Static Shock In Bangalore: What Is It & Why It Is happening?

Static Shock In Bangalore: What Is It & Why It Is happening?

Lately, you have heard about the static shock incident happened across Bengaluru on Twitter, Instagram, Face book etc. So what exactly it is? Let me present you in this way; when you touch on any metal surface, you feel a jolt of electricity. It’s not like you get a massive shock from something so trivial, it is very mild.

Most interestingly, a local resident of Bengaluru have quoted in this way “Bangalore folks, are you getting static shocks on touching metal since a few days? A crazy number of my friends are experiencing this. I saw a real little spark while opening the door knob." Besides, there is several other residents’ experience the similar incidents in the town and still the discussions are going on. It may sound supernatural or something dangerous. But this is just a basic physics

People have been puzzled why this is occurring now and what could be the reason for it. After it came into light, the scientist and the experts have begun looking into it and shared their view on it. The prime reason is the weather condition of the city and that is why these incidents are visible.

Expert’s opinion

They are still working on it to come up with a coherent explanation. However, their introductory view is that; it is also called electrostatic discharge (ESD) and mainly occurs during dry weather conditions.

Causes for Static discharge

Ideally, it happens during dry weather and very ordinary as humidity isolates electric charges. Also, if there is dry air with less moisture to conduct electricity, this can lead to build up of the static charges on surfaces and objects.

Another possibility is that in the case of synthetic fabrics, such as nylon and polyester, those are insulators and point to keep in mind is; if its rub each other then there is a probability of electric current flow.

In case you’re wondering even carpet can cause static electricity. Do you know how it works? When you walk on the carpet, charges build up at the point of contact with your clothing or skin and will discharge at the nearest conductor.

Even be careful when dealing with electronic devices such as computers which can also generate static electricity when it is in use. Just imagine, what would be the case of bigger firms or hospitals using heaps of systems? There may be a problem and to avoid build up major complications they have to take the fruitful advice of consultant and fix it accordingly. Safety matters!

Precautionary measures

First thing; don’t panic when you undergo such situations. This is not a fatal condition in contrast with alternating current (AC). So, what you have to do is:

  • Avoid using synthetic materials and clothes that causes static electricity
  • Use non leather shoes
  • Don’t let your skin dry up, use moisturizers

So if you think you have superpowers, your hopes will come crashing down, you will not become Thor the thunderer or Zeus, the God of lightning, it’s just elementary physics which high school kids learn, It is nothing harmful, it is just a nuisance and some people deliberately do it for fun, this wouldn’t be a major phenomenon if you recalled major things you learnt in school. So bengaluru, this is nothing alarming, it’s just another thing the romantic weather of our lovely city does to you, it’s a…shocking confession to you.