interesting to read and gives a chill in spine. The author never made bold statement or any comment on the technology just showed the things how they will be when if any mistake happens, how much it will cost to the humans.


There are so many books and stories which are written by the author Isaac Asimov. In my opinion there are the best books on robots. I am sure that they will definitely make you think about the technology and science improvements and advancements.